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The core of every business is how it relates with its customers.

As your business grows and your customer base increases, you are bound to have a hard time managing them. This is where a customer relationship management (CRM) system comes in. It is meant to make life easy for you as you concentrate on your rapidly expanding venture. edirect provides the best custom CRM systems in Dubai and the UAE to manage your customers.

Leading CRM System Technology

Technology changes at a rapid rate. That is why governments all over the world are putting in place stringent data protection policies to safeguard individuals from exploitation. In the UAE specifically, data protection laws obligate businesses to maintain the highest standards of security for their customer data.

Every piece of data you collect, process and store must be handled carefully. CRM systems can be used to keep track of the practices and strategies that a company follows when harnessing customer data. The main goal is to improve all manner of your business relationships. This will of course include your key processes such as B2B logistics that incorporates supply chain customer relationship management.

Salesforce metrics and reporting and recording all insights related to your retail customers can go into the CRM system database. A CRM can help in your organisation by enhancing customer loyalty, thus retaining your current customers. Every experienced marketer will tell you that it is much harder to get a new customer than retain existing ones.

We know that each business is unique. As a result, we do not force the same solution onto every client. Rather, we offer a customised systems with unique CRM Functions and robust security features that are built specifically for you. As an example, we create bespoke customer relationship management systems for Middle East companies in the property sector.

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With our Dubai real estate systems, we can create a unique CRM UX, a database framework and reporting interface suited specifically to the clients’ needs. We also fully understand the importance of a CRM in marketing and deploy the appropriate functions to help you capture a greater market share of your business industry.

Our CRM team in Dubai takes time to evaluate your business, understand the basics before recommending a suitable option. We do not just assume that a certain solution will work for you. We have to know all the facts before we can do anything. At the end of the day, our plan is to streamline and ease your operation management process.

what are CRM systems?

To begin with, it is vital that you have a clear picture of what a CRM system is and what it can do for you. A CRM basically refers to software designed to manage how the business relates with its customers and potential leads.

Most organisations tend to have a hard time managing their customer data. This  mainly happens when they are cross-referencing various data sheets. More often than not, they end up using outdated data which eventually can cause a massive business loss. With a custom built central CRM system from edirect, such an issue cannot occur. The business will have an easy time monitoring progress and keeping up with expansion and rapid growth in all data streams.

Literally, all your business departments can use a CRM system. Even access via mobile app development can be integrated and is a modern solution for a dynamic mobile sales force that needs reporting insights and invoicing whilst on the go. Our UAE CRM developers are highly skilled in designing and implementing these processes and aligning them to meet your needs.

edirect is the leading CRM solution provider in Dubai. Our work can be attested by the high amount of positive feedback our company receives on a regular basis and throughout the years we have been in digital marketing and development.

CRM Specialists

edirect Dubai employ professional CRM developers that are known to create custom CRM solutions that are functional and address specific organisational needs. When you use a content relationship management system tailor made by edirect , you’ll find that your business operations will run more smoothly and data aggregated and used will perfectly accurate.

Also, being a leader in web design in Dubai, we can renew, modernise and expand your online business database structures that will help manage your online content in an extremely efficient way.

Managing customer relationships goes hand in hand with customer loyalty which translates to higher revenues. Even though a CRM promises to help with that, it does not mean that you will use just any system. As a matter of fact, deciding to use a ready-made CRM could offer features that are probably overrated and expensive.

That is why edirect is focused on drawing on nearly two decades’ experience to build your company an application that specifically addresses your needs. We have a detailed understanding of the UAE market and know precisely how to merge this knowledge with the understanding of your business needs and requirements.

There are several reasons why edirect should build you a custom CRM system:

CRM systems to address your needs

Pre-built systems are normally designed so that they can appeal to as many businesses as possible. They are often packed with features and functions that might not make sense to your organisation. These features only end up adding to the complexity of the whole system and cost more in terms of time and money. Users spend more time to learn a complicated system.

Our custom CRM system gives you exactly what you need. Everything else that adds to the complexity of the system is eradicated. Since the CRM is built based on a workflow that users are already aware of, training them will not be a hard thing to do. We are your go-to UAE CRM systems provider offering the most up-to-date, industry leading CRM frameworks currently available throughout Dubai, the UAE and the whole Middle Eastern region.

Easy integration with your business

Your business’ daily operations will run smoothly once the CRM system is integrated across key departments. Partnering with edirect, a leading Middle Eastern digital media agency means you can expect and receive exceptional service. A project management plan will be developed specifically to build your custom CRM in a timely manner. This ensures that you will have an exact date for delivery. This prior scheduling gives you the opportunity to integrate it across your whole business without interfering with your current workflow.

We keep you in mind throughout the whole bespoke CRM design process. The fact that we would have gained an understanding of all your departments means it will be easy to onboard each specific departmental requirement and add all the necessary features for each one. Furthermore, we make sure that each department can still access current software and processes, but also take advantage from your bespoke CRM,  custom-made for your business.

Affordable CRM Solutions

The pricing of most CRM solutions is normally done on the basis of individual users. This is an outdated concept that cannot work in the modern generation. Each organisation has unique needs for each group of their CRM users. For instance, as your sales department may be accessing your CRM on a daily basis, other departments may only check it out from time to time.

With a custom-made CRM system from edirect, you have full control of the number of employees to include without incurring extra charges. Furthermore, we have the most favourable prices when it comes to adding new solutions for your current applications.

“A custom made CRM system will be key in your businesses growth.

The benefits of CRM systems.

It is true that CRM systems streamline operations of the sales and marketing departments. However, these are not the only areas that benefit from the solution. Expect the following benefits when you use a custom CRM system developed by edirect of Dubai.

  • Improved organisational efficiency to serve clients much better
  • Better relationships with clients
  • Increase team collaboration
  • Less client attrition
  • Increase revenue and profitability
  • Greater staff satisfaction
  • Improved ability to cross-sell
  • Higher productivity in the workplace
  • Streamlined contact management databases
  • Insightful sales management reporting
  • In depth analysis and analytical data structures
  • Better historical customer service and sales relationships data

The edirect team works round the clock to make sure any new system perfectly fits your UAE business profile, so that you can enjoy these and many more benefits. Contact us today for a consultation on how an edirect custom CRM system can be of benefit to you and your UAE business.

Need something out of the ordinary built for your business? Consider our Bespoke application development.

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