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Mobile devices are incredibly versatile when it comes to advertising your product or service. Did you know many advertisers receive the majority of their traffic from people searching from mobile? These searches make up more than half of all searches on Google!

Mobile devices are an integral part of our modern lives; they’re how we get things done on a day to day basis. If our phones are not in the palm of our hand, they’re usually within arm’s reach which means you’re never more than a foot away from a potential customer.

Mobile ads in Dubai are incredibly powerful and diverse and can be deployed almost anywhere. Whether people are getting directions to the nearest train station, searching for places to eat or browsing for a new coat, there’s always an opportunity to reach out to them.

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“Sell your products to the shoppers who matter most to you”

You can take advantage of:

Text Ads – Be at the top of Google’s Search results when people search for terms related to your business or products.

Display Ads – Whether it’s an eye-catching static banner or an animated one, captivate your audience with stunning graphics created by either yourself or our talented Graphics team. These ads are eligible to display anywhere on the display network. That means a plethora of websites, Youtube, within Apps and even Gmail.

Shopping Ads – Have your products display above paid and organic search results on Google complete with an image, product name and price for your audience to scroll through. There’s no better way to display your range of products.

Maps – With the single tap of a finger you could have a new customer on their way to your business right now following directions on Google Maps.

Geotargeting – If you know that the majority of your audience is in a particular country, city or area, we can target them specifically, ensuring only those you care about can see your ads.

Custom Audiences – Grab the attention of precisely the type of people you want with the power of Custom Audiences; a group of people categorised by the websites they visit.

Remarketing – Worried about people clicking on your ad only to have them leave your website straight away? Then why not implement remarketing into your campaigns! We can make custom lists that target people who have been to your website, encouraging them to come back and complete their purchase or booking. Remarketing is a powerful tool to have at your disposal as it brings back so much value to your business.

We can achieve all of this and much more with mobile advertising.

With all of these resources at your disposal, you’ll be able to keep up with your customers’ busy lifestyles no matter where they are and reach them at exactly the right moment.

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