edirect Cryptocurrency Payments Developer Dubai

edirect Cryptocurrency Payments Developer Dubai


edirect Cryptocurrency Payments Developer Dubai

Even though there are countless options for fiat currency, being able to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment could be one of the best things you can do for your business. This move would not only give you a direct entry into the highly profitable world of cryptos but also could also serve to future-proof your business. You have every reason to work with a crypto payment gateway developer like edirect.

What is a cryptocurrency payment gateway?

Before we delve into more detail on how edirect helps you set up a cryptocurrency payment gateway, let us see what a crypto payment gateway is in the first place. It is basically a decentralised payment platform on which you can send and receive payment via different cryptocurrencies.

Our focus at edirect is to build you a platform that makes it easy to quickly receive crypto payments through the removal of any intermediaries. Furthermore, it will increase the frequency at which cryptos are used on a daily basis. In so doing, the whole blockchain ecosystem is enhanced for mutual benefit.

One thing you must know about blockchain technology is that it is highly encrypted. This means that there is a minimal chance of it being broken into by hackers. Whichever payment you receive through this method remains safe.

How do I receive crypto payments?

With professional help from edirect, we are able to get you started with receiving crypto payments online. Our cryptocurrency payment applications are integrated into your website by our team of crypto developers. We make this process a seamless transition for you as edirect has been in the industry since cryptocurrencies were first introduced. We know all the tips and tricks to make your initial experience a smooth one.

Accept crypto payments

Before you can think of implementing crypto payments on your website, you must first decide on the digital currencies you are going to use. A simple online search will reveal that there are more than 1600 cryptos out there. However, not all of these have the same level of value. Some are just a trial and error by developers offering very little in the way of value.

If you have difficulty making this decision, let edirect crypto experts help you in choosing what payments to accept. At edirect, we are blockchain architects. Our team are able to identify what will and what won’t withstand the test of time. We will consider a few factors like your customers’ geographical location and the AED equivalent of how much you are willing to accept in cryptos.

We consider serval factors before we recommend digital currencies for use in your Dubai, UAE or Middle Eastern business.

Choosing cryptocurrencies

You probably already know that Ethereum and Bitcoin are a force to be reckoned with in the world of cryptos. This is true, but then they are not the de-facto cryptocurrencies. What you need is expert advice before you can settle on which currency is right for you.

For instance, there are other known coins such as the EOS token issued on the EOS platform. This has been soaring as a result of its efficiency and low-cost financial transactions. This is a clear indication of why expert advice matters, something edirect is well-equipped to do.

Once we have a list of cryptos that you can use, you’ll need to have a wallet in which these can be stored. The crypto wallet could be likened to your bank account. When you receive crypto coins, they are placed into the wallet. Similarly, when you want to send someone some cryptos, you will need to do so through the wallet.

When you contact us to meet your cryptocurrency development services needs, we will handle this and all other relevant modifications to get you set up and accepting cryptocurrencies online.

One of the most important factors we put in mind when setting up your wallet is the security level. It makes no sense to spend all this time setting up a business only for some malicious hackers to penetrate your website and steal from you. The fact that the Internet is dominated by talented hackers means you need the services of highly-skilled web developers and blockchain experts.

When your wallet is set up, it is crucial that it’s integrated with your website so that the right people can see it. Yes, you might have the most secure wallet, but it will not be of any financial benefit if it is not accessible to your customers. Our developers will integrate it with your website as part of the checkout process.

“edirect – the leading crypto payments developer for Dubai and the UAE.”

Webpage cryptocurrency development

The website buttons are equally important so as to make the whole process more easily accessible. A button on the homepage, which clearly indicates that you are now accepting cryptocurrencies will go a long way in making this happen. This is a proven kind of marketing strategy and entices buyers to perhaps opt for payment via a digital asset rather than a fiat currency.

When all these things are done, you will be ready to begin receiving cryptocurrency payments. At edirect, we make receiving these payments as easy as receiving an email. Similar to your email address, the merchant wallet that we build for you has a public address to which all cryptocurrency payments will be sent.

What makes edirect an effective cryptocurrency payment developer?

Not every company that says they develop payment gateways for cryptocurrencies are up to the task. Some are just copycats who have no idea what it takes to accept crypto payments for clients ranging from large scale organisations to SME’s. For this reason, every business must evaluate carefully who they choose to work with and be sure they know what they’re doing.

When you decide to work with edirect, you can be assured that we will fulfil your needs and even surpass them. Here are some of the things that make working with us unique.

Top-notch crypto security

We know how risky the Internet can be. You may be worth millions of dollars one day and then lose all of that the next morning. An overnight security breach is all that’s required for that to happen. However, when you contract edirect for such an important project, you will be assured that the security measures put in place meet industry standards.

Even though no company can promise you that your website can never be hacked, we do our best to see to make it as difficult as possible.

The security of a payment gateway is like using a padlock to lock your home. The fact that you left your home locked doesn’t mean thieves won’t gain entry. However, their encounter with the padlock makes them move on to an easier target. At edirect, we do not let this happen. We constantly release updates to keep your website security operating at peak efficiency. This is a key requirement before you can begin to accept crypto payments.

Payment gateway simplicity

If users find it easy to use your crypto payment gateway, they are more likely to pay using cryptocurrencies. Users need to have an easy time paying in cryptos. While setting up the payment gateway, edirect ensures that it is as simple as paying with fiat currencies.

The main purpose of cryptocurrencies is to not only decentralise the world’s financial system but also reduce the amount of personal information a buyer is expected to hand over. Online consumers are normally wary when it comes to the amount of personal information transmitted. For that reason, we make sure that they can transact with you while having the option to handover the basic information needed for order processing.

Crypto development project deadlines

Integration of a cryptocurrency payment system on your website is an important project. If this is something you have been thinking about for quite a while, it is no secret that you want it done as soon as possible. The earlier you adopt it, the better placed you are to maintain a competitive advantage. Therefore, the cryptocurrency developers you contract should possess the capabilities to pull off such a feat.

At edirect, we do not believe in delaying clients’ projects. Once we have a detailed understanding of what you need and reached an agreement, we immediately get to work. We promise reasonable deadlines and commit to meeting them against all odds. We are willing to burn the midnight oil if it comes to it.

However, with a team that is always diligent when it comes to meeting deadlines, you can expect us to work closely to your schedule. When we tell you that we’ll have something done by Tuesday, we aim to have it done sooner.

edirect Cryptocurrency Payments Developer Dubai

International cryptocurrency use

One good thing about cryptocurrencies is that they are borderless. They make it possible to instantly execute a transaction without being hindered by where in the world the person is based. In the world of cryptos, there is no such thing as international fees, long transactional waiting times, and limitations regarding who can and cannot pay in cryptos.

Thus, as we develop your cryptocurrency payment gateway, we keep this in mind. We know that even as you focus on dominating the local market, you also want to have global access. We ensure your payment gateway setup meets the standards necessary for it to be used by the international community.

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