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Target an audience that has shown an interest in your products and services. Remarketing is an incredibly strong online marketing technique.

what is re-marketing?

Remarketing is your second chance to connect with those who have previously interacted with your website or app. By strategically placing your ads in front of these audiences as they browse Google or partnered sites, you maintain your brand awareness and can give them a gentle reminder to make a purchase.

No matter your goals, whether you’re wanting to drive sales, increase registrations or promote brand awareness, remarketing is a crucial tool in your advertising tool box.

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“With strong website traffic, Re-Marketing is a low cost, high ROI method.”

Ways to remarket with Google Ads.

  • Standard Remarketing: Target people who have previously visited your website as they browse on the Display Network.
  • Dynamic Remarketing: Take your remarketing to the next level and increase results, as this type of remarketing delivers personalised ads to people who have visited your website previously but have continued shopping elsewhere. Therefore, your ads will show on these other websites to increase conversions.
  • Remarketing lists for search ads: Target previous visitors to your site as they do follow-up searches for what it is they’re after on Google.
  • Video Remarketing: Show your ads to those who have interacted with your videos or YouTube channel as they watch and browse videos, websites and apps.
  • Customer list remarketing: Upload lists of customer information that they have given you with Customer match, allowing you to show them ads across different Google products when they are signed in.

When using remarketing, you need to select the audience you’d like to target. There are an infinite number of ways to target these audiences. This could be based on the product page visited, the amount of time spent on site, number of pages visited, demographic and geographic targeting, and more.

The benefits of remarketing are plenty, such as, prompt reach/well-timed targeting, focused advertising, large-scale reach, efficient pricing, easy ad creation and campaign statistics.

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