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An e-commerce website cannot be looked at the same way as non-commerce sites. It has its own unique set of needs which must be upheld if you are to stay ahead of the competition. E-commerce customers seek uninterrupted services that are provided by a hosting network that is deemed as highly stable.

With 99.9% consistent server uptime, your customers can browse your e-commerce website and enjoy a perfect shopping cart and checking out experience. That is why you need a specialised e-commerce website hosting service provided by edirect in Dubai.

What is e-commerce web hosting?

E-commerce hosting is designed solely for e-commerce websites. It is not the same as the standard hosting plans for other websites in that it has more features and functionalities required for the management of commercial websites. We’ve listed just some of the features that you can expect below:

  • Database Support
  • SSL Certificates
  • Payment Processing Services
  • Shopping Cart Software
  • Advanced Security Initiatives
  • Additional E-Commerce Software Solutions

We offer excellent e-commerce website hosting for businesses and entrepreneurs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and clients throughout the UAE and the Middle East. We provide secure hosting services with all the relevant tools needed for the management of any electronic commerce business operating online.

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edirect is a leading provider of e-commerce web hosting in Dubai. We use industry-leading AWS Amazon servers along with providing options for shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. This makes us one of the most flexible and affordable hosting providers in the UAE.

The fact that we offer you high-quality, feature-packed hosting does not mean that we overcharge you. With hosting plans to suit all budgets, choosing edirect’s web hosting platform is a far more cost-effective option for customers.

Our web hosting platform is continually updated with the latest security updates and patches to ensure that your customers’ online activities are protected while on your site. We have industry-level encryption mechanisms that deter hackers from trying to penetrate our systems. We keep our hosting service security logs updated so that we cater for any new attack trends that may appear.

If you are looking for the best website hosting company in the UAE, then edirect should be top of your comparison list. We make setting up your hosting environment easy for you. We primarily take charge of all the technical details involved in creating and maintaining your commercial website. If you want us to build you an e-commerce website from scratch and then host it; know that we are up to the task.

We can even host an e-commerce website that has been built elsewhere. In the event we see areas of improvement, we’ll make you aware of these. Our open-mindedness is what makes us the best at what we do.

With our comprehensive e-commerce website hosting service, you’ll gain a competitive edge when selling your products via the Internet. We know that any web hosting e-commerce platform is a sizeable investment, and just like any other business, you expect a return on your investment.

We guarantee you that you won’t be left disappointed. Do not just take our word for it. Instead, look at some of the features our e-commerce hosting services can provide:

  • Fast website loading
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Highly secure website
  • Efficient customer order processing
  • CRM options
  • Mobile-optimised store
  • Inventory management tools
  • Standard financial transaction systems
  • Proper inventory management
  • Social media marketing integration
  • Other marketing options such as PPC, bespoke SEO packages and more!

There is a reason why edirect is trusted by top brands globally to host their e-commerce websites. This is a trust we are not ready to break by providing shoddy service. When you contact a member of our friendly customer care team, you can expect nothing but the best service. edirect has been servicing online businesses for years since being established in 2001, meaning we have a time-served reputation that most other companies cannot compete with.

Whether you are a small business or a large firm, our flexible e-commerce hosting plans will be able to meet your exact needs. You can buy with the confidence of knowing that we can deliver a package that will be tailored for you and optimised for your e-commerce business requirements.

Why choose edirect for e-commerce website hosting?

The worst mistake you can ever do as an online entrepreneur is to host your e-commerce website on the same hosting platforms that regular websites are hosted on. That’s because your website will struggle due to limited resources as non-commerce websites have far less taxing requirements.

Our customised e-commerce website hosting matters. Benefits include enhanced security options and high-efficiency hardware configurations. With numerous features included for your shopping cart applications and payment gateways, your business will be taken to the next level.

Better security for your e-commerce site.

Hackers are all over the Internet and always attempting to find creative ways to take down websites or steal information. As an e-commerce website, you process key financial transactions that can attract the attention of malicious hackers. They will defy all odds just to get into your site.

They can launch different types of attacks, including denial of service (DoS) and phishing attacks. In denial of service attacks, the main aim is to render you unable to operate while phishing involves stealing data with which they can do whatever they want.

edirect provides you with some of the safest and secure e-commerce hosting options for your website available today. The fact that we offer a service designed specifically for commercial websites means it incorporates all the features necessary to keep you safe on the Internet.

SSL certificates are one such important security feature we can offer our clients. This encrypts your data so that hackers are unable to infiltrate your system and steal all your online financial transactions. All transactions are processed via an encrypted connection.

Website uptime and scalability.

It is pretty hard to transact with a website that seems always to be down. You can never be sure that the moment you buy a product, the site might crash, resulting in issues with your transaction. This is quite a common problem faced by websites hosted on standard shared hosting platforms.

When the availability of your e-commerce website is brought into question, you’ll notice that your sales will take a hit. As opposed to the physical store, you are not able to see your customers online. Thus, at that time, when your site is down, you have no way of telling that they are trying to access it.

Specialised hosting is the surest way to get 99.9% uptime. Extra resources are dedicated and funnelled to your website; hence, the site is available when needed. In addition, with our robust network and infrastructure, issues of scalability are simplified. There is a whole lot of space for you to grow. As more customers come on board, you can increase the storage space and loading speeds to accommodate them.

E-commerce functions – shopping cart features

The shopping cart is one of the most important parts of your e-commerce website. It helps enhance user experience since they can comfortably choose the products they want and remove from the cart the ones that they do not need.

The cart also allows for more functions like deciding on quantity, size and variety; along with optional integrated chat support, product/service reviews and connected analytics and reporting features. edirect provide the tools you need to maximise sales and ROR for your business by ensuring higher levels of satisfaction with your customers.

This is precisely what our e-commerce website hosting service gives you; an online sales platform that will satisfy your customers! With our assistance, users will have the best shopping experience when visiting your site. The wide variety of shopping cart features is exactly what you need to close the deal and even sell more.

Custom e-commerce web development.

edirect is also a Magento development company, offering customised Magento websites built to our clients’ specifications. Magento is the world’s number one e-commerce platform, and we are happy to turn your online business website into a Magento e-commerce property.

Or, another great e-commerce option could be to build or re-develop your existing website with a professionally built Woo Commerce platform. Woo Commerce is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress and is highly expandable. Our web development team can build you a stunning mobile-friendly online store no matter what platform you are looking to use.

E-commerce website speeds

When customers have to wait for too long for your website to load a product they are interested in, they can easily give up and move on to other matters. Slow sites are the number one cause of high bounce rates. Even if you have the best products on the Internet, no one will be willing to wait forever before they can gain access to it.

Specialised e-commerce website hosting means your site is not in competition for resources. We provide and allocate all the resources you’ll ever need to maximise your e-commerce speed and ensure a superior end-user experience.

e-commerce cdn

edirect also offers ‘Content Delivery Network’ (CDN) setup to substantially boost your websites loading times for customers accessing your site in various locations around the world. The CDN network delivers content to users based on the servers that are closest to them. This ensures that the total wait time is kept as low as possible.

This is another feature we are happy to discuss and implement for you. So, if your company is based in Dubai, you can have your e-commerce website loading at lightning speeds across the globe!

E-commerce SEO and PPC.

Every e-commerce site seeks as much traffic as possible. It is based on this traffic that your marketing team implements different strategies to make a sale. As well as providing e-commerce hosting services, we also offer e-commerce SEO services to help rank your website in the search engines.

We also perform various operations like social media integration to help you easily share news across the many social media platforms. Users can engage with these at different levels, making your business trend at will! High user engagement is critical in building public relations, which translates to more traffic for your website.

We are also a Google Premier Partner. This demonstrates that our company is knowledgeable of Google Ads skills and has the expertise to take any Pay Per Click campaign to the next level. We can make compelling ads that will put your brand front page of Google, optimised to drive traffic to your site and increase your sales.

The E-commerce Web Hosting Experts of Dubai.

E-commerce websites in Dubai and beyond.

In order for your business to grow to new heights, there are two things that it must satisfy. First, it has to be able to reach customers quickly and consistently. Second, it must be able to interact with current customers to a greater extent. These are requirements that can best be fulfilled via an e-commerce website delivered by edirect in Dubai.

When designing an e-commerce website, speed is usually a key consideration; just the same way user experience is prioritised. A website that takes forever to load is guilty of drawing visitors closer to its competitors. This is a risk you cannot afford to take, hence the need to look for a top e-commerce website hosting provider like edirect. Remember that the speed of your e-commerce is closely linked to who is hosting it.

Even as you ponder over the need for super-fast hosting, there are key reasons why e-commerce websites must be made a part of your business operations.

  • Ability to Reach a Broader Audience
  • Increase in Business Sales
  • Influence Customer Purchasing Decisions
  • E-Commerce Offers Great Convenience
  • Search Engines Will Help You Get More Customers
  • Makes it Easy to Run Promotions
  • Helps Expand Brand Name

These benefits provided by the e-commerce website are quickly accrued when the site is hosted via a specialised platform.

edirect offers an outstanding hosting service for your e-commerce site. You can be certain that your business will not only attract more traffic but also close more deals.

Why choose us?

edirect is powered by a forward-thinking team that is eager to deliver the best web hosting solutions. We do not just focus on the current market demand but also look into the future growth of your business.

When you approach us for any web hosting solutions, our friendly customer support team will be eager to take you through all our packages. Whether you have a clear picture of what you are looking for or still trying to figure that out, do not worry as we’ve got you covered.

All operations are headed by an expert team that sets realistic timeframes as to when the entire project shall come to an end. If we are creating your e-commerce website from scratch, we will let you know when it shall be completed in advance. Similarly, if it is website migration, we will also do it step by step until everything is done to perfection. Our end goal is always to see you satisfied.

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