Video Advertising is the Future of Marketing

Video Advertising is the Future of Marketing


Video Advertising is the Future of Marketing

If you have been an active online user in recent times, you must have noticed that videos have become the new norm to spread content across the Internet. Video advertising is the latest trend in the field of online marketing. That’s because it has been proven to work. Those who have tried it so far have had amazing results, leading to hundreds of thousands of other marketers giving it a try.

The fact that video marketing is working for some organisations does not automatically mean that it will yield you desired results. What is required is that you consult the services of a company who are experts in this field. At edirect, we have a dedicated Dubai video content creation team that can create effective videos for all your marketing needs.

The content creation and video marketing industry now involves the publication of millions of videos per year. Utilising a video marketing strategy in promoting your business is now a key factor in your success, and you’ll harness outstanding traffic onto your site.

The sudden rise of video in marketing

Unlike text-based adverts, the use of videos in marketing is a fairly new trend. If you are wondering how video became such a force to be reckoned with, the answer is simple – YouTube. Within just a decade, YouTube has grown to cover almost every aspect of our lives. Whether you want to learn something technical or need to know how to cook a certain meal, a quick visit to YouTube easily turns you into a pro.

YouTube has given a new definition to the term video. It has set up an entirely new role for the medium in modern-day society. With over 1.9 billion logged-in users per month mustering over four billion views per day. The statistics are mind-blowing, with more than 300 hours of uploads per minute, the video channel has revolutionised the modern age.

The emergence of technologies such as big data technologies and Artificial Intelligence has improved ways in which marketers can use the platform. Such technologies make it possible to focus YouTube videos on a target audience, increasing viewership.

There are numerous factors which contribute to the rapid rise in video as a powerful marketing tool today and for the future. Chief among these is consumers’ access to affordable high-speed data bundles along with technological advances to reduce slow download speeds and buffering. As we all look forward to the onset of 5G technology, one can only expect that the consumption of videos will increase.

A recent study by Forbes showed that about 50% of online buyers often watch video reviews of a product before making the purchasing decision. Still, in the same study, 90% of those interviewed said that the videos they watched influenced their decision to buy. Furthermore, a higher number of internet users would rather watch the product review video as opposed to reading about it. This goes a long way in validating the authority of video advertising.

That is not to say that written content has no place in marketing. As a matter of factor, edirect’s e-commerce copywriting service proves otherwise. Whereas the writing describes the product, videos visually demonstrate it. The two are of respective significance and complement one another so ought not to be left out of your marketing campaign.

The thing about visual content in videos is that it engages the viewer’s senses, making it hard for them to forget. It’s also more personal and realistic.

The impact of social media on video marketing

Our discussion of video content as the future of marketing cannot just be limited to YouTube. Top social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, equally have a place in all these trends we see today.

Social Media Examiner reports that 60% of marketers incorporate social media in their daily activities. Out of these, 73% are more focused on increasing the use of videos in marketing. Probably the most impactful statistic is by Tubular Insights which found that 64% of internet users bought a product after watching the product’s social media video.

Facebook records more than 500 million views per day. This may be lower than YouTube’s viewership, but it is something worth considering given that Facebook just embraced the notion of videos less than five years ago. The giant social media’s video feature continues to gain momentum more so because the videos are short. Instagram is equally a platform that no marketer can afford to ignore.

Social media provides marketers with a rare opportunity to engage with millions of followers on a daily basis. Their informative videos can be seen at an instant from any place on earth. Since social media users have the option of liking and sharing the videos watched, advertisers have the chance to gain more exposure.

Despite all the glorifying data shared above, performing video marketing on social media can seem quite daunting, especially if you are just getting started. In most cases, you will feel as if you have just too much to do. So creating time for the videos becomes an idea that ends up being shelved.

The truth of the matter is that getting started with social media marketing is indeed a tough thing to do. However, it proves to be worth it in the long run as the results start trickling in. For that reason, stop postponing your video marketing plans and get started with video marketing today. Our video creation team at edirect can help you with this. We can instigate a video marketing strategy that will work for you and with your company’s long term future in mind.

video marketing is the future

There are countless indications that video marketing is the next big thing:

#1: Video advertising reach

The extent to which marketing videos are able to reach your target audience is the clearest indicator of why this medium is the future of marketing. As an example, consider Volkswagen’s videos which were able to clock 155 million views.

“Embrace the latest technological revolution by enlisting edirect’s video creation specialists.”

The thing about video marketing is that as long as you have great and engaging content, your target audience will be more than pleased. They will invite others to share the experience of your videos. If your strategy involves social media, the videos will be liked and shared to expand their reach. At the same time, to gain high views on YouTube involves creating great content, making you accessible to more searches.

When creating these videos, it is paramount that you create a balance between advertising and content. Great videos are those that market without your target audience realising that they are being advertised to. Such videos mostly have a lot of story-telling.

Carving out the right message and engagingly presenting it ensures that your brand is promoted while at the same time satisfying your customer’s curiosity. Forrester Research asserts that a one-minute video can be equated to 1.8 million words of text content. Since visual content has a high recall power, people will likely remember it for weeks or months after viewing.

#2: Videos for SEO

Most people are used to text as the way to perform SEO through the incorporation of relevant keywords. Videos can also be described using selected keywords. However, videos have more features that could potentially help them rank much higher than text-based content.

  • Social Shares: The more people share your videos, the quicker they reach more viewers. It becomes somewhat like a web in which a friend shares to their friends and the friends share with others.
  • More Mentions: Since the videos have been shared a lot, they are mentioned by more people, making search engines rank them higher.
  • Comments: Videos posted on YouTube and social media can be interacted with via comments. There will be people sharing their opinions about these videos. More comments earn trust from search engine algorithms.
  • User Engagement: Besides comments, longer viewing times ensure that you make a good lasting impression on the search engines.

Videos have introduced a new meaning to the term SEO, and this will become the future of search engine optimisation. If you want your business to be on top of the search engine results, make sure that you incorporate video advertising in your strategy.

#3: More appealing than tv and print

We live in an era where someone switches on their TV but spends a better part of their time watching videos on their smartphone than concentrating on what is being shown. This just demonstrates what the public prefers.

The thing about video advertising is that you are able to create multiple versions while incurring fewer costs. This is not possible with TV and print.

Within the last four years, video as the primary source of information has increased by 16%. This is a number that is projected to continue increasing in the next decade. With such a trend, more people will be watching videos via their smartphones and laptops as they are drawn from TV and print media.

The total viewing time of the video can be viewed as a metric and a gauge of its performance. The overall creativity behind the video and the competition it faces determines this viewing time.

With platforms like YouTube, Periscope, Instagram, Vine, and Blab continuously registering new members, one can clearly see that there is a huge demand for the online video posting market.

#4: Directly impacts purchasing decisions

Most consumers make their buying decisions based on the video reviews of a product. Consumers set aside a significant amount of their time to learn about a product before choosing whether or not to buy it. Forbes data reveals that:

  • 58% of online buyers are more likely to buy from a company that has produced a video about their product
  • 70% watch videos with their TV on
  • 39% watch videos in restaurants
  • 83% prefer shorter videos (5 minutes or less)
  • 57% want videos on electrical appliances

As a business, these statistics should strike a chord. It shows that this is a trend you cannot afford to ignore anymore. You might have survived online up until now, but your future as a business is in jeopardy if you do not invest in video advertising. Understand your target audience and execute an effective strategy.

#5: Better reception

Consumers tend to positively receive videos when they are associated with their interests or brands as opposed to their browsing history. The only way text-based content can perform better is by trying to look into what users searched for before. That is not the case with video content. It focusses on what the users are highly likely to appreciate increasing the likelihood of it being shared with friends and family.

Videos give more power to consumers. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how it is handled. If you understand your target audience better, you will be able to play into their feelings and interests, getting a better reception in return.

However, blindly taking on a marketing strategy might make you never want to consider it again. For that reason, the marketer has to be careful before publishing anything on the company’s social media accounts and YouTube channels.

Video Advertising is the Future of Marketing

Summing it up…

Video advertising is, without a doubt, the future of marketing. Here at edirect, we are focused on helping you be ready for this future with our world-class video advertising services. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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