management systems

Providing the tools to keep your website up to date with ease.
Content Management Systems (CMS), allow you to login and manage the content of your own site. No more paying your webmaster every time you want to make changes or additions to your web site.

make changes to your website quickly and easily

There’s nothing worse than wanting to add or change content on your website but not being able to do so. Before content management systems came along, the process was a lot more complex usually involving a phone call to your webmaster to make changes which would, in turn, cost you money. Nowadays, websites can be easily accessed and updated using a CMS. Changes can be made in a matter of minutes and these systems are so intuitive that in most cases, there’s no need to contact the webmaster.

If this sounds like a great idea to you, call edirect today to arrange a time to pop in for a friendly chat with our web design team.

promote your brand

edirect works with professional CMS systems to bring you the most modern looking and functioning web site with the fastest turnaround possible. We have a proven system of working with clients to ensure that your new site is better than you ever expected.

We pride ourselves on how easy and functional our CMS websites are to use for keeping your site up to date, which is critical for both your business, your customers and those all important search engines! The advantages of a CMS should not be ignored. New fresh content and regular updates appearing on a website ensure that the main search engines like Google visit and index your site more often, resulting in a higher search engine ranking and placement – to get you ahead of your competitors and promote your brand.

Don’t have time to keep your site up to date? Worried you don’t have the skills? We also offer Website management packages.

“Get a highly professional web site that you can edit yourself!”

why choose us?

We have created a number of content management web designers for clients located in Dorset and Hampshire as well as across the whole of the UK. Our simple to use CMS is the perfect and most cost effective way to update and promote your website.

CMS web sites are perfect FOR ANY WEB SITE! There really is no limit to what they can do, and your overall cost savings from owning a CMS web site will become self evident.

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