Fresh Express

Fresh Express is one of the leading distributors of food and non-alcoholic beverages in the Gulf Region. Since 1993, founder Mr. Costas Vouyoukas and his sons John and Girard have been providing culinary solutions to restaurants, hotels, resorts, supermarkets and many other businesses. They supply chefs with the finest ingredients, sourcing rich flavours from around the world.

the brief

Our team at edirect were approached to build a new website for Fresh Express, showcasing their family business. We were tasked with creating a design that matched their brand and represented the quality food service that they provide. As well as looking the part, our professionals were required to make the website responsive and easily accessible.

Given that Fresh Express has many different facets to their business, it was important to highlight each one, ensuring that users get all the information they require without being overwhelmed with content.

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scope of project

Sophisticated, modern website

the challenge

Overcoming obstacles is a common necessity when building websites as they need to be visually appealing as well as functional. Our team devised a plan to ensure that every element was created, utilising the skills of our developers and design team. One of the more complex aspects of the task was to create an innovative graphic for the ‘Meat’ page.

Our client wanted to detail the various cuts of beef, and explain the textures and flavours of each primal cut. It was down to our professionals at edirect to create a solution that incorporated all of the relevant information while meeting the visual brief. We wanted to ensure that potential clients for Fresh Express could navigate seamlessly around the page, quickly obtaining the information they required.

the solution

For the ‘Meat’ page, specifically, we built a custom SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) cow that highlights each section of the animal. By creating this interactive element, users can gain specific information about the primal cuts by hovering their cursor over the section. The functionality was tested by our team to ensure that it was smooth and quick for the user.

Given that Fresh Express is a food distributor, imagery was imperative during the build of this website. Our team at edirect incorporated high-quality images of delectable dishes and mouth-watering beverages to highlight the 5-star ingredients that our client supplies. It was important to find a balance of visual elements and content as not to bombard the user with too much information and imagery.

Overall, we created a modern and slick website, with seamless transition from page to page. The design exudes elegance, which instantly resonates with users looking for high quality food and beverages.

Our team have created a full screen menu, and in-page menus have been incorporated into some of the pages, many of which have been individually designed, creating a truly bespoke website for Fresh Express. Building brand new hover animations also enhanced the overall feel and function of the website.

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