How to Choose A Career: Web Development vs Mobile App Development

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How to Choose A Career: Web Development vs Mobile App Development

The outlook for careers in mobile and web development is growing rapidly as we become increasingly reliant on mobile devices and PCs. Mobile phones that were once used as a mere proxy for one-on-one conversations have now evolved into a one-in-all utility gadget that assists us in a variety of our daily activities.

Dedicated mobile and web app developers have made this evolution possible, and are still working to make it more convenient and easy to use for customers. Though both web development and mobile app development have risen to become lucrative career choices for tech-savvy individuals, there are some differences between the two that should be understood so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Depending on their market, skills required, and usability, they operate differently. 

This article will discuss and compare both of these occupations in detail so that you can make your decision when you finish reading it. So without any further ado, let us begin.

Web Development and Mobile App Development: An Overview

As the name suggests, Web development is concerned with developing websites and web applications. On the other hand, mobile app development involves designing mobile applications. So let us get to some more details about the two.

Web Development

It involves tasks such as coding, designing, operating websites and web applications that are user-friendly and responsive. A web developer must have a deep understanding of programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc. to perform this task. As a web developer, you can work as a salaried web developer with any one organisation or work on a project basis as a freelancer in more than one organisation. The function of web development  

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development includes designing a mobile application that can run equally well on Android, iOS, and Windows phones. They turn new ideas into applications that can enable the users to enjoy the utilities easily. The first step is to think of an idea that could provide utility and then check the idea for technical feasibility. 

how to choose a career

Web Development and Mobile App Development: Functions

In terms of function, Web Development and Mobile App Development differ greatly from one another. 

Web App Development

A major function of a web developer is to design and develop bespoke web applications for their clients. Web applications that are tailored to specific purposes or audiences are bespoke web apps. 

Depending upon the functions, web development can be categorised as:


1) Front-end Web Development- As the name suggests, it is concerned with the ‘front-look’ of the website to put it another way, how it appears to users. Web page usability involves ensuring that the user can easily use and navigate the page. Creating a site requires both creative visions as well as coding and programming skills.


2) Back-end Web Development- Essentially, it relates to databases and server-side programming. The back-end is where all the functions within a web take place. It maintains all the data that is entered by the user, processes it, and produces the desired output that is displayed on the front-end. It determines how a website processes and uses the information provided by users.


3) Full Stack Web Development- It is the combination of the previous two, i.e. front-end and back-end web development. A full-stack web developer designs the website and looks after the maintenance and processing of data. Therefore, a full-stack developer is required to exhibit skills required for designing as well as data management.  

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development involves designing and developing mobile applications that offer a solution to clients’ requirements. Mobile applications must be designed to work on different operating systems such as android,  iOS, and windows. In addition to designing the app, the developer must implement a proper backend and frontend integration. Their function includes prototyping, designing, iterating, and building the interface of the application. After the mobile app is rolled out, they are responsible for troubleshooting issues, fixing errors and bugs, detecting performance and usability issues and solving them.

Web Development and Mobile App Development: Tools and Languages

Web Development

Industry experts today use Python, Javascript, PHP, and Ruby for back-end operations while HTML, CSS, and Javascript are commonly used in the front-end designing process. Web development languages are comparatively easier to learn compared to mobile app development languages. For web development, you will also need frameworks such as ReactJS, AngularJS, and server-side frameworks such as NodeJS.The best part is that if you do not have any knowledge about these languages, you can still design a website using free templates on WordPress and Joomla.


Mobile App Development

The difficulty level in mobile development is way higher than that in web development. This is because the operating system of mobile differs greatly and the mobile application should be such that it works equally well on all three platforms. Different platforms demand different skills and languages. For instance, you will have to use JavaScript for building apps for android whereas, for iOS, swift language will be used. 

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Web Development and Mobile App Development: Level of Versatility


Web Development

The level of versatility in web design development is higher compared to that in mobile app development due to various reasons. In web development, knowledge of one programming language enables you to work on different operations. For example, with good knowledge in C#, you can work on a variety of different websites and game development. With just one good skill, you can work in a variety of different niches. It is very flexible in nature and allows you to run the same code on totally different platforms.


Mobile Web Development

As discussed above, it is comparatively less versatile than web development. The reason is that it is platform-specific. For every different platform, you need to learn and use a different language and different sets of tools. For example, you will need different languages to make an app for android and iOS. The platform-specific code makes it a less versatile field. However, if you are someone who believes in the ‘master of one’ supremacy then you can opt for mobile web development. There would be fewer chances for you to try hands-on different things but you can whet your skills in that specific language and tools and excel.


Web Development and Mobile App Development: Salaries and Future Advancements

Salary is one of the key factors when it comes to choosing a career option. Hence, in this section, we will discuss the average compensation for both web and mobile app developers. The salary for web and mobile app developers greatly differs from country to country and also from organisation to organisation depending upon its size and scale of operations.

Web Development

Salaries for web developers are much higher in the USA as compared to middle-east countries. In the US, the annual salary of Web Developers is $74,110,  front-end developer is $76,000 and back-end developers is $98,000. On the other hand, Dubai Website Designers make around 84000 AED on average.

Mobile App Development

The average salary for a mobile app developer in the USA is around $107,000, an iOS developer is $139,000 and an android developer is $144,000. In Dubai, a mobile app developer makes around 85000 AED.

Web Development and Mobile App Development: Latest Trends

To excel in either of these streams, it is very important to stay updated with the latest trends in the industry. Some of the popular trends in web development and mobile app development are as follows-:

Web Development 

1)  PWA(Progressive Web Apps)- This technology helps to improve the native experience of the user by managing the content and screen resolution.

2) Accelerated Mobile Pages- It improves the speed and performance of the website. It also ensured the flexibility of the website to adjust to different screen sizes. 

Mobile App Development

1)  IoT(Internet of Things)- This technology will embed our everyday objects with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting with other devices over the internet.  

2) AR(Augmented Reality)- It enables the users to have a more immersive experience of things by superimposing a CGI over the user’s view of the real world.

Web Development and Mobile App Development: Career Scope

The global market for both web development and mobile app development is expected to grow but web development is taking a lead here. Mobile app development is likely to expand 14% by 2022 whereas web development will grow by 25-27%  by 2024. 

The difference in the percentage is probably because of the versatility of web development over mobile app development. Since web design is simpler to master and can be used in a variety of operations, it is likely to get more popular than mobile app development.

Due to the popularity of web development, the competition is really tough in that area however there is a huge demand for mobile app developers. Developers who have skills for both web development and mobile app development have the highest demand presently. 

Web Development over Mobile App Development

The choice of career in these fields greatly depends on your interest and skills. However, if you go by the factors that we have stated above, we have a clear winner that is Web Development. This is because it has better scope in the future, is easier to learn, more versatile, and more interesting. 

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