FitRepublik and StudioRepublik.

FitRepublik and StudioRepublik are one of the leading fitness services providers. They offer a wide array of fitness and performance art services such as exercise, gym, aerial, performance, music, arts, drama, and physical and mental therapy

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They also offer customised classes with renowned and award-winning instructors and trainers at competitive prices. FitRepublik and StudioRepublik are leaders in the fitness industry.

The brief.

Our client approached us with a request to fix and maintain their two existing websites for their brands. Since both the brands are under one client, we had to ensure that they maintained cohesiveness in style but were at the same time distinguishable from one another. Additionally, we had to make sure that the visitors found exactly the classes or services they were looking for with minimal navigation.

We were presented with the tasks of site maintenance, API integration, and CRM integration. Additionally, we had to execute SEO practices to ensure organic traffic. Our client also required us to ensure that the website provided all the necessary information that was required by the potential customers. Lastly, we had to enhance overall website navigation and architecture to ensure a seamless user experience.

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scope of project

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a gymnast balancing
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Impactive Web Design and SERP Visibility Boost.

The challenge.

Firstly, we had to ensure that both the websites were user-friendly and immersive. We also had to tactfully fill the web pages with relevant imagery and visuals so that visitors would be attracted to sign up for their business. For all the classes and services they offered, we inserted attractive visuals to draw the visitor’s attention.

Moreover, for both the website, we had to present their wide array of services and facilities without making the page look distracting or cluttered. Lastly, proper social media integration and contact information had to be inserted to make it easy for visitors to contact them. We had to come up with a SEO strategy which was suitable for their brand, their industry type and could provide them organically increased visibility.

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fit republik and studio republik

The solution.

edirect team went to the drawing board and, after a lengthy discussion, presented our plan to our clients. After carefully studying their business, goals, target audience trends, and competitors, we settled on a plan which was best. Our primary focus was ensuring user-friendliness. Since both the brands offer a long list of classes and services, we also had to make sure that precise price and class information were provided. The text for both websites was compelling and concise.

For the font and colour, we focused on red, black, and white for FitRepublik and blue, white, and black for StudioRepublik. This maintained uniformity but also ensured that both the brands were distinct. In-depth SEO keyword research was carried out, and both the websites were completely optimised for search engines by performing both, On-Page and Off-Page

SEO. We also successfully carried out proper API and CRM integration. Social media integration and proper contact information were provided.

The Outcome.

The end result was visually impactful and user-friendly websites. Both the websites were responsive and navigable. We noticed increased site speed too. Additionally, SEO results started to show, and both the sites have started to rank on Google’s SERP. Within a few months, registration for their classes also saw an upward trend. Our client was impressed with the final result and they are continuing to provide exceptional fitness classes and services.

woman and a man lifting weigths
fit republik and studio republik website is responsive on all devices

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