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After you have spent a considerable amount of time setting up your website and paid for a web hosting package, the other thing is to ensure that it doesn’t stay idle. You need to draw visitors to your website. Without such, you are as good as being offline. Our SEO services in Dubai is the answer you seek.

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Need to rank higher in the search engines?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial element for any website owner. Also called Search Marketing, it entails making your website visible to search engines. When you have an optimized website, it means you stand the best chance to rank higher in Google search results. By being at the top, you get to enjoy most of the user clicks. You can then take advantage of these visitors by converting them into potential buyers.

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We live in a modern generation where almost all businesses are rushing to create websites. At edirect SEO Company Dubai, we are focused on not only helping you build the optimal site for your UAE business but also making sure that potential buyers can reach you 24/7. As millions of businesses continue to compete for attention, we guarantee that you shall always be online and give you the greatest chance of outperforming your competition with our affordable SEO packages.

This is because we have established one of the most comprehensive SEO processes. Continue reading to find out more.

setting up the campaign

For a marketing campaign to be successful, you must have a detailed plan. A good plan is what initially determines the correct decisions and actions to take that will eventually deliver stunning results and make your UAE online business stand out from the competition. Everything that we do will be based on the kind of plan we develop together, to take your website to the next level.

Our Dubai SEO team takes time to carefully develop a performance plan that’s effective and will achieve the results you seek fast. This is our priority before anything else. We use our knowledge of the online landscape and have systems that are in place to create a tailored marketing plan that will eventually enhance your online presence and increase conversion rates, leading to more sales.

The kind of SEO marketing plan we will assemble and compile ensures that you’ll get the best search engine optimization and ranking results in the UAE. Our campaign will also target any other specific locations you need to rank for. There are too many pitfalls on the Internet. Without a clearly defined road map such as ours that we tailor specifically for you, you’ll easily be demoralized and give up long before any on-page, and off-page optimization tweaks can benefit your website. edirect is a professional Web Development Company and as such has all the relevant departments to ensure your UAE SEO services will produce amazing results.

completing the campaign

Once we have understood your business and drawn a road map on how we shall progress, we compile all the keywords that clearly tell the story of what you do. This is what will help you reap the benefits of SEO. Keywords are the actual terms that an average person uses when performing any search on the Internet.

We incorporate these terms in strategic areas of your website so that you can easily be found. It could be a part of the Meta Data (title and meta description), your blog, or even your social media accounts.

We have been involved in SEO for years. Throughout this time, we have gained an immense understanding of Google’s search engine. This is knowledge that helps us to work creatively on your campaign to achieve maximum results. We add or change content strategically until you rank higher. By the time we are done working on your website, not only will your brand rank higher throughout the United Arab Emirates but will also give you a certain authority in your industry.

Read our blog post on 10 Effective Search Engine Optimization Tips and Techniques to understand the strategies that edirect follows when it comes to search engine optimization.

tracking and reporting

If your business has been in operation for long enough, you understand that our world is very dynamic. The state of the market today could be completely overhauled tomorrow. Similarly, marketing platforms and advertising mediums regularly change.

As such, it is vital that there be a system to keep track of all these changes. You have to be updated when a new trend comes up or when the previous one becomes obsolete. Google’s search algorithms are ever changing. If you choose to work with an SEO company that does not keep track of such changes, your website could easily be bombarded with features which used to work decades ago but not today.

At edirect, we are ever in touch with what is going on. We monitor all changes and evaluate how such trends impact our clients. If you wish, you could subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates regarding these changes. We have tools, knowledge and expertise to tackle all manner of changes in the marketing world.

In the long run, you will find us to be your most trusted and reliable partner regarding the reshaping of your online presence and achieving higher visibility. Whether it’s organic search, social media marketing, or any other type of online advertising and marketing medium, our team of experts have it covered.

A crucial part of the whole SEO effort is dealing with current issues that could be blocking you from ranking higher. The fact that we understand how the system works means we are better suited to clean up your website and optimize it for greater rankings.

“We understand the system, and so we are the best SEO company in Dubai that can revamp your marketing efforts.”

free SEO site analysis

If you are wondering whether or not your website is in good standings with the search engines, then you can contact us for a free website analysis checkup. You could liken this to visiting a doctor for a full body check. Once we have done the independent and non-biased analysis, we give you the current status of your website and what can be done to improve it over time.

There are various things that we put into consideration as we analyze any site:

  • Website Structure – The overall structure of the website, how the average user views it, and whether one has an easy time navigating from page to page.
  • Website Content – What is the quality level of your website? Is it something that would make a user come back tomorrow for more?
  • Social Media Presence – Having an established presence on social media platforms works hand in hand with SEO. That’s because search engines also include social profiles as part of their results.
  • Backlink Profile – Backlinks play a crucial role in making you achieve greater rankings. When the search engine algorithms see that you are linked to high-authority sites, you are bound to be shown in more results. You could soon become a high-authority site yourself!

Read more about your free SEO analysis

face to face consultations

We feel excited when we realize that a business owner is interested in SEO. That’s because we know doing so would take your brand to the next level. If you do not know where to start, kindly contact us now to book an appointment. Just send us an email, and we shall respond promptly on how to proceed. Our SEO team will tell you of all the benefits you are bound to reap from this decision you just made.

During the face to face consultation, you will also be told of the process we use and why this process works for all kinds of business (multinationals and startups). We are open to answer all kinds of questions.

affordable SEO packages

edirect understands that most businesses have a limitation when it comes to marketing budgets. As such, you could easily find paying for SEO to be quite costly. In order to make things easier for you, we have put together some of the most affordable SEO packages. The packages are not only offered at favorable prices but also characterized by world-class quality.

We have worked with all kinds of clients. These many interactions place us in the best position to devise tailor-made SEO packages that can fit into any budget limitations while at the same time, delivering amazing results for your business.

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