Mobile Apps Trends for 2021

Mobile Apps Trends For 2021


Mobile Apps Trends for 2021

If you are thinking about developing your mobile app or having an agency create one for your business, 2021 is the perfect year to do it. Even though COVID-19 has taught us that predictability is an illusion, 2021 is expected to be the most significant and revolutionary year for mobile development.

New technologies are on the horizon, and this opens a broad scope for possibilities in this niche: Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Low-Code apps, and more. The world of mobile apps is changing, and it looks brighter than ever.

If you are about to develop your mobile app, learning about these technologies will help you stand out from the competition in a cutting-edge fashion. So, without further ado, here are the top mobile app trends for 2021.

#1. 5G Is Finally Arriving on Mobile Phones

5G is the much anticipated technological successor to 4G. With it, we can expect a much faster internet connection speed and new applications that are already creating high expectations in the market.

The speed in 5G phones promises to be so fast that videos will run smoothly without interruptions, even live ones! Forget about lagging images, blurry and pixelated faces, or unsynchronized audio. 5G will take care of all those nuances and make video chats a revolutionary experience for its lucky users.

On top of this massive change, 5G also aims to connect 1 million devices per square meter. This is not strictly limited to mobile phones but also cars, security cameras, and other electronics.

If you own an exercise device, like a smartwatch or fitness app, your 5G device will allow you to monitor your health in real-time. This technology will revolutionise the world, especially for the elderly or people with high risk for coronary attacks, because it detects anomalies in your heart rate and sends emergency notifications. This way, you can receive medical assistance faster.

#2 Improved Security

With the increased usage of mobile apps, it is only natural for developers to be concerned about security. More and more people are using mobile apps for their daily activities (especially now that COVID-19 has forced us to migrate to the online world for practically everything).

Mobile app usage has spiked even for more sensitive matters like online banking operations and sensitive purchases. Therefore, a breach in security can be a significant problem both for users and app developers. 2021 promises to take care of this inconvenience as much as possible.

#3 Artificial Intelligence is Making a Strong Appearance

The buzz is real. Big fishes like Google, IBM, and Facebook have started investing a lot of money into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. According to Gartner, there was a 300% increase in investment in these technologies compared to previous years.

It is not news that companies like Facebook and Google are interested in learning everything there is to know about consumer behavior, and AI is going to help tremendously in that aspect.

Thanks to the advance in the development of these technologies, user-centric companies will be able to access and utilise advanced analytics and even more powerful insights.

#4 Being Healthy is Trendy

Ever since the first wearable exercise tracking device appeared in the market more than ten years ago, it became a must-have product, especially in the smartwatch niche. Now, this tendency is evolving towards other forms of wearable exercise tracking devices like jewellry and headwear.

Brands like Garmin, Samsung, and Apple have understood the need for integrating this fitness trend with fashion. So, at present, wearables are transitioning toward becoming fashion statements. This will ensure that a broader audience is tempted to start using these devices as part of their daily lives.

#5 Cloud Services

When the Cloud first appeared in the market, the revolutionary concept it introduced us seemed almost too good to be true. Now, it is a part of our daily lives. We store our family photos, important documents, and even work-related stuff.

COVID-19 has forced us all to start using technology more, and there has been a noticeable increase in Cloud Services overall. As the world shifts towards a hyper-connected audience, Cloud Services are only expected to evolve to keep solving our day-to-day issues.

This includes more app integration, cost-reduction, increased efficiencies, and enhanced user experience.

“Learn some of the best mobile applications trends for 2021.”

#6 Internet of Things (IoT)

One great example of IoT, for those unfamiliar with the term, is the smart home technology. There are apps developed specifically to aid you in those somewhat annoying house chores, like adjust the temperature in a room, turn the lights on/off, lock or unlock doors, and so forth.

With the increased usage of mobile devices, there also comes a massive opportunity for new technologies like the IoT to rise. The IoT will allow a network of internet-connected devices to provide helpful solutions to users’ daily activities.

#7 Instant Mobile Apps

This new technology has been a long time coming, and it will be much appreciated by users that are skeptical about downloading certain apps to their phones. What makes Instant Mobile Apps so great is that they allow users to download a small DEMO of a full app.

The user can test the DEMO first, and if he is interested in the app, he can choose to download the full version.

Instant Mobile Apps are a small version of a software program. They work like native containers that have access to a device’s hardware. However, they do not take up storage room because they are not actually downloaded into the phone.

This technology will help the world of mobile apps tremendously since it does not ask the user for much involvement in testing the app. In this fashion, users will only download the apps that they genuinely feel will add something to their lives.

#8 M-Commerce

We have seen a rise in mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay (over 79% of users are using mobile wallets for payments already). And this comes as no surprise. Everything seems to be moving towards transitioning to a more digitalised world, even for standard and daily things, such as paying for your products.

Mobile payment introduces the concept of Mobile Wallets and M-Commerce, which comes as a huge commodity for users. They no longer require physical money, let alone having to go to the bank to make money withdrawals.

#9 Mobile Gaming

2021 will be an excellent year for Gamers. Mobile app developers are introducing new mobile gaming libraries, which will reduce the storage room of mobile games. This means that gamers will be able to have many games downloaded into their phones without having to concern themselves with space.

#10 Beacon Technology

This is a new revolutionary technology that is already being tested and is garnering very favorable results. It is mostly aimed at businesses and marketers to help them achieve more sales.

The beacon technology is incorporated into your app to help capture Bluetooth signals and send marketing content to your target audience more quickly. Even though this technology is already in the works, it promises to keep evolving in the near future, and it looks incredibly good!

#11 Intelligent Chatbots

We have seen how powerful Artificial Intelligence is becoming and how it is changing technology as we know it. Now, Artificial Intelligence is doing it again, and this time for chatbots, providing them with improved capabilities that will directly impact the consumer experience.

#12 Apps for Flip Phones

Samsung and Huawei have already launched the first wave of Flip Phones, announcing a massive comeback for these seemingly extinct phone types. Now, it seems they are a trending item again and with the rise of Flip Phones will come the apps specially designed for this new format.

Flip Phones are still relatively new in the market and, even though they look promising, they still have to become highly popular amongst users. This trend is expected to grow in 2021.

#13 On-Demand Apps

COVID-19 has drastically impacted the way we live and how we consume. There has been a noticeable rise in on-demand apps in the food and grocery delivery, as well as pharmaceutical provisioning.

On-demand apps are making our daily lives more comfortable. Now that the global population has had a taste of these commodities, on-demand apps are only expected to become more prevalent in the upcoming years.

What makes on-demand apps so attractive is how easy they are to use and how much they can help in providing items, practically closing distance barriers created by geography.

mobile app trends of 2021

#14 Low-code Apps

Finally, app development stops being such a closed niche with low-code (or no code at all) platforms. This principle follows the same line as other development platforms in the market: WordPress, for example.

The most significant benefit that this kind of technology brings to the table is that it allows a non-tech-savvy user to develop apps like a pro.

But what does it mean for organisations? It means shorter development processes and cost-effectiveness since it allows businesses to develop their apps without having to hire an app developer.

Parting Thoughts…

We are already at the finishing line for 2020, but 2021 seems to promise big things in mobile app development. New technologies allow a broad spectrum of possibilities for expansion and improvement, and an increased tendency from users to use mobile apps for their day-to-day tasks means that there is a real demand that needs to be met.

We can only guess what mobile apps will bring to the table in the upcoming future but, so far, we have the certainty that 2021 looks big and bright for this particular niche.

If you are already excited about these trends and you would like to get a head start on your competitors by developing a new mobile app, give us a shout! We can help you out!

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