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edirect have been providing SEO for many years now. While we firmly believe that the majority of tasks are best completed manually by trained professional staff, for the purposes of analysis and review we have built up a strong and reliable list of 3rd party software that is used to complete our SEO services.

Computing multiple campaign facets needs more than just expert knowledge

The combination of structured use of all of these software’s with our own in house processes creates a complete and effective SEO campaign. All use of these software’s is conducted by trained staff. When using any SEO software it is imperative that the user has a detailed understanding of how this will fit in with both a complete SEO campaign and the entire marketing campaign, this will ensure that any decisions made based on the data provided are positive ones in the pursuit of better rankings.

“All SEO services are conducted in house, copy writing is also provided.”

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research

Mainly a tool used for and directly connected to Google adwords campaigns, we do still use this for SEO as the Google Keyword planner will allow us to again generate a strong list of target keywords for each client. The main advantage of this over market samurai is that we are able to see the No of searches for terms by town/county.

Google Webmaster Tools

Search and site Analysis

This is what I call our direct line through to how Google display a website in search. This is often used to submit sitemaps to Google so they hold all of our web pages in their database, target the correct country, check for any errors in the way Google is viewing the site, review the keywords Google is ranking the site for etc.

Google Analytics

User Analysis

Absolutely invaluable tool that is at the core of all our ongoing analysis of any website. Huge amounts of data are available here and I could write an entire website in its self on all of the features in the programme. So I will just give you the core features which allow you to track website visitors from sources through to their journey through your website and where applicable through to a conversion to being a customer.


Project management

Trello is an incredibly simple programme that can be used to manage virtually anything due to its flexibility. edirect are beginning to use this for projects throughout the company. As SEO is full of lots of small tasks, our SEO department use this to schedule and keep track of tasks, especially when the tasks have to be worked on by 2,3 or 4 team members.

Majestic SEO

Link Analysis

This is a very helpful tool we use to identify various link metrics, as well as the links themselves for both the websites of our clients and those of the competitors.


Professional Proof Reading Software

We find this software invaluably in the process of creating quality content. Our copywriters use this on the initial review of any website content.


Duplicated Content Analysis

Google does not look kindly on content that has been copied or perceived to be copied from other websites. Every campaign starts with a run through Copyscape to ensure we are always working on a site clear of copied content.


Rank Tracking And Reporting

At the start of all campaigns we will set the site up on Web Ceo, this will scan for the ranking positions of all target keywords, any site SEO issues, broken links, inbound links and much more. We will set up scans on a monthly basis and automated reports to clients.

Visual Website Optimiser

Heat Map Analysis and A/B testing

We like how easy it is to setup VWO and create Heat map or A/B tests. To understand more about how these are used by edirect you can also view our Tracking and Analysis article.

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