Mr Khoory

Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons have, since their establishment, worked tirelessly to become renowned as one of the leading providers of beautiful and elegant watches and jewelry.

Boasting partnerships with some of the most beautiful creators in the world, such as Rolex and Tudor, Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons have introduced Abu Dhabi to the highest levels of technology and sophistication paired with elegance and beauty.

the brief

Mohammed Rasool Khoory & Sons approached edirect to request our professional expertise in regards to website amendments. As the face of elegant, beautiful watches and jewelry, they required some development work so their website would represent their luxury brand.

The site needed to remain sleek and stylish to exude elegance, while also remaining simple and easy to navigate. The website needed to be quick and responsive and provide a user-friendly face for mobile display.

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scope of project

Frederique Constant Ladies Automatic Watch

Sophisticated, modern website

the challenge

After studying the brief set out for us and the existing site we were to work with, along with discussions with the client, we found there were a few problems present. We needed to make sure the site could be viewed on a mobile device, but also ensure that any changes made didn’t slow down the site. We also needed to ensure the site remained easy to navigate and read.

the solution

We worked closely with the client throughout this project, ensuring we only altered the specific areas of the site requested. Our development team made changes to the mobile display, so that the site could be viewed correctly from a mobile device, as many people view sites through this medium now.

We also worked on the site speed. We wanted to ensure the site kept its look of elegance and sophistication, but that it wasn’t bogged down so it remained quick and responsive for visitors. Finally, we made some smaller amendments to the text and some pages. This was to ensure the site wasn’t too information heavy and that it read clearly.
Overall, we managed to achieve all the amendments the client required, and they were very happy with the results.

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