Let’s Eat

Let’s Eat is a food delivery service based in Dubai that offers customers a wide range of appetizing meals. From Indian to Italian, Let’s Eat meals are made with the best quality ingredients by the most acclaimed chefs in the UAE.

Let’s Eat also offers catering services with a menu tailored according to the customer’s precise needs. Their main strength is their unmatched on-time delivery and quality food.

the brief

Let’s Eat targets foodies that want to access a wide menu from the comforts of their home. The company offers delicious continental cuisines at an affordable rate. When Let’s Eat reached out to Edirect, they wanted an attractive and easy-to-use and order food site. They particularly wanted to ensure that the aesthetics appealed to food lovers and that the ordering process was simple and effortless.

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scope of project

Innovative brand awareness

the challenge

When we were offered Let’s Eat project, we had to create a food ordering site from scratch. In an over-saturated market, we wanted to ensure that Let’s Eat stood out. Our primary goal was to create a website that was eye-catching, showcased our client’s huge menu, and compelled users to make purchases. Moreover, the food or catering service ordering process needed to be quick, convenient, and easy.

the solution

Edirect team of copywriters and web designers carried out a meticulous step-by-step process to design the Let’s Eat website. Through surveys and interviews, we tried to understand user’s preferences as well as pain points in visiting competitors’ sites. After analyzing the derived information and discussions with the business owners, we settled on the site’s color, font, and design. We also focused on filling the top part of the home page with attractive food imagery to attract the visitors’ eyes.

We ensured that the fonts and colors were poppy and incorporated proper contact, request, and ordering options for the user’s convenience. Finally, an AB test was carried out with changes to the color and imagery, and the version with the better statistics was adopted as the final version.

the Results

Let’s Eat website saw an impressive improvement in aesthetics, user experience, and functionality. The results were better than expected, and customer satisfaction saw a huge improvement. The new site is appealing and easy to navigate. We also segregated the menu to make it easier for the customers to find their desired cuisine. The food and service ordering process were simplified, and the process can be completed within minutes. We met all of our customer’s requirements, and Let’s Eat also saw a generous increase in revenue.

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