Top-7 Reasons Why Signage is an Indispensable Function of any Business

why signage is important for your business


Top-7 Reasons Why Signage is an Indispensable Function of any Business

Wondering why brands across the Globe are spending so much on Signage?

The answer to it is pretty simple! Signage is that silent salesperson of your business that promotes your brand in a creative yet minimalist manner to create a long-lasting impression about your brand. A signage is a graphic display intended to convey some specific information to the viewer. The objective of signage is to promote, identify, provide information, give directions or raise awareness.

Signage can be broadly classified as exterior and interior signage. While exterior signage such as billboards, glow signs, and digital designs draw attention to your place of business, interior signage helps the customers in locating the product or service and persuades them to initiate buying if placed at the right spot.

1. Brand Awareness

The most crucial function of signage is to aware the potential consumers of the brand identity. It acquaints them with what the brand stands for, the services it is offering, and most importantly, the reason why a person should choose it over the other alternatives.

The signage usually creates the first impression of your brand on the consumer, hence it should strike just right to create a long-lasting impression. For this, it is imperative that the signage reflects the true spirit of the brand along with being very catchy and engaging.

Presently, when the entire dynamics of the marketing world has changed towards digitisation, it has become even more important to develop signage that perfectly aligns with the essence of your brand.

The attention span of people has reduced considerably because they are overloaded with information. Millions of websites are emerging on a daily basis. A single query on the internet returns at least half a million results. Hence, signage should be so captivating and interesting that it is immediately able to get the attention of the consumer and evoke action in them.

This is the reason why at edirect, we take the time to get to know your business a little better so that we can create signage that is both unique and truly reflective of your brand. We understand the significance of the first impression, hence we work dedicatedly towards making it as creative and unique as possible.

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2. Effective Communication

Another important benefit of good signage is that it communicates some very important information about the brand that is likely to affect the consumer’s buying decisions. Good signage provides your present and potential customers with subtle, but important, communication cues that can help you convert a lead into a sale.

Always remember that signage is a lot more than just a fancy logo of your company. It should be able to sell your brand immediately by delivering the key details a customer would need at the time of making a purchase. For instance, crucial details such as the image of the product or service, price if possible, and USP.

Professional business organisations also have their own on-brand corporate stationery, menu design, etc. for brand awareness and assert their value in the market. It also acts as a marketing tool that helps customers to remember the name and specs of your organisation.

3. Psychological Bearing

Research shows that the average mind processes visuals 60,000 times faster compared to text, hence graphics are able to create a better long-lasting impact than texts. Therefore, with the help of signage, you can leverage this benefit to increase brand awareness and improve sales conversions.

In addition to that, the active engagement of psychologists in formulating marketing principles and theories has greatly helped to make marketing campaigns more impactful. Signage is particularly important because it will let you apply those principles more effectively to grab the attention of the customers and create a long-lasting impact.

For example, signage can utilise the colour theory to make the message more impactful. This is the reason why business giants such as Mc Donald’s, KFC, etc make use of bright colours especially yellow and red as these colours are associated with being active and happy.

It helps you to take advantage of psychological reactions and the subconscious impact of colour. To ensure that the signage creates a psychological bearing on the customer, it is important to be very mindful of the graphic design, colour, font, text, etc. and ensure that it aligns with the brand well.

4. Competitive Advantage

At present, when thousands of businesses are emerging on a daily basis, and most of them are in direct competition with you, well-designed signage can help you stand out from your competitors. It functions as a differentiator for your brand.

Among the plethora of options available to the customers, they are more likely to choose a brand whose signage is more appealing and reflects on the premium quality of merchandise it is offering. As signage creates the first impression about your brand on the customers, professional designing can drive them towards your brand over the competitors.

It is a known fact that people are more likely to buy commodities based on how they perceive a brand. You can get a competitive advantage from this fact to generate sales conversions by designing captivating signage. It can act as a unique wayfinding solution for the customers.

Therefore, it would be apt to say that building image and brand loyalty comes down to how well the signage represents the quality of the organisation and the commodities it is providing. This is what makes signage an important function of the business.

5. Cost-effective Promotion

According to the SBA website, the cost-per-thousand is much lower for signage as compared to the pay-per-impression (PPI) style advertising where you pay for each advertisement placed through radio, televisions and newspapers. With signage, all you have to do is contact a creative and experienced Digital Design Agency, brief them about the brand and that is all. The rest of the work will be done by the signage.

Just one catchy signboard outside the office can lead to a profitable walk-in of organic customers which might not be possible with the traditional medium of advertisements since now the attention span of people has reduced considerably and also because these channels are already so saturated that your brand might miss making an impression.

It is like a one-time investment that keeps generating business leads for you as long as it stays in its place at the lowest cost of acquisition.

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6. Voucher of Quality

The main role of signage is to create an impact of the brand on the customers and in doing so it also reflects upon the quality of products and services the brand provides. The quality of the signage speaks volumes about the brand. Visually appealing signage helps the customers recognise a distinct style or image of a business.

For instance, signage with a modest graphic design, sleek fonts and proper alignment of elements would give the viewers an impression that the company is quite experienced and professional in its operations. On the other hand, signage that has too many elements crammed in it with enormous font size and style would reflect poorly on the creativity and professionalism of the company.

Poor signage can prove to be counter impressive for the brand. It can lead to a loose impression about your company that would adversely affect your goodwill and consequently sales. This is the reason why experienced businessmen invest handsome amounts in getting the perfect signage for their brands.

7. Better Recall and Retention

Signage fosters a sense of identity to the brand, which in the marketing language is called branding. A carefully designed signage imprints itself on the minds of present and potential buyers that helps them to retain the image of the organisation which is essential for building trust and increasing brand loyalty.

It is also used as an effective tool to aware shoppers know about upcoming events, sale, new additions in the stock, product line etc in the organisation. It stimulates a call-to-action which is the end result of any marketing campaign. It creates a binding impression on the on-lookers, so even if they do not necessarily purchase from you, you will be able to make a place in their list of alternative options which they can avail of sometimes later.

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