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Expedition Paddler is run by experienced kayaker Jeff Allen, who leads adventurous expeditions all around the world. Enthusiasts can also undergo courses and explore their local coastlines or destinations further afield. With a seasoned kayak expert at the helm, customers can learn how to navigate themselves on the water while experiencing the natural beauty of the world’s shores.

the brief

Our professionals at edirect were approached to build a website for Expedition Paddler, with the aim of creating dynamic pages that both inform and portray the heart of the business. Jeff is at the centre of Expedition Paddler, so it was important to ensure that users instantly know that he is the brains behind it all.

As part of the brief, we were tasked with highlighting the main facets of the business, which are the expeditions and courses available. With this, our team were required to make it easy for users to enquire about bookings while also being able to navigate around the website with ease.

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scope of project

Web Design and Development

improving user-journey

split in challenge

Plenty of elements go into creating a website that not only functions at a swift rate but is also visually appealing and contains relevant content. Numerous steps had to be taken to ensure that the brief was met, with the visual elements being a particular focus.

One of the challenges that we faced was to provide customers with all the information they need without overwhelming them with too much content. It is essential that any website is user friendly, otherwise customers will not return, therefore damaging a company’s online presence and potential sales. Creating an enjoyable user experience was at the forefront of our minds when we began work on the website for Expedition Paddler.


Our team here at edirect swiftly realised that to capture the attention of customers, we had to immerse them into a world of exploration and adventure. Those two aspects are pivotal selling points for Expedition Paddler, and to achieve a sense of them online, our design team created stunning graphics that makes the user feel as though they are out on the open water.

The innovative graphics used make the website stand out from competitors as it completely engulfs the user into the kayaking world. Instantly, visitors to the site are greeted with a vibrant image of Jeff paddling across the open sea in front of a beautiful backdrop of mountains and greenery. To give users an even more immersive experience, the image rocks back and forth slightly, making users feel as though they are navigating their way through the water. A main purpose of Expedition Paddler is to sell a dream of freedom and an escape from the constrictions of modern life – and this is what we at edirect achieved through our graphics.

The nautical theme is present throughout, as are images of Jeff, who is the leader of this venture and the figure that customers will learn from. With the expeditions being a significant part of the business, we highlighted this by creating a dynamic feed showcasing the various locations where keen kayakers will visit as part of the programme.

A customised fly-out menu offered a sleek and unique alternative to the standard tabs generally placed at the top of the homepage. Each tab has a dropdown menu that allows users to select specific pages that they require. So, if they are searching for a safety and rescue course or information about an upcoming expedition, they can easily find the correct link.

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