how in-app marketing can be a game changer for your business in 2022

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How in-app marketing can be a game changer for your business in 2022

At present, when customers are bombarded with a plethora of information every day, your business cannot afford to lose potential customers that are already acquired. In-app marketing ensures the same.

It helps to keep your customers engaged with the intention of retaining them for long. Before we delve into the complexities of In-app marketing, let us understand what exactly is in-app marketing.

What is In-app Marketing?

In-app marketing is an umbrella time for any marketing campaign or message that is specially designed to be displayed on the app when the customer is using it. It allows businesses to keep the customers hooked through personalised messages. 

There are several reasons why in-app marketing is an important function of the business. 

Why is In-app Marketing Important?

It helps the business to retain existing customers and upsell new products to them. It also helps to onboard new users, introduce new features, and also get useful feedback from the customers which is imperative to improving business. 

To sum, there are three broad reasons why in-app marketing is important:

1. Influence User Experience

In-app marketing has a big role in retaining the customers, both present and potential after they have successfully installed your mobile application on their devices. Customers are very likely to uninstall the app instantly if they find the interface complicated.

Therefore, it is important to make the interface user-friendly and easily navigable so that it serves the purpose of assisting the users. 

A user-friendly, contemporary mobile app web development will ensure faster onboarding and reboarding of new and existing customers respectively. It also makes it easier to acquaint the users with a new product or feature that the business is introducing.  

Another important reason is that it allows the users to have easy access to the value-based content that the business is offering, thereby increasing the goodwill of the business. 

in-app marketing

2. Receive Important User Feedback

In-app marketing allows businesses to get an idea of how the customers are responding to their services. With the help of in-app behavioural analytics, they can measure implicit feedback. 

For instance, if a user can finish one task successfully in a reasonable time, it would indicate the easy accessibility of the app, on the other hand, if a user starts multiple tasks and does not finish any, or goes back to the same option again and again, reflects that he is not able to derive the required information from our app. 

In this case, the web developers will try to analyse the problem underlying this behaviour and try to fix it. It can also be used to send prompts for more personalised feedback from the users. Such reviews go a long way in helping the business find out the problem areas and fix them keeping customer satisfaction in mind. 

3. Helps Business Inform Consumers about New Product/ Features

One major significance of in-app marketing is that it eases the process of introducing new products or features to the existing lines of products. All the web developers have to do is to give a prompt or highlight the same on the app.

Another popular means of introducing a new feature is through a push notification which immediately prompts the customer to check it. A business that keeps adding new features of products to their line enjoys a good reputation in the market for remaining updated. 

Now having discussed the benefits, let us quickly run through the types of in-app marketing that we can employ in our business.

Types of In-app Marketing

There are majorly 5 types of in-app marketing tips that businesses usually use. 

1. In-app Messages

These are hyper-targeted notifications that are sent to the users while they are active on their devices. It is an abridged version of a long message that invites the user to read the whole thing. 

These messages are usually very short, crisp, and catchy that can drive the users towards the main message body. It is mostly done to send promotions to the users, provide updates, prompt action, or remind them to finish the task they started. 

2. Splash Pages

As the name suggests, a splash page is a page that splashes over the other existing page on your mobile. It precedes or overrides it. The purpose of the splash page is to prompt the viewer to take an action while giving them context for the same.

While there are different reasons why they are used, the most important one is for pre-empting system prompts. For example, asking for permissions, etc. It mainly informs them about something important such as a new company update or a thought-provoking quote etc. 

4. Modals

They are overlays or pop-ups that take over the entire screen and necessitate user behavior to dismiss. It appears on top of the application’s main window with transparency behind them to give the users an idea of what is behind it. 

It is generally used to inform users about new products, features, promotions or prompt them into adding friends or upgrading the membership, etc. If designed by professional web developers, it can be used as an effective tool to improve the in-app experience of the user. 

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5. In-app Notifications

These are message pop-ups that appear while you are using the application. They are different from in-app messages in that it is only sent when the user is active on your app, unlike in-app messages that can appear when the gadget is active.

It can be in the form of full-screen pop-ups or even small overlays. These notifications do not hinder user experience like modals but influence user behavior. 

6. Tool Tips

Tooltips are small guiding prompts that help the users to navigate through the app and use it effectively. It is usually in the form of a short message that pops up when a user interacts with a specific element on the website.  

While the above-mentioned in-app marketing tools might be action-oriented, their proper execution is very complex. The reason is that their very nature is intrusive. They disrupt the user experience. It is natural for a regular internet user to reject and dismiss most pop-ups as spammy ads. Therefore it is very important to take help from professional app developers who know exactly how these in-app marketing tools must be leveraged.

Tips to Ace in-app Marketing

Now that we already know how tricky in-app marketing is, let us quickly go through some tips that would save us from landing in a mess and also increase the effectiveness of our marketing campaign. 

Let us first discuss the three most important steps which are essential for all in-app marketing irrespective of the nature of business. 

1. Set the goal for the application

The first important step to in-app marketing is having a clear purpose for the app. The mobile app should be designed keeping in mind the convenience of the customers without which it will fail terribly. It should focus more on the value that it will provide to the customers than the features. It should be easy to use and sync on social media.

Experts say that you should be able to define the purpose of the app in not more than 2 lines. If you fail, the app is not well-targeted or confusing. Another thing to keep in mind is that the app should be able to fall within the 3 broad categories: Problem-solving, entertainment, and added value. 

Marketing Tips

The given tips will help you stand out in In-app marketing without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Leverage app store optimisation for increased downloads

App store optimisation is especially beneficial for newbie businessmen who are new to in-app marketing. With more than 1.5 million mobile apps in the mobile store currently, app store optimisation can prove to be very effective.

2. Use Guest Blogging for promotion

Guest Blogging is a form of inbound marketing that can prove to be very effective for promoting any mobile app. It helps you to gain authority by attracting organic traffic into downloading your app.

3. Utilise interesting infographics

The infographic tool can do wonders in improving your visibility and promoting your brand. Graphics, in general, perform better than texts in grabbing attention, and at present when a lot of text information is bombarded on the user, graphics can help you make an impression.

4. Seek the help of a Mobile App Marketing Agency

Seeking professional help can be a game-changer for your in-app marketing agency since the professionals know which resources to tap to set you ahead of everyone else in the industry. The trends in the marketing agency are changing rapidly.    

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