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Home Bazar is an emerging e-commerce store that sells exquisite luxury interior items and pieces. The site is mainly targeted towards individuals that adore the finer things in life.

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What makes Home Bazar stand out from its competitors is its dedication to offering its clients a catalogue of rare luxury pieces unlike anything in the market.

the brief

Home Bazar is not your usual luxury store. The site wants to engage with luxury aficionados and offer premium interior items that are not available anywhere else. The client contacted edirect after experiencing sub-par results with their current service provider. Even after months of marketing, Home Bazar saw a negligible increase in brand awareness and revenue growth with their previous service provider. Being a new e-commerce store in an over-saturated market, the client reached out to edirect with the goal of creating brand awareness and increasing revenue within 4 months.

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scope of project

la fleur table lamp battery slamp
la boule porcelain dinner set of six at homebazar
table wears by homebazar
cook wear by home bazar
rugs by home bazar

Aesthetical, elegant, and accessible

the challenge

The key goal of our digital marketing strategy for Home Bazar was to reach out to their target audience by formulating a compelling pay-per-click (PPC) campaign that resulted in an excellent return on ad spend (ROAS). The extensive analysis exposed a lack of dedication on the part of the previous service provider in crafting an effective ad. The landing page was not well connected with the ad, and keywords were generic.

Through the PPC campaign, we wanted to capture the target audience’s imagination with a carefully crafted marketing campaign with the primary goal of creating brand awareness, generating massive revenue while reducing cost per lead.

wood swirl vases
lambda glass and wood table

the solution

The PPC campaign team carried out extensive analysis and research before coming up with a strategy. We worked very closely with the client with routine updates on the most minute details. The first step was completely overhauling the existing site and replacing it with a brand-new simplistic, easy-to-navigate website. After intensive keyword research and examining what top competitors were utilizing, a short and to the point ad was created with a unique value proposition to stand out from the rest. Afterward, an AB test was carried out with minor changes to the keyword and CTA. After finding out which version worked better, the less effective ad was discarded to save costs.

the Results

After incorporating the strategy, the Home Bazar site saw massive changes, from increasing in the online leads, conversion rate, and reduction in cost per lead. Additionally, the site witnessed a 20% decrease in bounce rates.

home bazar luxury interiors website
home bazar's website responsiveness on all devices

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