Maison des Fleurs

To convey its sophisticated, and opulent brand image, Maison des Fleurs transformed its website with edirect. Featuring a modernized look, a user-friendly purchase portal, a responsive user-interface encapsulating the brand’s concept, and a refined design, the website has been redesigned. Maison des Fleurs further utilized edirect’s Search Engine Optimization and PPC services to strengthen and enhance the website’s design and development. Increasing visibility and popularity of the website increases brand recognition, leading to more success and popularity.

Maison des Fleurs are world renowned florists dealing in luxury flowers, gift sets and artisanal chocolates. They have a strong offline as well as online presence in multiple countries. Offering same day delivery through their online porter and ease of access through their offline stores, Maison des Fleurs aims to win and cater to a larger audience. Maison des Fleurs makes the art of gift-giving opulent.

the brief

Maison des Fleurs wished to convey their brand’s grandeur through their website. An attractive and in-vogue website was the primary objective of the project. The project required the creation of an online store, payment gateway integration, and an intuitive user interface. In addition to responsive design and simple navigation, the team also added customized animations to improve user experience. The new website’s objective of modernizing Maison des Fleurs’ brand image was effectively accomplished. It also enhanced engagement among their target demographic, which increased website traffic and conversions.

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scope of project

Web Design and Development

An Aesthetically Appealing and Streamlined Online Store

the challenges

Following a productive meeting with Maison des Fleurs, our team carefully analysed and fully understood their specific requirements. Our expert designers and developers at edirect quickly got to work, dedicating themselves diligently to kickstart the website design process.

Maison des Fleurs, owing to its popularity and demand holds a large inventory of products. Creating a visually appealing design was second to successfully building a completely optimised online store. The products had to be uploaded correctly, the design needed to be completely responsive, the payment gateway and order fulfilment had to be seamless.

Another challenge that stood before us was ensuring that the user is able to check out without any hindrances once he or she lands on the desired page. In simpler words, the website had to be user friendly.

The Solution and The Outcome

Our skilled design team presented multiple options for consideration and approval. After engaging in extensive discussion with the client and incorporating their feedback and suggestions, a final design was selected and sent to our development team for implementation.

Building an online store with a large inventory of hundreds of products was a complex undertaking. Our development team meticulously imported each product with its unique attributes and categories, ensuring that all product details, including price and description, were accurately reflected on the new website.

In addition to building out the product catalogue, we carefully installed a payment gateway and integrated with the client’s logistics partner to ensure smooth order fulfilment. Throughout the entire process, our team paid close attention to every detail to ensure a successful outcome for Maison des Fleurs.

Our collaborative strategies led to a reimagined website with an improved user interface, modern design, and faster loading times. The website had a spike in sales shortly after going live, making our clients happy and satisfied. In addition, our pleased client chose to employ our SEO and PPC services. The website is currently operating incredibly well because of our effective SEO strategies and PPC efforts. Our team of designers, developers, and marketing experts coordinated effectively to create a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and has high conversion rates.

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