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SEO agency Dubai.

After 19 years of highly successful business in the UK, The MD of edirect (Rudy Kazal) is going back to his Middle Eastern routes and making the move to expand our SEO services across to the UAE from a base in Dubai.

With the high levels of experience our team has building SEO campaigns in the highly competitive UK market, and with the SEO work we have already carried out for Dubai businesses, we are confident that we can provide considerable benefit to companies in Dubai.

The UK is marked as one of the top 10 most technologically advanced countries, and edirect SEO Agency Dubai are always on top of the latest advances in web technology, allowing us to be highly effective in our online marketing services.

Why would a business require SEO services.

Marketing your website online is a key element to business success, millions of businesses use this as their main or only marketing channel. Gaining traffic through search engines is the No 1 source of website traffic. Driving on average 51% of traffic, across all online marketing channels.

With 78% of UK adults now on the internet every day and almost a 90% of those using search engines, there is potentially a constant stream of new customers that can come from internet search engines.

The top 3 natural positions in Google search get approximately 50% of search engine customers to their websites. With professional SEO, you can obtain one of these coveted positions for your business which can be an incredibly valuable place to be. An initial SEO analysis of your opportunities and competition will provide you with the data you need to establish whether SEO is the ideal marketing channel for you.

Internet growth and population statistics:

YEAR Users Population % Pop.
2000 735,000 3,750,054 19.6 %
2003 1,110,200 3,750,054 29.6 %
2005 1,300,000 3,750,054 34.7 %
2009 3,558,000 4,798,491 74.1 %
2010 3,777,900 4,975,593 75.9 %
2012 5,859,118 8,264,070 70.9 %
2015 8,807,226 9,445,624 93.2 %


Source: Internet usage statistics In United Arab Emirates

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This has of course dramatically increased search engine usage of which Google.ae has 93% of the market share.

With Google.ae receiving approximately 200million visits per month.

There is a huge amount of potential leads and sales for all businesses within this traffic, as both consumers and businesses alike are moving to search engines as a first port of call when looking for products and services.

An increase in competition.

As more businesses within every market sector build professional quality websites, positions within the search engines ultimately becomes more competitive. Only the top positions get the visits from potential customers and clients, and therefore, being in these top positions is invaluable to gaining visits to your website from potential clients, and giving yourself that opportunity to capture the lead or make the sale.

What is SEO.

SEO is an abbreviation for Search engine optimisation, this is applying factors to improve your website in line with search engine algorithms.

When a user searches within the algorithms used will typically process over 200 factors when positioning every website. These factors fall into 3 main groups:



The content within your website should allow search engines to clearly understand what search terms are relevant.


The volume and quality of links to your site from other sites, and the social activity of around your business, will demonstrate to search engines how authoritative you are regarding your subject.


Signals such as ensuring content is not copied or repetitive, content is full and detailed, and metrics on how users interact with your website, tell search engines the quality level of your site.

SEO is part of Search Engine Marketing services.

I have been asked on several occasions the difference between SEO and SEM. SEM is an abbreviation for search engine marketing, which takes into account any method of gaining traffic to your website through search engines, this is commonly a combination of SEO and paid search engine advertising.

What are the deliverables within an SEO campaign?

Keyword Research

This is the absolute core of any SEO campaign and should be completed in detail before commencement of SEO tasks. Good keyword research will deliver all of the terms that follow every one of these rules:

  • Terms that are highly relevant to the business
  • Terms that have a good volume of searches carried out by users in search engines
  • Terms that have a reasonable level of competition to ensure the term is achievable

Read about how edirect provide keyword research

Website Optimisation.

Any company owner that wants to maintain consistent new business through their website, should know that the best websites are constantly being improved, and while most web developments are up to date at the time, there are many factors that can continually be improved  at present the most frequent examples that improve SEO are:

  • Responsive web design
  • Improved site speed
  • Meta Data structure
  • URL structure
  • Internal linking structure
  • and more

Read about how edirect provide website optimisation.

Content optimisation.

When search engines consider the ranking of any website, in my experience I have found that content is the most highly regarded factor. This is mainly the case because it improves both your relevance and Quality scores. A strong SEO campaign should both increase the volume and quality of your website content, and ensure it is highly relevant to the search terms identified through the keyword research.

Website Promotion.

To build the authority of your website, a strong SEO campaign should build on your companies web presence, ensuring that your site is linked to, from relevant websites, listings and social accounts.

Expert SEO Consultants.

Having been in the online marketing business for over 18 years edirect have built up a strong team of SEO experts, who have high levels of active experience in working with companies to improve their search rankings. edirect SEO Company Dubai pride themselves on giving a personal service to our customers and ensuring all of our SEO managers, keep clients informed of their campaign progress and are available to answer any client queries.

Local SEO in Dubai.

For companies that target Dubai only, or even a certain area within Dubai, local SEO can be a powerful tool. There are very subtle differences when targeting local search, by using Google Business listings and local landing pages to target specific locations. There are a high volume of searches within local area for certain business types e.g:

Keyword Searches
Construction Companies in Dubai 1,900
Hotels in Dubai 9,900
AC Repair Dubai 590
Restaurants in Dubai 8,100
SEO Agency Dubai 1,000

International SEO.

Ensuring your website ranks across multiple countries and contains multiple languages, requires a high level of expertise in understanding how search engines require content and data to be structured, so they can clearly present the correct information to the correct users. This often requires high levels of development work, and working with our developers, edirect SEO Agency Dubai have the team that can deliver successful SEO internationally.

E Commerce SEO.

Where E Commerce sites have the ability to target both nationally and internationally, as well as having high volumes of content within their site that can be used to drive traffic through search engines, SEO is therefore one of the most common sources of marketing for E Commerce sites. However it is one of the most technically difficult forms of SEO, and the majority of E Commerce stores make  critical mistakes meaning they do not receive the traffic from search engines they could potentially have. Any SEO campaign on an E Commerce store should deal with any errors by first focussing on the website structure and content, then move on to building authority.

Multilingual SEO company.

Over the past 2 years we have, under the radar, begun working with companies in Dubai, and during this period, built connections with translation companies, allowing us to build a multilingual SEO process, mainly focussed on delivering Arabic SEO services. We have built this, as we know it will be highly beneficial to companies with Dubai, and across the UAE to be able to market themselves within search engines for both English, and Arabic terms.

Providing SEO services across the UAE.

Our company is based within Dubai, however our SEO services are not restricted locally, and cover the whole of the UAE. For the past 15 years we have ensured that all of our SEO services are conducted in house, and the highest level of quality control is exercised, and whether the work is for clients in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Al Ain, this will always be the case.

SEO software used by edirect.

During any SEO campaign there is a considerable no of factors to research and consider. To ensure that we can conduct our work in the most efficient manner possible, we use a combination of software that we have built up over the years through research and testing. We will then use our expertise to decipher the results provided to build and deliver highly effective SEO campaigns.

  • Market Samurai – Keyword research & competition analysis
  • Google Keyword planner – Keyword research
  • Google analytics – User analysis
  • Google webmaster tools – Search analysis
  • Visual website optimiser – heat map analysis
  • Majestic SEO – Link analysis
  • Copyscape – Duplicated content analysis
  • Grammerly – Professional Proof reading software
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast – WordPress optimisation
  • Web CEO – Rank tracking and Reporting

Free SEO site analysis.

For any new clients that are currently unsure of their websites SEO status and performance in search, we do offer a free site analysis, that will provide:

  • Website structure
  • Site speed
  • Content analysis
  • Link analysis
  • Social analysis
  • and more

Dubai SEO packages.

At edirect we do understand that every client is different, and to provide high quality services, every client is provided with their own bespoke SEO package, based on research and consultation.

“All SEO services are conducted in house, copy writing is also provided.”

SEO jobs and training available

We are always searching for new talent to join our SEO department. We are a rapidly expanding company, and we have highly skilled SEO professionals, that are able to provide high levels of training to new staff.

Additional Online Marketing services in Dubai

edirect are a full service agency, and have high levels of expertise in multiple areas of online marketing. A combination of online marketing services will often generate powerfully impressive results, and therefore, we do provide recommendations on other services that you would be able to combine your SEO with, such as:

  • PPC Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

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