Silver Coast

Silver Coast Construction & Boring LLC (SCCB) is one of the leading civil construction companies in Abu Dhabi. Founded in 1997, the company has continued to grow throughout the United Arab Emirates to become one of the most highly-respected multi-disciplinary contractors. The company prides itself on long and sustained growth and is capable of assisting with the construction of all types of building and steel structures.

The highly qualified and skilled team working for SCCB have succeeded on many projects in the past and have helped the company build up an excellent reputation nationwide. Their goal is always to sustain a high level of professionalism in relationships with clients, stakeholders, sub-contractors, and suppliers. The firm foundation upon which the company operates has allowed it to continue growing since its foundation over 20 years ago.

the brief

SCCB approached our team at edirect to build a new website for the company that would accurately represent its professionalism and stature. They wanted to the website to have a stylish design that was distinct, eye-catching and would give the company an immediately identifiable look. Pictures would need to be included on the site as much of the company’s work is best displayed through images of results rather than lengthy descriptions.

It was also essential that all of the companies, goals, beliefs, and history were included on the site so that users can see why SCCB is such a reliable option. It would need to be easy for all this information to be found, so a sophisticated yet clear navigation system would need to be implemented. It was important to SCCB that users would be able to find all the information they required, such as service pages and contact details, quickly to increase the chances of attracting new clients.

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scope of project

Sophisticated, modern website

the challenge

We established SCCB’s goals through a thorough consultation in which they laid out their needs clearly. One of the biggest challenges we faced was packing all the relevant information the company wanted on to an easy to navigate and clean-looking website. As such, our team had to come up with a way to present all the information the company wanted on the site in a way that would still be easy to find and wouldn’t overwhelm users.

the solution

Our team of talented web developers worked closely with SCCB throughout the project, as the two sides of the equation exchanged ideas to come up with a suitable website. We established a working relationship with the client in which feedback was passed back and forth until SCCB was happy with the final design. The website design that both parties agreed on was stylish, navigable, and practical.

Our staff came up with a sophisticated menu system that was complete with drop-down boxes and clear titles. Each sub-page presented a condensed version of SCCB’s essential information that was accompanied by images and large font to keep the content engaging. The website, as well as including custom graphics designed by our team, also had pictures provided by SCCB of their staff and projects. These latter bits of media gave the website a personal touch while keeping with the professional design.

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