Benefits of Custom Real Estate Agent Systems

Benefits of Custom Real Estate Agent Systems


Benefits of Custom Real Estate Agent Systems

A custom real estate agent system, otherwise known as a tailor-made real estate CRM, refers to software that is built specifically for your real estate business. The acronym CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. However, that does not mean its use is limited just to customers.

You can use it as you please, from managing clients to integrating it into your business strategy. After all, we customise it to be used by your business. Thus it will meet your specific needs and aspirations.

If you are in the real estate industry, you cannot afford to operate without a real estate CRM. It helps simplify all your operations in addition to increasing efficiency. Once the software has been fully rolled out for your operations, it is sure to take your business to the next level.

edirect has a team of skilled developers that specialise in custom CRMs for real estate. With years of experience in the industry, our developers have the technical knowledge required to manoeuvre through all manner of challenges. We endeavour to add value to your business with our tailor-made proprietary management systems.

When you want a real estate agent system, do not just go for any. Rather, concentrate on building one that is customised specifically for your situation. That’s because each business is unique, and a general CRM won’t be able to meet all your needs. edirect are experts in bespoke CRM software for real estate agents.

Here are some benefits that can be incurred from using a custom real estate agent system developed by edirect in Dubai.

#1: Personalise your business operations

The most important reason for personalised transaction management software is that it can be built per your business’ specific needs. In any given industry, there is no single program that can do everything. It is true that you can find many ready-made software solutions, but there is a high chance these will not readily fit into your organisation.

Slight modifications to the in-built features could meet certain needs, but it cannot match the performance of a real estate solution built from scratch.

With custom software from edirect, you are guaranteed that the final product is tailored to your exact needs. It is the kind that easily matches your daily processes. At edirect, we adjust the software to be as complex or intuitive as you want, whether you are a large real estate agent or you are just getting started. When you have software that is built to do precisely what your business specialises in, it will make your daily operations much easier.

edirect has a knowledgeable team of CRM developers that are able to adapt the software to information your customers need and link in features to your exact requirements. As your business goes through different changes, this unique software will incorporate commands that can easily cope with all new additional features and adjustments.

At the same time, it eradicates every extra feature that has no significant meaning to what your organisation does. This CRM is yours; it belongs to only you, and even your competitors will not have anything close to it.

  “edirect – custom real estate agent systems for businesses in the UAE.”

#2: Seamless CRM software integration

Just having a property management software solution for the UAE is not enough. What you need is to be able to integrate it into your whole business process. The bad thing about software created for the general masses is that it proves a challenge when it comes to matching it with general business processes. While it might cover certain basic aspects, it’ll fall way short of what is required for the area that your business specialises in.

Before customised software is created, edirect performs a detailed analysis of your business. During this analysis, we get to learn about each and everything that you do. The thorough research that our team does explores every corner of your business. You can be certain that the final product will be designed to easily integrate with your processes.

Throughout the development process, we come up with software that performs super efficiently. Our platforms are constantly being driven forward by taking into account existing customer feedback from different user types. One of the main reasons why software is often rejected is because it fails to present itself as being user-friendly.

Most people want software that they can quickly launch to get their tasks done without feeling as though they are lagging behind. Software created with the end-users in mind tends to have lower rejection levels. We excel at creating platforms for our clients throughout the Middle East.

#3: crm support and maintenance

With any CRM system, you must always bear in mind that on-going support and maintenance are required. Over time, dynamics change, the business landscape and customers’ needs and wants change. As such, your custom real estate CRM has to be dynamic, able to morph into better versions of itself to take into account such changes.

Also, bear in mind that our developers will do everything they can to ensure that your CRM continues running efficiently. However, this isn’t a surety as changes in your business model and requirements can present difficult hurdles to overcome. This is why continued support is mandatory to keep your software running at its best.

Support for third-party software created for the general masses is very minimal. With off-the-shelf real estate software, the developers often become bankrupt or no longer find it viable to be in operation. When that happens, the business is all of a sudden placed in the tough position of needing to change the software for something that has more support.

The same cannot be said for our customised real estate agent systems. If you deal with a company like edirect, that values and respects its customers; you can expect the best on-going support delivered 24/7. We have been in business for more than two decades. Our customers’ ability to quickly contact us with any issues has kept us at the top of the game.

Our ever jovial and qualified customer support team will be readily available to maintain your software as long as you require.

Reliable technical support is a big plus for custom real estate agent systems. We give you access to a technical support team that is well-conversant with the whole software development process. In the event an issue arises, the team knows exactly where to look as opposed to fumbling for possible solutions.

#4: Organised CRM information

We conduct thorough research about your business before we begin creating your real estate CRM. We get to see all the information that comes in so that we know the best way to help you manage your data. With our customised software, a professional real estate agent can easily organise all their data in a single place. Different pieces of data merged from numerous sources and neatly organised in the software gives you a competitive advantage.

Such information can help you do things such as easily contacting past clients. It also helps you to maintain a strong relationship with the existing ones. With all relevant information available at the touch of a button, you’ll have no trouble knowing where to pick up from in all future conversations. With this knowledge, you maintain an upper hand in all interactions.

Information is key in this modern world. The organisation that has more data is better-placed to outdo one which has no data to support its decisions. A good customised real estate agent system ensures that all information is well-kept.

#5: Custom CRM – automates tasks and workflows

Customised real estate agent systems allow you to add a personal touch to the whole automation process. For instance, if you want to email an existing client about a home purchase anniversary, you won’t have to navigate entire databases to find the information you need. The great thing about CRMs is that they can automatically recall important dates for you, all completely automated.

We can program automated features such as this into your CRM, so you get the answers you need with the least amount of effort. The only thing that you have to do is compose the email then send it on the chosen date. Such features help save you time and a lot of effort.

Through customisation, it is possible to perform CRM automation which helps you get closer to your business goals. Having a good relationship with your customers is an essential element in business growth. Thus, when you map their experience, it becomes possible to improve and grow the business through automation.

Get in touch with edirect today, and we will build you an effective customised real estate agent system. We have the skills and expertise to take your business to the next level.

Benefits of Custom Real Estate Agent Systems

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