Edirect offers best-in class and tailor-made PPC, web design and SEO solutions for all types of online businesses in UK, Canada, and the Arabian gulf region. We’re a customer-centric digital marketing business that focuses on forging long lasting relationships and have successfully garnered excellent reputation over the years.

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With a roster of talented people, Edirect uses a powerful combination of human expertise and the latest digital innovations to design sustainable and highly functional websites for a broad range of businesses and industries. Thanks to our proficiencies and a solid track record over the years, we’ve managed to earn a Google Red Badge, which has significantly enhanced our reliability and online prowess.

The brief

For this project, OFour tasked us to enhance their digital footprint, boost their brand visibility and reach. We were requested to implement a combination of streamlined PPC strategies, SEO, and web design to help the website attain a sustainable and simple way to track their metrics, keywords, content, average position, and more. Our mission was to build a powerful marketing campaign help the business achieve more interest while providing them with a highly interactive and intuitive method to track their business objectives.

Our brilliant team of PPC and SEO professionals closely collaborated with the OFour team to identify potential pain points from the get-go and to accurately measure their sales funnel. We needed to see the average footfall of the business and implement a sound strategy to increase the number of new customers. This primarily involved developing marketing solutions which allowed the client to attract customers, actively seeking limited edition sneakers and athletic footwear on their website. Given the scale of our client’s business, it’s safe to say that this was a pretty ambitious project that came with a lot of technical challenges.

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scope of project

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girl listening to music
nike air force 1 low silver snake
arabic hindu black eight watch
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Contemporary, sleek & responsive web design.

Streamlined and a Highly Interactive Website.

This is the list of features we designed for the final website build:

  • Highly user-friendly online store with interactive navigation
  • Sporty and trendy web appearance with interactive visuals
  • Improved optimisation for user convenience
  • Streamlined content
  • Tailor-made graphics with improved colour scheme
nike vaporwaffle sneaker
ofour's website responsiveness on all devices

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