Top 10 Benefits of Customer Relationship Management Systems

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management Systems


Top 10 Benefits of Customer Relationship Management Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) entails managing the manner in which the organisation interacts and relates with its customers as well as potential customers. Organisations can use CRM systems to remain in touch with their customers, ensure seamless flow of processes, and enhance profitability.

Most of the time, when people talk of CRM, they actually have CRM systems in mind. This is a tool designed with one purpose in mind, to enhance business relationships. That is why CRM Systems in Dubai and throughout the Middle East have increased so much in popularity. Organisations are increasingly looking for ways they can stay ahead of the competition, and CRM systems have proven to be helpful tools.

There is no limitation as to which organisation’s department can take advantage of the benefits offered by CRM. Whether it is marketing, business development, customer service, sales, recruiting, or any other department, CRM is the most effective way to manage external interactions and relationships. There is a huge importance of CRM in marketing.

Experts estimate that by 2021, CRM will be one of the areas in your business, taking most expenditure in terms of software. If you want to establish a long-lasting business model, you definitely require a future-focused strategy. There ought to be business objectives, sales targets, and profitability plans. With a CRM system, you would be able to harmonise everything in a single place so that you can have an edge in creating a futuristic strategy.

As Dubai CRM Specialists, we have been in the industry for long enough to see what the software does for organisations. Here are the top 10 benefits you can expect to get from CRM systems.

benefits of crm systems

#1: – Helps build long-lasting customer relationships

Every business needs customers. They are the ones to whom you sell your products or services and in return, generate revenue to facilitate operations. Without customers, you are as good as closing.

Given that you operate in a highly competitive market, you need a way to keep in touch with the customers and create long-lasting relationships with them so that they do not get stolen by competitors. CRM software plays an important role in storing vast amounts of customer data. It can hold information such as name, age, gender, location, email, industry, and much more.

The software also keeps track of behavioral data like how soon did the customer open your email, when was the last time they clicked on your website, have they subscribed to your email list, and content downloads.

This data is a goldmine to your business. It gives you a clear picture of who each and every one of your customers is, the kind of interaction you have had previously, and how best you can overcome issues faced in the past. Your team would be able to build a better strategy for interacting with customers from a personal point of view.

They will no longer regard you as just another business eager to transact with them but rather one that cares for their well-being. Such close interactions have an impact on long-term relationships with customers, including customer loyalty, and trust.

#2: – Can be used to automate repetitive tasks

Getting customers to commit is one thing; completing a sale presents a whole new set of challenges. Besides the more visible tasks such as sales, there are many smaller, background tasks that must be tackled for everything to work normally. You need to fill out forms, generate reports, and take care of numerous legal issues, among other things.

These tasks tend to be repeated again and again, even as they take most of the organisation’s time. They only make the sale process complicated. The best thing to deal with such tasks is to automate them. With a custom built CRM by edirect, such tasks can be automated so that employees focus on what matters the most.

Effective Customer Relationship Management Systems are built in such a way that the burden posed by smaller repetitive tasks is taken off the shoulder of your employees via automation. This means that there will be more time to bring in additional customers and solidify relationships with the current ones as the CRM system takes care of all these details.

The automation doesn’t just happen magically. Our seasoned Dubai CRM specialists would evaluate what your business does and get all the key information. This would then be based on deciding what should be automated and what should be left for the human touch. The last thing you want is the CRM system creating an impression to your customers that they are being served by a robot rather than a human.

#3: – Better CRM analytical data and reporting

Most businesses fail because they depend on misleading data. Since they do not have a well-established customer data management system, they could operate on the assumption that certain products have a market. Unfortunately, when they release this product to the market, it fails to pick up as they had anticipated, taking a toll on their financial standing.

A CRM system is built to keep all the information in a single place. You can easily analyse the data and generate key reports that help in decision making. With a CRM made specifically for your business, you no longer make decisions based on possibility. Rather, you have hard facts that back each action you have decided to take.

The ability to integrate CRM software with various tools or plugins is one of the reasons that the system is as powerful as it is. It automatically generates reports so that you do not spend time doing so. It also allows for the personalisation of dashboard views to help with the easy location of needed information such as sales goals, customer information, and reports on products performance in various markets.

Better reporting gives the organisation an upper hand in making decisions. Good decisions translate to satisfied customers, hence customer loyalty and long-term relationship.

#4: – Personalisation of customer interactions

Most businesses are guilty of interacting with their customers from the stone-faced transactional perspective. Their major goal is always to close the deal and move on to the next customer. The end result is a series of buyers who can easily be swayed by competitors.

With a Customer Relationship Management System, you are given a rare opportunity to personalise the manner in which you interact with current customers. This comes in handy, especially in personalised marketing. That is, you get to create messages that are relevant to specific customers and resonates with their immediate needs.

The massive customer data that can be held in the CRM software gets you ready for a one on one call with the customer. During your discussion, you can mention details that you are aware of and matter the most to them, opening the doors for more detailed conversations.

Modern marketing demands that you personalise whatever message is being delivered to your target audience. Gone are the days when you just created bulk marketing messages and sent them out to the market for anyone who cares to consume. Personalised interactions with the customers and leads are sure to take your business to the next level; something our CRM systems are effective at delivering.

#5: – Better data management

As your business grows, it is bound to have a vast amount of data. Mishandling of data being held not only risks losing your customers but also may bring about unwanted lawsuits. The government considers the issue of data security seriously, and businesses are strictly required to comply with it.

Businesses that store contact data in simple formats like spreadsheets are faced with the challenge of human error during data entry. Furthermore, in the event that a colleague requires a specific contact, you would be forced to send them the whole spreadsheet for them to peruse through in order to find the contact they seek.

A CRM system takes a different perspective. All the data is stored in a centralised location, and all people can access it. Since the data is typically collected using web forms and automatically added to the database, the challenge presented by human error in data entry is tackled.

Furthermore, data security no longer becomes a challenge, especially if you work with a reputed CRM solutions provider like edirect. That’s because our specialist Customer Relationship Management Systems implements security mechanisms so that only authorised persons can access the data. Different access rights are given to the various level of employees.

NOTE: Data Protection for UAE:
While the current DIFC law, Data Protection Law DIFC Law No. 1 of 2007, remains fully in force, please take note that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is very broadly applicable. This European Union (EU) law that details how businesses collect and use personal data. A company must process it transparently, lawfully and fairly. This came into effect on the 25th of May 2018.

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#6: – Save time and money

Managing data that is spread all over the organisation is not only tedious, but it also takes a lot of time and resources. Therefore, it is logical to keep this data in a central place so that your employees have an easy time interacting with it.

When data is spread all over the place, you might be forced to keep on hiring consultants to harmonise it. If it is harmonised in other tools apart from the CRM software, it won’t be long before the same problem crops up again. Regularly hiring data specialists to rectify these tasks can cost you a lot of time and money. That’s why it is best to invest in a CRM system once and for all to overcome this and many other business administration problems.

Furthermore, the centrally-placed data implies that your team is able to have a quick look at individual clients or a group of clients. This increases the rate at which decisions are made, and the team gets to organise itself based on the data at hand. They would be able to know which leads are more promising and which ones could be a waste of time. Therefore, they focus their energy in the right place.

#7: – Increases customer satisfaction

A happy customer will always come back to your business to buy more. These are the kinds of customers you get to establish long-term relationships with, ensuring the continuity of your business. However, achieving customer satisfaction is hard if you do not have a better understanding of who you are dealing with. This is where the CRM system comes in.

The Customer Relationship Management System gives each person in your business a total history of interactions you have with a particular customer or group of customers. Based on the data that you have acquired, you are able to meet the unique needs of individual customers.

Whichever representative of your business that a customer contacts, the software provides a clear picture of what was done in the past to satisfy the customer’s requests. This makes your customers feel valued and communicates to them that your business cares about what happens to them on a core level of understanding.

#8: – Cuts down on costs

Businesses normally decide to invest in technology for two main reasons – to improve efficiency of operation and to also reduce expenditures. Just like any good software out there, the CRM system can prove helpful in cutting down costs when well implemented.

As you automate more processes, you will not need as many employees to handle repetitive tasks as you did before. This comes in handy by saving the money which would have been spent on salaries.

Moreover, if you set up an all-in-one CRM system that comes preloaded with customer support, sales, and marketing automation, you will not have to spend money on separate systems to enjoy the CRM functions. The management of each module takes place in the same location, saving the money that would have been spent buying numerous systems for other business functions.

In addition, effective use of an edirect CRM system enhances your business flexibility, making it reach more leads and thus close additional deals. So a CRM can increase the revenue that your company gets year on year.

It is estimated that the CRM system earns you an average of $5 per $1 spent! 1
This is definitely an investment you would like to make.

#9: – Collaborative and efficient teams

No one can work on their own and deliver top-notch results. Even the guys who keep getting employee of the year awards have a team that backs them up. Without support from their team, it would be pretty difficult for them to deliver the great results demanded by the company.

A CRM system automatically stores communication in a central place, making it easy to view phone call details, calendar, and email exchanges. When numerous teams are able to simultaneously access this information from the comfort of their workstations, collaboration in your business is taken a step higher.

Marketing, sales, and customer service teams easily share key information regarding clients, so that they all put in the required effort to close a deal. No department will feel as if the other one is jeopardising their ability to bring on board a new client since they are all able to pick up from where the other left.

#10: – Enhances customer service

Your time is as important as that of your customers. That is why you have to go against all the odds to yield value for the time they spent on your products or services. In the event they encounter an issue, they should be able to find relevant help from your customer care team.

A Custom Web Application CRM system from edirect in Dubai makes it possible to immediately act on your customer’s issue when they contact your helpdesk. It arms your experienced representatives with past information of the customer so that they can locate the solution within the shortest time.

Customers are happiest when their problems are dealt with effectively and in an expeditious manner. The reasoning of a customer is always that given they spent money to buy goods or services from you, they need to see the value for their purchase. This value is best delivered with an integrated Custom CRM solution provided by edirect.

You can never underestimate the power of a CRM system. An organisation that decides to operate without one is tantamount to business suicide. That is why you need to make a prudent investment in an edirect built Customer Relationship Management System.

Top 10 Benefits of Customer Relationship Management Systems

edirect is one of the leading providers of CRM systems in Dubai. We have been in operation for more than two decades, giving us a better understanding of what it takes to meet customer needs. When you contact us, we will be more than glad to show you what our Custom CRM systems can do for your business.


# CRM system earns you an average of $5 per $1 spent! 1

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