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Here at edirect, we offer affordable SEO packages to all of our clients in order to ensure that your website rises above those of your competitors.

What is SEO?

Once your website is up and running, you need to attract as many visitors as possible, and this is where SEO, or search engine optimisation, becomes essential.

Search Engine Optimisation (also known as Search Marketing), is the process of fine tuning your website content to make sure that it is ranked as highly as possible in search engine results. In turn, this will result in more visitors to your site and more customers to your business.

It is now very rarely the case that a UK company will not create a website as part of their initial set up. This means that there are now millions of business websites all competing for the attention of an increasing number of potential customers, who are looking for goods and services on the World Wide Web.

At the core of your campaign is planning, and at edirect we ensure that this is done in depth before we begin any campaign. Google looks at over 200 different factors when considering the ranking of each web page.

By using our knowledge of these factors, we are able to apply changes to your site as well as increase your online presence to assist your position in search engines.

During a campaign, we will keep track of your rankings in the search engines for relevant keywords. This is as well as factors relating to the user traffic of your site, the number of other sites linking to yours, and any site errors. You will receive regular reports detailing this information in order to show you the progress of your campaign.

Affordable SEO packages.

For many years, genuine and good quality SEO has been a service that has been out of the reach of many smaller local businesses. This has been due to the amount of work involved in creating good quality SEO campaigns and covering all the possible aspects of ranking in an effective and well-structured campaign.

How is this now achievable?


At edirect, we have built an efficient in house system to manage SEO campaigns that allows our team of writers, link builders and developers to work on your site. In doing so, we are maximising your existing positives and building on these to create an effective SEO campaign as quickly as possible.

Realistic goals.

We will match your keyword research to your current site position, budgets and ROI requirements. By doing this, we are able to select realistic ranking targets. There will always be a good level of work involved in achieving any ranking position.

However, at edirect, we can take into account those on a lower budget and still build the site rankings for less competitive keywords.


Our in house SEO managers are extensively knowledgeable on building SEO campaigns, allowing them to prioritise the most important changes first and therefore getting the best results.

Cross marketing.

We have a large number of clients on our books. Where all clients are in agreement, we can gain huge benefit from cross marketing between our clients, whether they share a town or have services that are complimentary to each other.

Free SEO site analysis.

Before any company considers taking SEO as a viable marketing strategy, they first need to understand their website’s current standpoint on the internet and how this is currently being viewed and ranked by search engines.

This is in order to provide a clear understanding of the potential improvement and benefit that SEO could bring and the timescales that this could be achieved within.

Here at edirect, we are able to provide you with a good understanding of where you currently stand – for free. We will assess your site and web presence based on a number of factors and create a report displaying the most important SEO factors.

From website structure and content, to back link profile and social presence, this is a simple yet powerful report that can give you a great understanding of how to proceed with an SEO campaign.

Local SEO service.

As an SEO company, our aim at edirect is to ensure your offline reputation is clearly represented online, allowing your business’ website to be one of the top ranking sites in search engines.

Local SEO is mainly for those who have a physical location that they would require a customer to visit in order to make a sale, or those who service an area.

The benefits of local SEO.

For many small to medium businesses, this can be an invaluable source of new customers or clients. Unlike most forms of advertising, which can involve a great deal of work for little result, local SEO will lead to a strong web presence. Once built and achieved, a strong web presence will benefit you and your business for many years to come.

“All SEO services are conducted in house, copy writing is also provided.”

Local SEO services provided by edirect.

Here at edirect, we are confident in saying that our team have an incredibly in-depth and expert understanding of the SEO requirements for local businesses in order for them to rank well in search engines.

After all, at the point of writing this article, edirect website ranks on the top of Google first page for: “PPC Agency Dubai”, “Web Design Agency Dubai”, “Bespoke SEO packages”. We have also helped many of local businesses to rank highly on local terms.

Our team have the skills and experience required to ensure that we create exceptional SEO results in a manner that is simple and stress-free for all of our clients. All of our SEO is conducted in house in our Dubai office, so we are able to exercise a high level of quality control in the work provided by our SEO Agency Dubai.

e-commerce SEO.

Search engines are the ideal channel for increasing e-commerce sales and setting your business above your competitors as they have huge potential to attract visitors from search engines.

There are a substantial number of opportunities that an online store has to attract new visitors through search engines, such as their high volume of pages, content, and the varied number of search terms that they could rank for.

Google takes hundreds of factors into consideration for SEO, and e-commerce sites generally have hundreds to thousands of pages for SEO consideration. Therefore, you will need to ensure that your site is well optimised, which can be a complex and time consuming task.

Additionally, as we are a full service online marketing agency, the SEO department has the support of developers, graphic designers, PPC marketers, photographers and videographers. Therefore, work can be completed quickly and efficiently without the need to ask our clients to source their own services that will allow effective SEO to be carried out.

During the provision of our SEO service, we will provide detailed, effective and understandable campaign planning, effective campaign delivery including provision of content, face to face consultations at our offices, and monthly reporting. For affordable and bespoke SEO packages, edirect are the obvious choice.

To find out more about our bespoke SEO packages, reach out using one of the contact methods listed below.

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