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edirect develops world-class business mobile apps that work perfectly on both Android and iOS devices. Being a prominent app developer Dubai businesses can thrive as we lead in providing business solutions in Dubai and throughout the UAE through business-critical software integrations. In so doing, our apps are able to simplify your business operations.

Push notifications are one of the main reasons why people take out their smartphones time and again. When a user receives a notification, they will typically view it within three minutes. That is why this feature has been found to be a great and effective mobile marketing strategy. It is far more effective than even emails. A mobile app designed to reflect your business can take full advantage of this capability.

At edirect, we are interested in anything that can add value to your business. Our mobile app developers take their time to understand your business and customers before they embark on the actual development process. This is a strategy that allows us to know exactly what we are developing. Furthermore, with knowledge of your competitors, we are sure to deliver an app that gives you a competitive advantage throughout the UAE and globally.

You can reach out to us for literally any of your web application development and mobile development needs. Whether your intention is to increase your customer base, reward loyalty, enhance customer interaction with your business or just launch a great app, we are Dubai’s leading mobile app development company. You can turn to us for all your mobile application development requirements in the UAE.

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What is a mobile app?


We live in a modern world where customers are more mobile than ever. This has led to the emergence of new ways in which content can be accessed on the go. The access could be via a smartphone or a mobile app. Smartphones and tablets are still the most preferred method since they are easier to move around with.

A mobile app is a program that can run on devices such as smartphones and tablets. This program makes it possible for the user to access products, services, and information from any place on earth.

Any business that wants to remain competitive cannot afford to ignore the need to create a mobile app. This latest trend is the best way to interact with customers and increase your retention rate. As we all know, retaining a customer is much easier than winning over a new one.

The following are some of the benefits that your business can get from a mobile app:

  • Increase in Sales
  • Establishes Brand Visibility and Loyalty
  • Makes it Easier to Get Customer Feedback
  • Builds Up Your Audience
  • Provides a Competitive Advantage
  • Become a Household Name Throughout the UAE
  • Gives Your Business a Positive Image

Read our mobile app blog post on the 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App to gain deeper insight and see how edirect can directly benefit you UAE business with the development of a custom mobile app.

Professionalism in the development of professional apps.

edirect takes the lead in creating professional business apps. Our skills allow us to achieve amazing capabilities. When we work with clients, we are sure to not only transform their business process but also bring other ideas to life. As such, we create bespoke Android and IOS apps that can handle various tasks.

Whatever your project is, we are up to the task. It could be queuing systems, vehicle tracking, promotions, offers, feedback, and customer service apps. There is no other mobile app development company in Dubai that does this better than us. We are dedicated to building apps that fit the needs of any business throughout the Gulf region.

Customers are not easy to come by. Thus, the most loyal ones must be rewarded. If you want an app that can do that, choose edirect. As the premiere app development company based in Dubai, we can create you one at a low cost. Our loyalty apps comprise of features like:

  • Loyalty Scheme Functionality with QR Code Integration
  • App Bookings
  • One-Click Contact Details
  • Offers, Events, And News
  • Promotional Menu
  • SaaS App Management Platform (Full Training Included)

Did you know that you can combine all the elements of your business into a single easily accessible location? We design world-class apps that merge all your social media channels. Whether you are an athlete, author, personal trainer, DJ, or band, these are the kinds of apps you wouldn’t like to miss out on. At edirect, we customise them in such a way that they reflect your needs. The features include:

  • Pop-Up Promos
  • Mailing List
  • Fan Wall
  • YouTube Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Podcast Download Support
  • Image Gallery/ Music Player

Our process.

We do not just start working on your app in a casual manner. Each app that edirect develops follows a specific path meant to enhance client satisfaction. For starters, there is an initial meeting where the client explains the kind of app they want and possible functionality. Our team takes note of these requirements and conducts a discussion on how to proceed to build the required mobile app

With this initial process and consultation finalised, we then begin creating graphical designs and screens for the app. Each of these designs is creatively developed and reflect modern trends. This stage is then followed by a graphical prototype which the client signs off.

Upon receiving the approval, our team begins to build the infrastructure and framework. Different techniques such as Android Studio, Xcode, React for Native applications, and Xamarin for hybrid solutions are used to create apps for both Android and iOS.

The QA and testing phase follows immediately after the app has been built. The app is taken through various demonstrations, and client feedback noted. Bugs are dealt with and relevant changes made before the final submission to Google Play Store and iOS Store for publication. At this point, the stores take control, and you might have to wait for a couple of weeks for your app to be available online to download.

Our relationship with you does not end after publishing your app. We perform the maintenance and hosting of your app as you use it for global reach, or maybe increase and drive local traffic such as a Dubai mobile marketing campaign. We have a maintenance contract since apps require more maintenance compared to websites. You will continuously receive software updates, and all our hosting is done via Amazon servers due to their reliability and the fact they are considered best in class security.

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A Flurry Analytics study found that mobile apps use increases by 76% each year. This is a stable trend that will continue for the foreseeable future. If you need an outstanding mobile app, contact the leading Dubai app makers today on +971 545 866 866. Chat with our experienced team of mobile app developers that can take your business mobile today!

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