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In order to effectively compete in today’s involved business markets, there is no question that having a professionally built website is a must. A well-designed effective website will help considerably towards succeeding in your respective market. When your business has a site that perfectly represents your services and is easy to navigate, it will be an influential part of your sales and marketing process.

display a professional company image to thousands of potential new customers

your business website can have multiple purposes:

  • Use it as a brochure to refer customers and display all of your products and services
  • Market your website through search engines, social media or paid advertising to create new business opportunities
  • Use your site to collect customer data and build a marketing list
  • Collect payments directly from your website
  • Add your latest business information to keep your customers informed of promotions and changes
  • Of course, the very best and most successful business websites are used for all of these purposes. No visitor will want to stick around if a website is poorly designed, runs slowly or doesn’t properly integrate plugins. edirect will give you a website that runs smoothly on all platforms.

don’t have time to keep your site up to date? worried you don’t have the skills? We also offer website management packages.

design and development

Business information websites have been the core aspect of edirect’s service for over 14 years. Over the years, we have designed and developed over 1000 highly professional websites for businesses working in various sectors. To ensure that your website is found by new customers, we also provide a complete marketing service.

Our professional design team will know how to build a truly impressive website that reflects your company’s personality and requirements. All websites are fully bespoke and designed specifically for your business.

website turnaround time

In recent years, we have perfected our website design process to a fine art. We have been known to create a highly professional website, confirm it with the client and make it live within one week. Typically, the standard turn-around time for websites is approximately 3 weeks, which makes ours one of the best on the market.

a unique design

Every website that edirect builds is tailored to suit the company and to meet the needs of our customers. Our well-designed and unique websites will help you stand out from your competitors. If you have a colour scheme and logo already in existence, we are happy to incorporate this within your site.

Additionally, if your company does not have a colour scheme, edirect can provide a complete branding service courtesy of our Graphic Design department. Our designs will look great and offer flexibility and customisation.

our personal service

Every website customer of edirect is provided with a very direct and personal service, with:

  • Direct phone access to your web development manager
  • Regular progress updates
  • Face-to-face planning appointments available at our offices

“We have designed and developed over 1000 highly professional websites for businesses.”

affordable websites

edirect has a number of different website packages available for a wide variety of budgets. We feel our base package is affordable for any business regardless of size. To further improve the effectiveness of your website, we also offer a number of optional extra features.

Included on this page is a menu with all of the included standard elements as well as the additional options. If you wish to talk directly to a member of staff, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We provide a free no obligation quote for your business website design and development.

why choose us?

edirect works hard to provide innovative solutions that help companies achieve their goals. With nearly two decades of experience, we are perfectly placed to create your website that will be well-designed and always run smoothly.

Since our founding in 2001 as a company offering templated sites for Dorset businesses, we have grown into a full creative agency offering a wide range of services for companies all over Britain and beyond.

Establishing a brand is the way for any business to achieve success. To effectively establish your company on the market, having a professionally built custom website is vital. Your customers, both current and potential, will get the right message about your company and continue to trust you.

With edirect, your company will have a website that will always run smoothly on computers as well as tablets and smartphones. We always build our sites for adaptability with new devices to make sure that your company stays one step ahead of the competition.

Google and other search engines love unique content. edirect’s professional web design team will create a website that is search engine friendly. We will incorporate the various elements required to get your website ranked and indexed.

a professional business with a professional website

In our high tech world, new ways to browse the internet are emerging all the time. With a professionally built website, your business will stay ahead of the curve and keep running smoothly without any issues on these brand new platforms.

If you think you don’t have time to adequately keep your website up to date, then get in touch with edirect to discuss one of our maintenance packages. Our team has the skills to ensure that any potential problems will be prevented before they occur.

Having a website that has been professionally designed and optimised to work well with search engines will make you stand out from the competition. When a company website is inadequate, the services will be devalued in the eyes of the customer and the business will not get the benefits of search engine optimisation.

Investing in a professional website will save you money in the long term as it will expose you to a much wider audience than was available to you before. With edirect, you can rest assured knowing that any updates or changes can be applied effortlessly.

Professional website design helps your brand increase its profile on the internet. New content can be added on a regular basis to ensure that existing customers and potential clients alike will be equally engaged by what they see.

The design and layout of a website makes all the difference in whether the customer will commit to a purchase and return to your business in the future. Tasteful colour schemes, easily usable navigation menus and clear content are all vital to making a lasting impression on your target audience. Get in touch with edirect to discuss taking your website to the next level!

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