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At edirect, our professional branding team are dedicated to creating a unique and impressive brand image for your company. Our branding experts work hand in hand with you until your desired concepts and requested identity is achieved. As a reputable branding company in Dubai, we work around-the-clock to yield higher sales and improve mind share for all our clients.

why brand image matters

Brand image and brand identity involve a collective branding message that directly impacts the manner in which your business is perceived by the outside world. Branding is the surest way to make people remember your business for a long time from the very first encounter. It instills a meticulously designed message and image in their mind, a fact that makes your brand easily recognizable.

We understand ‘Brand Equity,’ and how having a recognizable name can bring with it commercial value generated by your customers’ perceptions of your name, product or service.

Working with edirect to design your brand image means you get the chance to discuss your project at every step. We will keep you updated so that we address all agreed issues and requests. We will instill the desired concepts and give your brand the personality and identity you seek.

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how we create your brand identity

Stunning brand image design does not just pop out of thin air. Rather, it requires a brilliantly creative process with an emphasis on client satisfaction. At edirect, we have established and developed such a branding process. Offering digital designs for more than two decades has taught us everything that matters in creating stunning corporate branding solutions.

Our process has undergone modification and perfection to make us the most dependable branding company in Dubai. We add personality to your business with branding designs that your clients will love.

the importance of brand identity

Everything starts and ends with the client. When you first contact us, we will have a friendly chat and go over your project with you. We take note of all that you have to say, your requirements and how soon you would like them to be delivered. Feel free to tell us any special preferences such as color schemes, personality, form factors, and anything else that you’d like to see.

This process also allows our design team to really get to know what your business does and your corporate brand identity ethos.

Having a clear understanding of your business is crucial. Based on this knowledge, we are able to produce relevant designs centered on your core philosophy and what your company’s brand means to you.

Your feelings and ideas regarding your branding beliefs are important. We will help you along the way to create or enhance a strong brand and product identity perfectly matched to your requirements.

creating the brand image outline

After getting the general idea of the kind of brand you would like us to create, we proceed to the next phase, which involves drawing a roadmap. This is like a guide that we shall follow when executing your project. The phase entails an exchange of ideas amongst the management team as well as critical discussions of each concept.

We will be sure to share with you our outline upon request. Our goal is to keep you updated throughout the entire process so that you feel like an integral part of the project. After all, it is your corporate brand identity we are designing, and so it’s crucial that you have the primary say. But if you are one of those clients who prefer to take a backseat until the very end when everything is done, that’s fine with us.

branding and image building

This is the most exciting part where everything that has been theoretically created is practically implemented. We refer back to your requirements regularly and creatively implement your preferred final design. Expect numerous granular evaluations at this phase too. Conceptual impressions turn into physical designs that feature personality which speak volumes.

initial delivery

Once we have designed your preferred brand image, we’ll let you know, so you can evaluate the results for yourself. Have a look at it and gauge whether it meets your actual requirements. If you like the design just as it is, that’s great! However, if you feel that there is more we can do to make it better, we will revise it in line with your specification.

Being a professional brand image agency, we love this process and will go that extra mile to get these samples just right.

project revisal and closure

Once we’ve received your feedback following the initial design delivery, our team will set about perfecting it until it meets your exact requirements. If you have something extra in mind, we will rework the brand image design to give it the “wow” factor.

your customer’s brand recognition

In the business world, the power of familiarity is unbeatable. Whenever a customer is going about their buying spree, and they encounter an unmistakable color/image/typography of your brand, they quickly recognize it and grab the product. Why is this? Because the familiarity attracted their attention.

Being recognizable is one of the most important things you can want for your business. It is for this reason that top brands continue to record bigger sales. As a business based in Dubai or the Middle East, you want to make sure that you are among the first brands that customers will recognize. By investing wisely in brand image design with edirect, your brand identity will be in safe hands. It’ll represent your business’ ideas and values perfectly.

how we build your brand image

As much as we are creating a brand image for your business, you know pretty well that you are doing this for your customers. Whatever a business does, inevitably, they do it for their customers. If you create a brand that does not resonate with your target audience; you’ve failed entirely.

That is why edirect ensures that the brand identity created is not only clear but also capable of creating a long-lasting impression. Our branding services focus on ensuring everything is well-matched for your consumer. Your clients and leads won’t be confused by what exactly your business is and what it does. Making your business memorable is an easy task for us.

We have more than two decades of experience in offering digital media services. This is quite an extended period that has allowed us to learn what we need to do to ensure we deliver unique branding services to each business. Our talented graphic design team works hand in hand with you to build designs that will stand the test of time.

Are you looking for a company that offer a complete range of brand identity design services? Need to overhaul your corporate identity design so that it resonates with the diversity of your customer base? Let edirect’s branding department help you. We have a reputation for creating stunning brochures, flyers, posters, and even unique logos that enhance brand awareness.

If you have a specific audience in mind, we can also customize the design to meet their specific requirements and profile.

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a strong brand to simplify your product launch

One of the toughest things that a business faces is the introduction of new products. Most customers are never willing to try a new product unless they trust the source. If they know you are the source, and you have won their trust with previous launches, they will not hesitate to spend money on your latest products.

When you have a strong brand image, introducing new products becomes a lot easier. Customers already know who you are. They have a clear understanding of your colors, pictures, logos, leaflets, etc. As such, rather than struggling to tell them that your company makes this new product; your focus will be on why they need it.

customer loyalty

Retaining current customers is far easier than trying to acquire new ones. Before you think of launching a new campaign to increase your customer base, you should, first of all, check-in with your current customers.

Increasing customer loyalty can be done through acts as simple as ensuring your brand is easily recognizable. It makes those who transact with you feel valued. They feel a sense of ownership which can make them transact with you over a longer period.

Customers are often attracted to brands they feel have certain values in common. With a strong brand image, you can clearly portray these values, building an emotional connection with your clients. When such brand loyalty is established, it remains with the business for a lifetime.

It is equivalent to establishing an endless income stream as long as the customers have the financial capability. edirect recognize these and many more factors in branding a business for life.

successful brand identity components

Establishing your company is not a one-factor affair. There are so many things you have to do. Responsibilities include choosing your name, a preferred design and positioning your business in the correct marketing channels. Our creative team at edirect helps you do exactly that with our comprehensive and diverse brand image services. We create both physical and digital content so as to set up a brand identity that reflects your business’ core values.

Different approaches can be followed to create a great brand. edirect being a complete web design and marketing company, offer all the online solutions you’ll need to run a successful online business. Whether it be web design, copywriting, audible advertising, stationery, corporate brochures, logos, or something else entirely; we have you covered.

Some design agencies offer only one or two branding services. Here at edirect, we provide every type of design, marketing and advertising service. These will help you establish a professional brand image to get your business flowing and growing.

we design brands with our customers in mind

Edirect’s branding team is an all-in-one team capable of tackling any branding project. This is what makes us the best corporate branding agency in the UAE. Our team will work with you and come up with the best brand design service possible.

There are four elements that could be merged to create a successful corporate image. They are:

  • Relevance
  • Coherence
  • Differentiation
  • Esteem

It is vital that corporate identity adds persona to your business. When you work with us, we give you a wide range of options, so that the final product is of the best quality. Our main focus is on perfection, something we have gotten used to delivering.

why choose edirect for your brand image?

  • We listen to you and allow you to express your distinctive preferences which we base the whole design process on.
  • We create top-quality branding services that are sure to give you a competitive advantage.
  • We approach each design from scratch, so you can be sure that what we create for you, is entirely unique.
  • Our professional graphic designers, marketers, and copywriters work closely to deliver stunning results.
  • You are assured 100% satisfaction.

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Being a top digital design agency in Dubai means we are willing to go the extra mile so that your business does not miss a beat. We incorporate all sorts of marketing techniques in your designs, giving you that much-deserved competitive edge. When you work with us, you are sure to receive higher returns on investment.

So, are you looking for brand image and brand identity services in Dubai? You have come to the right place. Contact us today, and our friendly team will be glad to show you our comprehensive portfolio and explain our brand image design services in-depth.

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