PPC Dubai: What is PPC and Why Does It Matter?

PPC Dubai: What is PPC and Why Does it Matter?


PPC Dubai: What is PPC and Why Does It Matter?

If you are just starting out in paid search, you may find it to be quite overwhelming. That’s because PPC in Dubai, and Pay Per Click marketing throughout the UAE, which incidentally is also known as Search Engine marketing, can be quite complex to the uninitiated. You could easily blow your budget and still have nothing to show for it.

If PPC is done in the right way, it can greatly enhance the growth of your brand. It is a marketing tool that you can use to increase business profitability.

Your focus here should always be to improve the amount of traffic flowing to your website. This traffic ought to be such that it is highly convertible. It makes no sense just to have a large number of people visit your site but end up leaving without buying anything. A smart combination of brilliant responsive website design and effective PPC campaigns can see you through.

Never make the mistake of underestimating the benefits of PPC. When you do that, you will miss out on big opportunities to increase your online presence throughout the United Arab Emirates and globally. It would only be a matter of time before your competitors surpass you. Catching up with bigger brands also becomes a far-fetched idea.

PPC advertising, which can be done via Bing Ads, Google Ads, Twitter, and Facebook Ads, is an amazing way to reach your target audience and sell more products quickly.

What is PPC advertising?

Otherwise known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PPC is an advertising model in which marketers place their adverts on an advertising platform. The marketer pays a predetermined fee each time the ad is clicked.

Ultimately, it is expected that PPC would entice the viewer to visit your website or application. Once on your site, you are in charge of what you want the visitor to do. It could be to buy a product or complete a survey.

There is a wide range of places where you can put your PPC ads. Google, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter are the most popular. These platforms are powered by algorithms that can detect what users are searching for. The information is then used to display the most relevant ads.

How does paid search work?

You do not necessarily need to know how PPC works in order to benefit from it. Leave that to edirect – the PPC experts. We’ve been a pay per click specialist, running pay per click advertising and marketing services for Dubai clients and globally for a very long time. Since pay per click ads are one of our specialties, leave it to our dedicated PPC department to do all the work for you.

In case you didn’t know, edirect runs various PPC ads, including shopping ads and video advertising just to name a few.

However, do not just blindly trust us to do the work for you. Here is a detailed explanation of how PPC works. This information will help you be in the loop of everything that happens once your ads have been launched.

Paid search works hand in hand with keywords. Keywords are the key terms that are mostly used in your industry. Whenever there is a spot on the search engine results page, an auction is automatically launched for the keyword. The winner of this auction is decided based on a number of factors like ad quality and bid amount. Such auctions keep PPC moving.

How does an auction begin? Well, it becomes active the moment someone searches anything on the search engine. There is a chance that there will be various advertisers who are running ads related to the query. Therefore, an auction will be triggered, and whoever wins will be shown at the top of the search results.

To participate in the auction, you have to create an account with Google Ads. This is where you set where and when you would like the ads to be shown. The accounts are divided into campaigns to ease management in terms of product types, locations, and any relevant categorisation. The campaigns are then divided into ad groups which are created based on certain keywords and ads.

Still having a challenge comprehending how PPC works? Do not worry, contact edirect, and we shall give you a one on one explanation of how this works. We will also handle everything for you so that you do not have to worry about any technicalities. As a leading PPC Agency Dubai, we are sure to leave you satisfied. Also note, that we are a certified Google Premier Partner, so we know what we are doing!

This is awarded by Google to companies that show excellent levels of expertise and are highly skilled in running Google Ads. Our business thrives in creating value for our UAE customers; thus, we give you the best results possible.

“For all your PPC marketing services.” Give us a call, we are here for you now.”

why ppc matters

If you are not yet into PPC, you are missing out on key opportunities. There are a number of benefits you can get from this advertising model. They include:

#1: It is the quickest way to get targeted visitors

Anyone who runs an online business in the UAE needs traffic. Without that, you might as well just close your website and go completely offline. But we all know what would happen when you are offline. First, you will lose the chance to tap into an ever-growing market. Secondly, your customers will consider you to be less serious. The demerits are endless. Thus your best shot is to just keep your website running.

But as you continue to pay for web hosting, you want to make sure that traffic also increases. Most websites get this traffic via search engine optimisation. That works, but you will have to exercise great patience. PPC is the best choice when you do not have the time and patience to wait for SEO to do its magic.

Google Ads gives you the choice to select keywords that are attached to your ads. Whenever a user performs searches within this range, your website will always come at the top of search results. This makes sure that you have the best chance to get more visitors. According to research done by Google, content appearing on the first page of search results has an 80% chance of being clicked on.

Facebook Ads takes a slightly different approach when it comes to targeting visitors. The social media giant uses demographic characteristics in defining the target audience. We have worked with a wide range of businesses that get crazy traffic and profits through PPC. You should not be left out!

#2: Provides an easy way to test products

You have got the best website designers to create an outstanding site. Your amazing products are ready to ship. However, you are not sure whether or not these products will convert. Would you prefer taking the long route of SEO to find out or quickly do so via PPC?

Running an ad via Google Ads, Google Search Network, or Facebook Ads and even Google Display Network is definitely the more reasonable option. You could target a specific number of visitors, say 1000, to see whether or not it will convert.

Of course, running such a test will see you spend a considerable amount of money. However, for a business that looks into the future, the amount used in the present for optimisation purposes would be recovered once you are fully established.

Your business is doomed to fail if it begins operating without conducting any testing and optimisation. Whatever your web developer may think is user-friendly could be hard to use for your customers. Rather than do it blindly, the best option is to have all the facts at hand before going big. PPC is the best way to do that. So let edirect, the leading PPC Agency in Dubai test this for you.

#3: It is cost-effective

When looked at from a general and upfront perceptive, one could easily be deceived into thinking that PPC campaigns and remarketing campaigns are costly. The truth of the matter is that this strategy can make you more money than any other approach to marketing. All that you are required to do is follow some basic rules, and your campaign will be profitable.

  • Rule 1: Start slow, gauge reaction, and grow big – Do not be too quick to throw in vast amounts of money during the early stages of PPC. Launch a small campaign, look at the results and then decide whether or not to spend more. edirect’s PPC team of specialists can guide you throughout this process.
  • Rule 2: Implement techniques that can reduce your PPC costs – The fact that you are spending vast amounts of money on your campaign does not necessarily mean you are doing it correctly. A good PPC strategy is one that is optimised to minimise costs. Again, we can advise you on Google Ads budgets and PPC expenditure.
  • Rule 3: Increase your budget as long as it is profitable – If you are operating at a certain threshold and find it to be profitable, feel free to scale up a little bit and see what happens. Would that make you more money? Then continue doing so, but be careful not to over-budget! But don’t worry, we can monitor this process for you!
  • Rule 4: Only use your money on profitable keywords – It makes no sense to assign more resources to keywords that only end up generating smaller returns. With PPC, you are in charge of how much money you want to use on given keywords. We use top analysis tools to determine the best keywords and target audiences with the sole aim of higher returns for your online business. Being a Google Analytics Certified Partner, and also being Bing Ads Accredited Professionals means we have you covered and can exploit every PPC avenue to help your UAE business thrive!
  • Rule 5: Take a look at what competitors are doing – No website can ever get everything right. That is why we have competitors to learn from. Microsoft wouldn’t be where it is had it not been for the competition from Apple. The reverse is true also. Thus, closely examine your competitor’s actions and extract as much information from it as possible. This is why we use intelligent tools on your behalf to spy on your competitors and extract meaningful data that is actionable and can give you that extra edge you seek. Here at edirect, we also have a team of professionals dedicated to Search Engine Optimisation. Our Dubai SEO department specialises in this field. So you don’t have to worry about the competition; we’ll do the SEO work for you as well.

#4: Can be merged with other digital marketing tools

Whether you are doing remarketing or mobile marketing, PPC comes in through a combination of these and other digital marketing channels.

For instance, when doing local SEO, you could explore PPC as a means to get customers to come to your shop or call you for confirmation of products and services found in your area. PPC may also be merged with email signups to add flavor to your Gmail Ads.

As you can see, you have many reasons why PPC should be a major part of your business processes. It is a good fit for almost all types of businesses. Whether you want to raise awareness, sell your products and services, or increase traffic to your website, PPC is the way to go.

Why you should work with edirect for your PPC needs.

edirect has extensive experience regarding Pay Per Click marketing. As most businesses will typically struggle with the right approach to take, speak to our PPC Dubai Experts as we have been doing this for years. Our strategies are proven to work for both start-ups and fully established businesses.

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Time is of the essence in the business world. Thus, we launch effective campaigns that give you instant access to your target audience. Gone are the days when you would have to wait for months before you can tell whether or not your plan works.

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