Top Benefits of a Bespoke Website Application Development and Why You Need It Too

Advantages of a Bespoke Web Application


Top Benefits of a Bespoke Website Application Development and Why You Need It Too

Nowadays everybody and their mommas have a website. Even more so with Covid-19 hitting the brick-and-mortar businesses so hard, everybody is migrating to the world of e-commerce. So, how do you make people notice your website in particular? You need to make it stand out from the rest. And what’s the best way to do this? By betting on bespoke website development.

What is a bespoke web application development? You are probably wondering. Basically, and to put it into simple terms, a bespoke website is a tailor-made site. But isn’t that what you were doing with your pretty template? Nope, it’s quite the opposite.

You probably thought that using Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress was the way to make your business stand out. We’re sad to inform you that you have fallen into the “off-the-shelf” predicament.

This means that you were using a pre-built integration software (and templates) that were made to be sold to as many users as possible. There’s nothing tailor-made about that, now is there?

So, how does bespoke web application development differentiate from off-the-shelf solutions? Let’s see. When you go bespoke, you’re choosing to hire a specialised agency to make a website design that not only stands out from the competition but also covers all of your needs and more.

Let’s go over the benefits of bespoke web application development so that you learn all that it can do for you and your online business. Let’s get to it!

Unique website design

If you use WordPress for your website design, you surf through thousands of templates that you can customise to your preference. This gives you the illusion of a unique web design, right?

What is more, you can preview your site to see how the finished design would look. And, on top of that, these templates are quick to touch up and are low in cost. What’s not to like?

Well, you would be surprised. Let’s see what the cons of this method are. To begin with, the templates that are offered limit what you can tweak. Yes, you can change the colour palette, the images, the animations, and a bunch of other things. But there’s a limit to what you can customise.

Even though new templates come up every day, there’s always someone using the same one. And if you choose one of the popular ones, you’ll find that half the world is using them.

Opposite to this, when you choose to pay for a bespoke website, you can truly customise every single little detail. You can also rest assured that no one in the world will have a site like yours.

It’s pretty much the DNA of a website – it cannot be replicated.

expand your site as much as you need

One of the main concerns of off-the-shelf solutions is the inability to offer site expansion. Yes, some plugins offer some extensions but to a point. Oftentimes, these plugins are unreliable and unsteady and can cause your site major trouble when combined with other plugins.

Because they are developed by third-party users, none of these plugins will give you precisely what you are looking for, and if you need an ERP system or CRM, you’re doomed.

Bespoke website application development allows you to expand your site as much as you need, and it also gives you the choice of integrating other systems into it without any hassle.

Top-notch security

When it comes to template websites offering security is not one of their strong suits. Because they are so popular, they are a common (and sadly easy) target to hackers. This is the issue with one-size-fits-all websites. Once a hacker gets into the template, they can access any site using it. This is not so with bespoke websites.

Bespoke websites offer a custom-made security system which means that for a hacker to break through, they would have to target it specifically.

To sum up; for a hacker, this is time-consuming and unappealing. Even though no website is truly safe from a skilled hacker, it offers much more security than a template website for sure.

Just think about it; why would a hacker go to the trouble of hacking your bespoke website when he can hack a template and access millions of sites at once?

    “Set yourself apart from all the rest with unique, bespoke website design.”

True expertise

If you have a particularly out-of-the-box request for the design agency in charge of developing your website the answer will always be “this is expensive” or “no, it can’t be done”.

This is because they design their websites on top of pre-built software. So, when you ask them to integrate something a little far-fetched, they bail. Truly bespoke website application development is different because the people designing your site are the same ones in charge of the coding! So, you ask, and they will deliver.

Guaranteed uniqueness

Having a bespoke website can be your competitive edge. You will have a design and a system that is developed especially to cater to your needs. This may not seem like much, but when you are surfing the net, and you come across millions of lookalike websites, having a unique design will at least guarantee your visitors’ appreciation.

Whatever goals you have, having a bespoke website makes achieving your goals easier because you’re building something that you know you need and will benefit your business.

Think about social media integration, for example. Nowadays, every single website has social media buttons that connect to the brand’s social channels. But these solutions come from plugins designed for a mass-market, and by now we all know why that can be detrimental to your business.

If we go even a little further, your business may require a web application that is specific to your needs. You will not find this kind of solution in a mass-market designed plugin. This is why having a bespoke web application development can truly tip the scales in your favor.

Why? Because it is specially designed and built to cater to your specific needs, which is something you will not find in a template. So, to sum it up; having a bespoke website allows you to design and integrate whatever tools you may need to carry out your strategy successfully.

Give your customers the care they deserve

Oftentimes, when a customer has an issue with your site, you must turn to a robotic helpdesk that doesn’t know your customers. This is easily solved with a bespoke website.

One of the main advantages of having a programming team specially dedicated to coding and building your website is that they will know exactly every nook and cranny of your site.

This comes in handy when you or one of your customers has an issue. Response times are shorter, and the answer always accurate because they know your audience and their needs.

You know how hard it is to gain new customers, so why wouldn’t you choose to go the extra mile for them? If they see how much you look after them, their trust will multiply.

Worth every penny

Like we mentioned before, your site has unique needs because every business is different and has different goals. Therefore, it should also have different solutions.

So, if you buy an off-the-shelf template to design your site, you are buying default presets. At first, these may seem pretty, but, as you know by now, can cause more trouble than they are worth.

One of the major “buts” we hear when it comes to a bespoke website application is the cost. Yes, we will not deny that bespoke web application development is more expensive than a mass-market template, but we can guarantee it is worth every penny.

With a bespoke website, you can have a say in exactly what will be integrated and designed into your website. Therefore, every pre-set is custom-made for your business and its needs.

There is no need to turn to third-party plugins or sketchy add-ons because you will have everything you can need specially built for you. So, you can say that bespoke website development is more expensive than an off-the-shelf solution, but it is so much more worth it!

Your customers will notice the difference in the design, the functionality, and the care you show. And you know what they say – what goes around, comes around!

So, if you invest in your website and your customers; if you go the extra mile for them, then you can rest assured that those efforts will be well received and much appreciated in the end. You can expect your business to grow, and you will also be saving yourself some headaches because you will have a team of experts that have your back whenever you need them.

Parting thoughts

Tailor-made bespoke websites are the way to go if you are looking to stand out from the myriad of options out there. We’re living in a world where everybody and their mothers have a website and competition is fierce. So, it’s highly important to go the extra mile for your business and your customers.

We know how important your business and your brand are to you, which is why we strongly advise that you bet on bespoke website development.

Let’s revise one more time the benefits of bespoke web application development:

  • It’s More Secure
  • It’s Custom-Built and Designed
  • It Offers Better Care for You and Your Customers
  • It’s Easy to Integrate with Other Systems
  • It Can Be Expanded
  • It Caters Specifically to Your Needs

There are some instances in which having an off-the-shelf website may be enough, but if you truly want your business to scale, you need to bet on a bespoke option.

Top Benefits of a Bespoke Website Application Development and Why You Need It Too

Even more so if you need complex things like CRM systems or a web application development. Yes, bespoke websites can be costly, but when you see the return on investment, you’ll be glad you chose it.

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