The revived website of Bouffage Catering aims to convey the company’s revamped and chic brand image. The website is a rebirth of Bouffage brand with a modernised logo, a concise tagline conveying brand’s concept and a sophisticated design. Popularly said that a brand’s website is its “store” or “office”, and a store only becomes renowned once known by the people in the vicinity. Similarly, a website is considered popular when know in its vicinity; that is Google! To strengthen and give meaning to website’s design and development Bouffage chose to back it up with Google’s Search Engine Optimisation.

bouffage catering company

Bouffage Catering is a far-reaching 360-degree hospitality and specialised catering company in Dubai that serves all the seven Emirates of the UAE. Bouffage offers a range of catering services in Dubai that their extensive clientele takes delight in is well versed in all aspects of organising a large or small-scale event, including planning, coordinating, and arranging. Right from trivial parties to private jet catering and large-scale corporate events, name it and Bouffage Catering has a solution for it. Experience, skilled and refined work, professionalism, and customer satisfaction is what Bouffage thrives on.

the brief

Bouffage Catering briefed edirect with their requirements of rebranding, website design and development and Google SEO. They required a new logo, company profile and an elegant web design from our team of graphic designers. An uncomplicated site navigation, intuitive interface, responsiveness in the site’s development was an indispensable requirement from the development team.

The team of copywriters and SEO was briefed to provide apprehensible and SEO friendly content that conveyed expertise to their target audience.

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scope of project

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catering team
catering company dubai and uae
bouffage wedding caterers
catering for parties

Thoroughly Optimised, Ranking, and Modern Website!

the challenge

As basic as the brief comes across as, it required a thorough understanding of the competitors. The designing of the logo and the tagline were closely linked to each other and not only required to complement each other but also needed to convey brand’s message.

The development of the website needed to done keeping in mine the responsiveness of the website on all devices, site speed, bright and bold yet small sized images.

The content had to be planned and executed from the scratch and required competitor analysis.

The SEO team also needed to carry out a thorough scrutiny of the rivals and currently ranking websites, come up with apt SEO friendly titles and descriptions and most importantly a customised SEO Strategy.

bouffage wedding catering services
bouffage event catering services

The Solution and The Outcome

After multiple meetings the work hierarchy was divided initiating from the designers to copywriters, developers and lastly the SEO team.

Followed by various mock ups, deleting, and recreating of designs and logos, the final logo, company profile and tagline were designed and soon confirmed by the clients. This followed by planning and writing of high-quality content.

The development team soon rolled their sleeves up and began to compile all assets together. They worked exhaustively in the backend, eliminating any issues possible and made the website easily navigable and responsive on all devices.

Lastly, the marketing team made the necessary changes were in compliance with Google’s algorithms. Creation of landing pages and optimisation of all the pages according to the SEO guidelines has begun in full swing and has already begun to show results.

A website may appear as a single digital page to the masses but has efforts of an entire team involved in its planning and execution.

bouffage catering website

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