9 Benefits of Choosing WooCommerce Development for Your E-commerce Website

9 Benefits of Choosing Woocommerce Development for Your E-commerce Website


9 Benefits of Choosing WooCommerce Development for Your E-commerce Website

Thanks to its robust nature and inclusion of massive features, WooCommerce has quickly become a serious contender for most e-commerce websites. Most business owners have come to embrace the potential of this platform and how it can benefit their business. This is not surprising considering that WooCommerce was developed with the overall goal of making it adaptable to business growth.

As your business scales up, the website will adjust to cater for such expansion. Similarly, in case you encounter rough times, it can be modified to factor in the reduction in business. This is a flexibility that is not easy to come by in most website builders.

As you ponder over whether or not to choose WooCommerce development, the following 9 benefits should help you to make a more informed decision.

#1: Flexible pricing options

As you begin your online business, pricing is an important element that you’ll want to consider first. It makes no sense to spend huge sums of money when you’re still just a start-up; especially if you haven’t started processing any major orders yet. You need to ensure that you’re providing features which are relevant and priced sensibly.

When it comes to WooCommerce, clients have the option to use the free version or upgrade to the paid one with different pricing options to choose from. By offering different pricing options, clients can be assured that they’ll find a package that’s right for them. If you are a large corporation and want more features, try the package which charges several thousand dollars per year.

For small start-ups that only require a handful of features to get started with, a package costing just a few hundred dollars might be preferable. The free version works for those who are just starting out and serves as an excellent introduction to the platform.

Apart from the WooCommerce platform itself, there may be some third-party charges when you choose premium applications and extensions. Money paid for these does not go to WooCommerce themselves. It is actually a token of appreciation for the brilliant work that goes into building these helpful applications and extensions.

#2: Originates from the already-familiar WordPress

When WordPress started out, it was primarily focused on becoming a builder for bloggers. However, the platform evolved to power a large number of highly-efficient websites, each receiving a sizeable number of visits per day. WP also had the option of extending to e-commerce on its own but chose to do so under WooCommerce.

With so many people already having used WordPress at one point or another, the look and feel of WooCommerce shouldn’t seem entirely alien to most. It is actively governed by the parent application and incorporates all the powerful features you’d expect of a reliable e-commerce platform.

The popularity of WP is, in many ways, tied to its flexibility and functionality, much of which WooCommerce inherits. By inheriting the strength and reliability of WordPress, WooCommerce provides a competitive edge to every business that it powers.

#3: Cuts across all niches

Most entrepreneurs always have the challenge of deciding which niche to specialise in, some never manage to settle on a particular area. Due to their indecisiveness, they eventually give up on the idea of being self-employed. Others decide it is best to try numerous niches before they settle on one that provides them with the highest returns.

Because choosing the right niche can often prove frustrating and time-consuming, you’ll want to have a stress-free time choosing the right platform. The great thing about WooCommerce is that it allows you to sell literally anything. Whether you want to sell a single product or a whole multitude of different products; WooCommerce is up to the task.

“Choose WooCommerce for an e-commerce platform that looks stunning.”

#4: Help is never too far away thanks to the active WooCommerce developer community

No matter how well the software is designed, there is no escaping the issues which often arise out of nowhere. When problems arise, you need a quick solution to prevent your business from grinding to a halt. WooCommerce, being an open-source program, has one of the most active developer communities around. This community is always eager to help whatever you need.

Having 24-hour access to a large pool of developers is a massive benefit. If you want to make changes to your store, you’re sure to find someone within the community that is up to the task. Without this community, hiring professional developers to handle these tasks can prove far more time-consuming and costly.

#5: Keep up with business progress

As an e-commerce website builder, WooCommerce features powerful analytical tools. Anyone that owns or manages a business must be ready to perform statistical analyses. The results of these provide you with information regarding how well you’re performing while highlighting any areas for improvement.

The insights act like an eye-opener so that you can see what things need changing and what things can remain the same.

You can also use extensions to integrate your site with Google Analytics. If you find it challenging to do so, don’t worry. Within the community of developers mentioned above, you’ll find someone who will be more than happy to help.

#6: Fast loading speeds

The speed at which a website loads determines whether or not a customer will wait for it to display the searched content. Slow-loading websites have the highest bounce rates. This is when a customer clicks on your link but then ends up leaving the site without completing a purchase. Bounce rates are an outright indicator of lost revenue.

One of the main features of WooCommerce is its ability to load web pages quickly. When combined with a performance-optimised hosting plan, the results are even more impressive. It is highly responsive, so is able to provide a solid performance across sites of all sizes. Whether your website is being viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, the shopping experience remains consistently positive.

#7: Simplified content management

Non-techies often have a challenge when it comes to content management. For most of them, the site of a complex content management system can quickly leave them feeling put off. Some people may even be put off starting a business for this very reason. As WooCommerce is based on one of the most popular CMS in the world, you can expect an intuitive, user-friendly experience.

Content is an important part of your e-commerce efforts. It helps with search engine optimisation, sales optimisation, and e-commerce marketing. WooCommerce provides you with a number of content management options, such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs
  • Product Descriptions

Therefore, you shouldn’t have a hard time managing your content with WooCommerce.

#8: Built with SEO in mind

WooCommerce is considered an SEO-friendly platform and is widely recognised by the various search engines. The initial development of this platform took into account the need to be easily discovered through Google searches. The fact that it uses simple and constant code means it is compatible with Google indexing. There are different SEO components which you can also customise in order to appear higher in search engine results.

Being search engine friendly is a powerful thing. Through clever SEO, you increase your search presence leading to more traffic landing on your website. Remember that traffic gained through SEO is completely organic. Organic traffic is preferable as it relates to customers actively searching for products and services similar to what you offer.

They are on your website because they like what you are offering. Unlike paid ads where you spend a couple of dollars, a customer clicks on your link but aren’t necessarily interested in what you’re selling.

#9: Professionalism

Even though WooCommerce can be installed free of charge, it still boasts the look and feel of a premium, paid platform. As a matter of fact, the platform features customer management and order tracking tools. This way, customers are able to have a look at their past orders. Simultaneously, they can receive updates regarding their delivery statuses.

You can also view key tax settings and shipping options. When customers see that the site is appealing to the eye and easily navigable, they will have a greater appreciation for your business.

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9 Benefits of Choosing Woocommerce Development for Your E-commerce Website

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