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edirect are one of the leading creative marketing agencies in the UK & UAE and has been in activity since 2001. Over the years, we have managed to establish ourselves firmly across a number of services. In fact our branding and graphic design service is the one of the key component to us delivering high-quality marketing services to our clients; but lets not also forget SEO, PPC and email marketing.

Why would a business require graphic design services?

One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make in this saturated market is to underestimate image. In fact, both image and customer service have an important influence on the first impressions provided to your customer. If you want to set your business apart from competitors and define your brand then improved image is essential.

Of course, delivering the required standards can be challenging for those without the correct knowledge or skill sets. This is where Graphic Design and Creative Agencies such as edirect can help. Our own creative team will drive the image of your business through a host of viable platforms. These can include but are not exclusive too:

Our graphic artists fully appreciate how all these elements determine how successfully your business is perceived. Essentially, they reinforce your brand and help prospective client make the right decision – to do business with you.

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What is a graphic designer role?

Many entrepreneurs find their time is precious. Therefore even when imperative marketing material is needed it is deferred. Hiring a graphic design agency means this work gets done to the appropriate deadlines and you can quickly use this to boost your commerce.

In some instances business owners will try going it alone, but as they say, “time is money”. Hours you do not have invested in learning new design software can be better spent in hiring those who already have the skills. This means you get the design you need to promote services and earn income in improved timescales.

Graphic artists also well versed in delivering design that aren’t ‘all over the map’. Consistency in your design elements – such font style, weight and size and colours, ensures professionalism. Your business looks more put together if every design element fits together. This consistency helps to develop and reinforce client recognition, so they remember your business.

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What will a graphic design agency provide?

Apart from provide peace of mind via improved delivery of designed marketing material, our creative team will liaise with you to forecast the most fundamental modes of promotion. We believe in a transparent and open service, where we tailor our design package to you and your business’ individual needs.

our creative process

Branding and design consultation.

Through an initial consultation between the commissioner and the Branding team, all requirements are discussed and accessed.  From the agreed brief, our graphic artists will create and adjust a wide range of designs pathways to be reviewed and approved by the commissioner.

Provisional sketches.

Our graphic artists will produce a body of detailed sketches, to be discussed with the commissioner. from here appropriate creative direction is established. Commissioner must fully agree to a proposed direction before proceeding to Render Phase.

Rendered examples.

edirect will produce a series of rendered logo designs / design layouts, working from a commissioner’s sketch choices. Good design is all about context, so whether it be a new or refreshed logo design, or a corporate brochure, our creative team provide product mock examples to visualise the real-world impact of your design.

Commissioner feedback is welcome and often imperative for the final push. Refinements of scale, balance, font and colour are applied via the agreed amount of revisions.


edirect will supply Commissioner with industry standard file types (Ai, PDF and Jpeg) for application across Web and Print platforms. Final logo design supplied will be fully scalable (Ai file). If Commissioner requires a Brand Style Guide this will be charged and supplied separately to an agreed deadline between edirect and Commissioner.

“Detailed process with the consideration of design, development, conversion and marketing.”

The Design Software Used By edirect.

Or creative team uses the latest approved industry standard Adobe Suite software. Each of our professional graphic artists can use all of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Our creative team utilises each software in the correct context. This means project management is optimised and files supplied are always accessible for the correct output.

We supply the commissioner with industry standard file types  for Print (PDF), Web (PNG/Jpeg) and large format (Vector; Ai) application.

High Quality Design Service.

edirect is a Dubai Graphic Design Agency that believes in producing high quality designs. This is why we are happy to discuss all aspects of your projects so that it best fits your needs. We provide commissioners with regular progress updates to avoid unexpected expenses.

However, We know our worth and believe in a fixed, transparent price point that ensuring each and every client receives the same input and design standards. If you do have a budget in mind speak up – due to our expertise we can offer cost effective options and explain how this can affect your entire project.

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