Importance of PPC Advertising for Competitive Businesses

ppc advertising


Importance of PPC Advertising for Competitive Businesses

The Pay Per Click marketing tool is becoming increasingly popular, both among small and big enterprises and we don’t want you to join the bandwagon late!

One of the most prominent reasons why you must include PPC in your marketing strategy is that it puts you in the spotlight among the sea of ads. There are 40,000 searches every second, and 3.5 billion searches per day.

Due to various reasons, majorly the Covid-19 pandemic, most businesses are now shifting to digital marketing. This further aggravates the need to have a competitive marketing strategy to secure and maintain an influential place in the ever-growing business industry. 

PPC is one such advertising technique that is certain to get the attention of potential customers and fill up the sales funnel if used wisely.

If you are convinced about the effectiveness of PPC, without further ado, let us get started. Let the Best Pay Per Click Service in UAE devise your PPC plans.

For strengthening your resolute, you can read along to find out the detailed benefits of using PPC but let us first see what PPC Advertising is.

What is PPC Advertising?

Pay Per Click Advertising is a kind of online advertising where for every click made on the ad, the advertisers pay a fee. For instance, if I am placing an ad on Reader’s Digest website, I will have to pay a specific amount to Reader’s Digest whenever someone clicks on my ad. 

This advertising model aims at buying buyers instead of gaining them organically. This by no means makes PPC a black-hat advertising technique. It differs greatly from click baits and involves no unfair means. 

Having developed a clear understanding of PPC, let us now find out the advantages that it offers.

PPC advertising

Benefits of using PPC Advertising.


1. Customer-Targeted Marketing

The ultimate goal of all the marketing tools is to drive customers to our products but PPC stands out in terms of target orientation. It is because of the varied targeting options it offers. With pay per click advertising, you can secure each penny spent on the ads.

You can opt for a multi-layered approach to cast a wider net for customers. Using a mix of different tools you have a wider scope and better chance of getting sales leads. It offers a wide variety of targeted options such as

  • Search targeting–In this type of targeting, the ads appear on the Search Engine Result Page. It puts you in a position to answer a query through your product or service. By answering a customer’s query, you stand a better chance of selling them your commodity. 
  • Inventory Targeting: This refers to posting the ads on the websites that post content relevant to our product or service. By placing it on the relevant sites, you can target customers easily. An ad for a coffee blender placed on a food blog stating famous coffee houses in X city is a classic example of Inventory Targeting.
  • Display targeting – It is a smart targeting system in which your ad gets displayed at a time and place based on certain consumer behaviour. You get to decide the parameters such as the personal interest of the buyer, age, gender, etc.

2. Quick Results

One of the startling advantages of PPC advertising is that it gives quick results. Immediate gratification is what makes it so much more effective and popular because usually marketing tools take some time to get fully functional.

In the SEO vs. PPC debate, PPC is certainly the faster and easier tool. The SEO tools such as keyword rankings, backlinks,. are in a way not so promising and may take a lot of time to finally fetch you customers whereas in PPC, the moment you place an ad on the web correctly, it starts to get you leads. 

It requires fewer efforts and can be carried on without indulging the development teams. PPC adds put your brand in a place where it gets all the attention. While looking for anything on google, your commodity will appear on top, over everything else on the SERP. As your product is the first thing customers see, it is very likely to influence their buying decision, resulting in sales conversion.  

3. Quality Web Traffic

PPC advertising is a form of ‘Pull Marketing Strategy’ in which you drive the organic traffic to your brand and not push your product or service towards them. This addresses the biggest issue associated with marketing which is winning the trust of the buyer. 

When you are constantly talking about how your product is superior and why the customers should buy it from you, it creates an inferior impression on them. They might consider your product of low quality because of your constant persuasion. 

PPC solves this problem by positioning your ads in a place where buyers are actually looking for them on the search engines. While seeking answers to their query when they stumble upon your ad, they will be organically directed to engage with your product or service.

By strategically placing your ads, the PPC model of advertising ensures that the traffic you are attracting is genuinely interested in buying your product or service. Therefore, the conversion rates in PPC ads are relatively high.

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4. Economical

One very important advantage of PPC advertising is that it is as economical as it is effective. Unlike other marketing tools when you have to spend a bucket load of money on ads and still only hope to get leads through it, PPC ads have to be paid for only when a user clicks on them.

In a way, it is a more secure and effective tool of marketing in which you spend money only when there is an action initiated from the customer’s end. 

It is cost-effective also in the sense that you can chalk out your own plan as per your budget. There is a lot of flexibility when you are using PPC advertising tools. You can keep monitoring the effectiveness of your ads and widen your scope accordingly with more investment.

Alternatively, at any point in time, if you think it is not working well for your brand, you can stop it completely or take a halt to decide a further course of action. All of this without any direct and serious repercussions on your business operations. 

This is not the case with other marketing campaigns where you cannot take such abrupt actions without having serious implications. 

5. Easily Trackable

With PPC ads, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign at any given time. This is very important for taking important business decisions in time. There is absolute transparency in your PPC performance which you can easily track through Google Analytics. Based on the return per ad, you can make the necessary changes in your existing proposition. 

Besides tracking the ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) you can get a more detailed analysis report as to which keyword or ad is doing better, which ad placements are getting more impressions etc. This exhaustive analysis further weaponises you to take informed pin-pointed decisions. 

All you have to do is set your business goals and then assess the PPC performance such as impressions, clicks, and conversions against those metrics. Based on your findings you can make the necessary adjustments. 

In addition to that, it is more of a number game and remains unaffected by the constantly evolving algorithms of Google, unlike SEO. In fact, PPC ads can help in developing a more worthwhile SEO strategy by assessing which keywords are performing better. 

Now that we have an idea about the importance of PPC ads, let us quickly run through the most popular PPC platforms that can give you the best returns.

Most Popular PPC Platforms

1. Google ads 

It tops the list of the most popular PPC platforms with the highest traffic and largest market share of 78%. With the Google ad platform, you have the advantage of covering a global demographic. You can also have the benefit of displaying your ad across other google platforms which increases the competitiveness of your ad. 

2. Microsoft/Bing Ads

It is the second most popular PPC ad platform after Google. It is similar to google ads in terms of global reach and sharing the ads across various other platforms such as Xbox, Windows App store, MSN, and Outlook Email. What differentiates it from Google ads is the fact that it is comparatively cheaper.

3. Facebook Ads

At present, there are 2.62 million active users on Facebook which is the key reason it is on the list of the famous PCC platforms. The most commonly used PPC advertising method used on Facebook is the cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The fact that it has so many active members and the PPC ad cost is cheaper than Google and Bing Ads makes it an ideal choice for businesses. Especially those whose products or services are targeted towards youth.

As per a blog post report, 70% of the search engine users do not scroll past the first page. Considering this, PPC ads hold a lot of value at present and can be the distance between your failed marketing plans and the strategy that actually works. 


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