Clubhouse for Businesses: Everything You Need to Know

Clubhouse for Businesses: Everything You Need to Know


Clubhouse for Businesses: Everything You Need to Know

Every year social media improves and new apps appear on the market. There’s no doubt we live in an era where content sharing is a pillar, and there’s always room for new additions.

Clubhouse is one of the latest launches, and it generated some serious hype in a very short period of time. But what makes Clubhouse so attractive?

This brand-new app resembles famous “members-only” (or speakeasy) clubs where you can get into by invitation-only. People log in to listen to conversations being hosted by all kinds of influencers like celebrities, politicians, and renowned content creators. Once inside a “room”, listeners can join in the conversation by raising their hand.

There’s no doubt why Clubhouse is trending and why digital marketers discover a new way to engage audiences as a way to improve business growth.

Why Is Clubhouse So Unique?

The Clubhouse app was released in March 2020 and quickly gained popularity. This exclusive social app is audio-based only, which means there is no photo or video content sharing. At this point, it looks as though it would be just another podcasting app. Don’t you think? Well, it’s certainly not.

The dynamics of Clubhouse are beyond podcast streaming as it allows users to join chat rooms and listen to live interviews and discussions. Those chats cover various topics like Health and Wellness, Economics, Sports, Entertainment, Relationships, and many more.

What makes the app so appealing is that members can join rooms and listen, but also, they can actively participate on the stage. Plus, these interactions are always supervised by moderators that decide who the speakers will be.

But that’s not all. Users can also create their own rooms, chat about any topic of their interest, open it up to other members, and even decide who’s speaking. No wonder most people think Clubhouse is a combination of Twitter and Podcasting, but with the moderator plus.

On the flip side, there are two major cons of this trending social app: you can only join by invitation, and it’s exclusively available for iOS so far. However, if you have the opportunity to be a Clubhouse member, you’ll have access to all ongoing conversations as a moderator, speaker, or as listener.

Who Can Join and How to Get Invited?

Exclusiveness always catches people’s attention, and Clubhouse is the perfect example of the FOMO effect. However, restricted admittance is not the only feature that makes this app so fetching.

As we described previously, Clubhouse is only available for iOS users (so far), and this has a reason why. The app is still in the beta test stage, which means it demands stronger security features that other OS may not have to support this experimental phase. Nevertheless, their founders, Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson, promised that everyone would eventually be able to join the app regardless of the OS on their devices.

On top of the OS restriction, the app has an invitation-only system that allows new active members to send up to two invitations to other friends on their networks to join. However, the more relevant you get speaking and moderating in rooms, the more chances you will get of accessing more invitations to send out.

In case you don’t have a close member to ask for an invitation, you can join a wait list, but keep in mind that you’ll have to be patient.

These days where FOMO (fear of missing out) drives most people’s lives, you’ll find some Clubhouse members selling their invitations online. Let us tell you we discourage those methods as there are many scammers all around ready to prey on you. With that said, keep reading to discover the benefits of Clubhouse for businesses.

Why Is Clubhouse Important for Business Growth?

No social media platform usage can guarantee your business will succeed. However, you can follow some guidelines to improve your marketing efforts, reach new audiences, and explore all this new social app potential.

If you’ve already got an invitation, then it’s time to dive into a whole new world of possibilities for your business. The main benefit you can get from using Clubhouse for your business is the possibility to connect almost immediately with your target audience. What’s even better is that you can link other social networks to your profile and drive followers to those platforms. This is a fantastic way to contribute to the organic growth of your accounts.

Another significant benefit of using Clubhouse for your company is listening to other entrepreneurs and successful business owners to gain powerful insights. Certainly, different perspectives and success stories can help you outline your brand’s mission and values.

Audience’s feedback is another fantastic tool to research relevant opinions. By interacting with other users, you can get fresh new ideas and give value to your products or services to stack up against the competition.

Clubhouse is becoming a great platform to discover skilled people and hire them to be part of your teams. So, it’s clear that you can get several benefits to enhance your business growth with this exclusive brand-new app.

How to Use Clubhouse as An Asset for Business?

You now know the benefits of diving into Clubhouse to expand your business beyond any borders and engage new audiences. So, now it’s time to check out how to make that happen. Here’s an overview of how to use this trending app to boost your business performance.


Create Your Own Room

Creating your own rooms and starting a conversation live with your audience may sound overwhelming. However, when hosting a chat, you have the opportunity to share the value of your products and services while at the same time you gain authority. Remember, people like to engage with more human, authentic brands they feel they can trust.

If you have an exclusive product, you can partner up with other relevant members within your niche and create private rooms for a small fee. So, go ahead and create appealing rooms to engage with your target audience. Make sure to provide valuable information to get their attention and bask in the new source of traffic growth for your business.

“Find out what trends will be all the rage in 2021.”

Get Insights from Potential Customers Feedback

Social networks, and particularly Clubhouse, are perfect for getting feedback from your target audience. You can create a room and ask the audience for an opinion regarding a new product or idea. This also comes in very handy when your business is experiencing specific blind spots within product development and you want to fix them.

We all know how expensive it can be to perform marketing audits, and sometimes start-ups don’t have large budgets to invest in market research. Clubhouse gives your business a new way to research your target audience and get crucial feedback while saving time and money.

Keep Updated with The Latest Trends

Clubhouse is all about social listening. If you follow the right people and content around your niche, you will soon build a smart timeline with the latest trends, news, and competitors’ insights.

Keeping up to date with the industry’s latest buzz talk can boost creativity and give you fresh ideas for staying current. So, explore and discover relevant chat rooms within your business area and let the algorithm work its magic.

Join Diverse Rooms

As the Clubhouse app grows, so do the rooms on offer. These days you can find groups of all sizes and get the most out of each one of those. Anyone who recently joined the app will head straight to big rooms to dive into the app features.

But if you want to gain relevance and display your business’ value, these large rooms may not be the best option. Plus, getting into the stage at those groups is usually quite difficult.

Don’t get us wrong, these groups are essential to gain new insights and fresh ideas for developing products. However, if you are starting to build an audience and authority for your brand, aim for smaller groups where you can raise your hand and speak more easily.

Design and Create A Complete Profile

A polished profile is key in every social network to catch people’s attention. Design your profile in a way that engages people right away. In doing so, people will know what you do and why they should follow you in the first three lines.

Next, choose a picture that represents your business’ core values. Having a professional picture can engage people quickly and spark their attention for your products or services. Furthermore, your Clubhouse profile is essential to showcase what you have to offer and your expertise. Include relevant keywords within your BIO, so people can easily reach you when hitting the search bar. And finally, don’t forget to link other social media channels to boost their organic growth.

Display Your Products and Services

There are a few ways to effectively promote your business at Clubhouse and showcase your products’ value. First, make sure to always place a link to your products with a call-to-action within your BIO.

Next, you can create rooms and place promotions as the audience reaches a specific limit like a giveaway, promo codes, or limited-time offers. Another way to display your products is to create rooms to explain the benefits and improve your customer’s lives by buying your products. By doing this, you can grow your audience without aggressive sales pitches, focusing on providing solutions, support, and value regarding your brand.

Build A Strong Community

Do not aim for the sale immediately after joining Clubhouse. Focus on building a strong community that supports you and helps you build authority. This is essential if you want a long-lasting business, plus the best way to assemble new relationships and grow your audience is to speak in other rooms.

Try to connect every day to Clubhouse and host rooms with relevant industry players within your niche. Building an engaged and supportive community is challenging, but it leads to business expansion and success.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of still being in the beta testing process, Clubhouse is growing really fast. Its features make the platform appealing, and digital marketers are discovering a different field for developing new strategies.

This improved way of advertising helps your business connect with your audience’s needs and provide custom solutions. At edirect, we know every business should have an active social media presence to boost their profit. For that reason, we deliver top-quality digital marketing services like social media posting and advertising services, to lead your business growth with the latest trends and technologies.

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