What is Ecommerce Copywriting?

ecommerce copywriting


What is Ecommerce Copywriting?

Ecommerce copywriting refers to creating online content specifically written for the digital trading store. It is usually very informative and descriptive in nature. These writings aim to provide important information related to the product or service that a consumer will need while making a purchase decision.

Apart from providing important information about the brand and commodities, ecommerce copywriting is also used as a promotional tool for alluring consumers to make a purchase. ecommerce copywriting includes creating headlines, category pages, product descriptions, promo offers, landing pages, etc.

A carefully written copy that is written with a dash of creativity can prove to be very effective in converting a lead into sales. Moreover, compelling ecommerce copies are capable of creating a long-lasting impression of the brand on customers which is crucial for creating a loyal base of consumers. 

Now, as people are getting more used to shopping from the comforts of their homes, almost every brand is shifting to the digital ecommerce platform. Ecommerce copies make up for the lack of human touch that is associated with online stores.

Benefits of ecommerce Copywriting

The reason ecommerce copywriters are so much in demand is due to the various advantages that effective ecommerce copies offer. This is why all big and developing companies are spending huge amounts on professional eCommerce website building companies. So let us quickly run through the important advantages that ecommerce copywriting offers.

ecommerce copywriting

1. Fill up the sales funnel.

A well-drafted ecommerce copy acts like an effective promotional tool that persuades customers to connect with your brand. It presents your products and services in a manner that the customers can resonate with. This, in turn, leads to an increase in its demand. The better and more convincing the copies, the more the demand for the product will be. 

2. Transparency to Consumers.

When people can conveniently access all the important information regarding the organisation and its commodities, it becomes easier for the brand to win their confidence. The informative content on the online stores enables the consumers to view, review, and compare your products and services at any hour of the day. This promotes transparency and helps you build a solid base of loyal consumers. 

3. Creates a Good Image of Your Brand.

ecommerce copywriting has the power to make or mar your reputation in the market. Each touchpoint that the consumers have with your organisation leaves an impression on them. Therefore, it is very important to carefully devise your ecommerce copywriting strategies. Your tonality and choice of words should align with your ethos and the values your company stands for.

4. Improves SEO Ranking.

A very important advantage of good ecommerce copywriting is improving your SEO ranking on Google SERP. This helps increase your brand reach to a bigger audience. ecommerce  Websites that rank higher on the google search engine are held in high regard by people. It automatically helps you gain the confidence and trust of the people. 

Quality of a Good ecommerce Copy.


1. Clear and Concise Copy.

The objective of ecommerce copywriting is majorly to inform potential consumers about the features of the product and service that your brand offers. Hence, the choice of words should be simple and comprehensive. If the content has too much jargon or complex syntax, the audience would not be able to connect with your brand.

Hence, you should always use simple words and structure to convey your brand value effectively. Each sentence in your ecommerce copy must add value.

2. Emotional Touch.

A sure-shot way of grabbing your potential customer’s attention is to draft your ecommerce copy so that they can connect with it on an emotional level. The copy should not just plainly list down the features but try to address the emotional needs of the people for which they can associate with your brand. 

To make this possible, always present your brand as a solution to the issues your target customer might be facing instead of just presenting your services. When consumers see your brand or the products and services as a solution to a problem, they are more likely to engage with you.

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3. Appropriate Tonality.

A very important thing to keep in mind while drafting an ecommerce copy is the tone of your content. As consumers today are bombarded with content every now and then, a slight off-tone in your copy can cost you a customer.

The tone of the article helps to bring both the brand and the consumers on the same wavelength. Therefore, experts suggest that the tone of your write-ups should always be very positive. You should never write overly promotional descriptions but enlist all the functionalities that give you an upper hand over the competitors. 

4. Human Feel.

If you want to establish a strong connection with your customers, it is very important to write copies that feel like a normal one-on-one conversation. Always add your brand’s personality and flavour to the copy. Robotic language could be a major turn-off for the consumers. While reading your ecommerce copies, they should feel that it is a human talking to them like the sales executive at the store.

This makes your consumer feel more connected to the brand. So to ensure that you can create a good impression on them, always choose skilled an experienced e-commerce in UAE website building company such as edirect. 

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5. Consistent Pattern and Language.

Brands that are consistent in their writing pattern and language come across as more professional. We do understand that the tonality of the product description content could be different from that of the About Us section. However, it should always align in style. 

The message and objective across all types of content should be the same. This does not necessarily mean that the same person has to write everything. The guidelines for the writeups should be devised in such a manner that it produces a consistent result. 

6. Mandatory Edits.

Last but not the least, you should have a good team of content editors or proof-readers who can check the article against the set parameters. However good or experienced a writer is, he/she tends to flow in the stream of words as he/she writes. Therefore, it is important that some other person should check it for errors.

As per experts, ‘write without fear, edit without mercy’! Editing ensures that the final copy that reaches your consumer is free of errors which is very important for a good brand image. Editing should ideally be done by someone other than the writer himself.


3 Tips to Write a Pro Ecommerce Copy.

Now that you already know the quality of a good ecommerce copy, you can use these tips to ace your ecommerce copywriting game. These tips are generic and can be used in almost all industries.

1. Research About the Target Audience.

The very first step to writing a compelling ecommerce copy is to study your target audience- the demographics, income, preferences, etc. This helps you understand the structure, tone, and word choices that will be suitable for them. This is very important as the language and style of the copy greatly vary depending upon the target audience.

2. Avoid Wordiness.

Your ecommerce copy should not have sentences longer than 5 words. Each sentence should be crisp, connected to the previous sentence, and provide additional value and information. Chuck out any irrelevant or repetitive sentence that you spot. Repeating the same thing over and again to fill up the spaces can make the reader feel offended as disrespect to your intelligence.  

3. Actionable Steps and No Fluff.

Last, but not least, always include actionable words and steps in your ecommerce copies so that the consumer can take prompt actions. This feature in the copies is called the ‘Call to Action’ where you tell me about the next step that has to be taken. These actionable words made the readers more engaged with the brand. 

So, what now?

As you are now acquainted with the benefits and quality of a good ecommerce copy, the next step is to hire a good content writer or assign the work to a skilled eCommerce website building company. If your company is in Dubai, you can consider edirect which is deemed to be the best ecommerce website design company in Dubai. You can begin today.

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