BCG has, since its founding, worked relentlessly to carry out its mission to deliver the most cutting-edge technical and administrative practices through various business sectors and units. They provide an invaluable array of services, from designing and building to overseeing operations and maintenance. Having worked on a wide range of projects, the driving force being BCG’s strong, value-based culture is a focus on ‘how we do it’ rather than ‘what we do’.

For more than 50 years, BCG has collaborated closely with clients, delivering on many different construction methodologies. Working for clients in both the private and public sectors, BCG has worked on projects ranging from roads to high-rise buildings. They are regarded as one of the leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) companies in the region with a demonstrable ability to overcome any obstacles to get the job done.

the brief

BCG approached edirect to request our professional expertise for the creation of a brand-new website. The website would serve as the fresh new face of the company, representing its ethos and showcasing its capabilities, vision, and goals. The site needed to be professional and informative, providing users with a complete background of BCG and everything BCG has to offer.

In addition, the website needed to be user-friendly, stylish, easy to navigate, and quick and responsive. Users would need to be able to readily access the information they needed, and so menus should be kept streamlined and responsive.

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scope of project

Sophisticated, modern website

the challenge

After carefully discussing BCG’s requirements and considering the brief set forward, there were very few problems present. We need to keep the site professional but also modern, and there was a need to balance information without having the user feel bogged down by too much text. Also, we needed to find a way to display projects clearly and succinctly without detracting from the professionalism of the site.

the solution

Working closely with the client from the get-go, we created a design for the site which the client was most happy with. Alterations were made as the project progressed, and as the client provided us with feedback. The menu structure was kept simple, with all the relevant information easily and quickly accessible. On the ‘About Page’, we included a timeline of the company history and major projects.

This will enable users to glean information quickly while choosing to delve into the main body of the text should they wish to learn more. And we created a clear and succinct display of all projects so that readers could quickly find information that might prove relevant to their needs. Overall, we managed the balance of professional and modern, and the client was most happy with the final result.

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