Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure’s website aims to improve citizens’ intellectual maturity towards conservation and energy in general. Designed to educate the public about energy sector issues and how to deal with them on an individual basis in order to improve consumer behaviour, the website is about the ministry’s National Energy Conservation Campaign which aims to inform, empower, and engage the public on energy conservation issues.

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure implements an integrated strategic plan which seeks to organize, develop, and enhance competitiveness of the UAE in the sectors of energy, mining, water resources, land transport, and building and construction, as well as maximizing partnerships, technology, and advanced science, in addition to adopting global innovative solutions to improve life quality within the society.

the brief

Being an esteemed UAE Government body, Ministry of Energy, and Infrastructure or MoEI had a crucial task of conveying an exigent information of energy conservation and sustainability to the citizens. Inevitably, taking this message sincerely became edirect’s responsibility too.

The ministry was focused on an interactive website consisting of educational game, news, interactive tools, gallery, interactive map and more. It was vital for the website to have a flowing navigation and a user-friendly interface. Additional to all the details, the brief consisted of the website having graspable content and pictures that were bright yet complemented the colour scheme.

Lastly, it was important for the website to be bilingual. The website needed to be in Arabic as well as English.

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scope of project

Visionary and Informational Design; Interactive User Interface

the challenge

edirect’s team of developers, graphic designers, and content writers would receive briefings through online meetings on a regular basis. This gave us a regular and thorough insight from the start till the end of the project.

The challenge was to implement various elements on the website and establish them to complement each other. The pictures had to be high quality, the animation had to be flashy yet sophisticated, simple yet high quality content, sharp graphics, and more. The team was required to implement all of the above requirements without increasing the size of the website and keeping the size speed intact.

All the pages had to be translated correctly into Arabic.

Lastly, apart from all the technical aspects, we also made sure every information that went ahead was accurate. In order to get that right we had our content team proofread every piece of content thoroughly and edit it accordingly.

The Solution and The Outcome

The design and development of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure’s website followed a hierarchy starting from graphics, followed by indexing of all the content including Arabic, building of interactive pages, tools, forms, integrating them with the web mail.

Once provided with the assets, our team of developers began their work. edirect worked tirelessly on smallest of the details to the major challenges in the backend. The copywriting and graphic design team worked side by side to make sure any asset required due to changes was provided on a priority.

Lastly, the SEO team performed the marketing checks which made sure the website was in compliance with Google’s strict algorithms. Giving it the finishing touch of proper titles, descriptions, image optimization, seamless redirections and connecting the website to crucial platforms like Google’s search console and analytics, the website was up and running.

The result was visual representation of our client’s brief. With the message of sustainability and energy conservation displayed distinctly. Our team installed the following interactive tools: –

  • Idea Submission Tool
  • Spread the Word Tool
  • Pledge Tool


Along with interactive opportunity forms for the citizens: –

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Sponsorship Opportunities


And lastly: –

  • Application store integration for educational game installation.

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