9 Advantages of Infographic Design

learn the advantages of Infographic Design


9 Advantages of Infographic Design.

An effective marketing strategy is required if you are to put your business on the map. As competition continues to toughen, those who are yet to take advantage of Infographics as part of their strategy are missing out immensely. Even as marketers benefit from it, the use of Infographics cuts across many fields. Here are the benefits to look out for.

Infographics are an appealing way to visually present information with the aid of design elements. Whereas images are often included in the content to make it more attractive, Infographics surpasses the limitations of images by incorporating the right amount of information. For instance, if too much information is included in a road sign, it would be hard to read.

But with this design element, information would be compressed and displayed in a manner that makes it easy for drivers to follow. You could look at it as a way of quickly and clearly communicating complex data.

The modern generation is not the first to use Infographics. As a matter of fact, they have been around for the better part of history. The Egyptians are known to have been the first to use them about 5,000 years ago. The Bishop of Lisieux often categorised figures in groups before graphing them. Leonardo da Vinci, on the other hand, used to merge graphics with text to effectively pass across his message.

Even though these have been around for such a long time, the advent of computers made things even more interesting. Technological advances have expounded the scope with which Infographics can be used. No longer do newspapers require painters to draw graphics. Instead, they use programs such as MacDraw to get whatever design it is they want. All that you need is skilled personnel to use the program, and you are good to go!

Here are the 9 reasons why Infographics must be a part of your content strategy:

#1: Helps the brain to process text quickly.

The brain is better at processing information presented in visuals than text. Research shows that the average mind processes visuals 60,000 times faster compared to text. For that reason, if you want to increase engagement in your article, you must be sure to incorporate Infographics.

One thing you must understand is that content consumers are overloaded with information. This is a result of the millions of websites that keep coming up every day. A simple search on Google returns no less than half a million results. Most of these might be in direct competition with what you have to offer. If all of you are providing information in the old-fashion way of being too wordy, your target audience could easily lose interest.

Data has the reputation of being boring and rarely do people consume it. However, if you use Infographics to make it appealing, one’s concentration easily shoots up. Through visualisation, a person is likely to read what you have to say to the end.

#2: Tell visual stories effectively.

This design element shouldn’t be reduced to the level of merely complimenting the text it’s with. When computers and the Internet started becoming the norm in most houses, marketers were in a rush to get clicks to their websites. To do so, they relied mainly on Infographics to lure unsuspecting followers into following meaningless pages. As opposed to telling the story and incorporating satisfactory information, they became an easy way to land links.

A good thing was abused, just as SEO was. However, changes to search algorithms made it impractical to use such a deceiving technique. Today, most journalists, marketers, and those seeking to pass across a message have learnt to use Infographics in the right manner. They know that data and stories behind their designs are the most important factors. Such designs help in breathing life into stories and giving them a positive outlook.

If you design your Infographic in the right manner, it will become a powerful content marketing tool. The only thing that’s needed is to give it a format that tells your story well.

#3: Proves you are an expert.

When you use this method to share information, you will be positioning yourself as an expert. Creating Infographics require a lot of research that can be not only painstaking but also consume a lot of time. By the time you finalise your research, you will have gained knowledge and experience that your readers haven’t encountered before.

Your efforts will be rewarded when your readers begin regarding you as an expert. They will not refrain from coming to you whenever they need similar information.

The fact that such information is sharable continues to work to your advantage. Whether it’s via social media, between members of the same team, or in blogs and articles, people would be willing to share your Infographics if they trust the information included in it. It’s estimated that 80% of marketers normally include visuals in their social media postings. This is a clear indication of how easy to share they are.

Since you have already positioned yourself as an expert, people going through your Infographics will be eager to let their friends know about them. As your friends share, you end up creating a web in which your content reaches areas you never thought were possible.

“Our highly creative team can create eye-catching infographics that serve to inform.”

#4: Easy to remember.

One thing that every marketer and business owner desires are to be remembered by their customers and prospects long after their first interaction. It is this kind of recall that ends up creating brand visibility. You may easily convince them to buy from you the next time you meet.

The challenge with being remembered is that your targets are bombarded with a lot of information on a daily basis. As you communicate with them, there are at least two other marketers who are probably just waiting for you to be done so they can step in. Add this to the many advertisements they come across plus general life activities.

You must be a bit more creative if you are to be remembered. With Infographics, your readers receive meaningful visuals which they will recall for a long time. A quick scan of a document is all that’s required for it to be deeply rooted in their mind.

#5: For SEO purposes.

Infographics matter in SEO. Search engine optimisation is necessary if you are to be ranked by search engines. It is one of the most effective ways to be on the first page of the search results, thus increasing site visits. This tool is effective at link building, allowing you to create limitless backlinks. It is good at doing so better than any other link building method available today.

The nature of Infographics is such that people will be willing to click, like, and share them. You may want to compare them to the new era of memes. As more people are drawn to your content and spread it around, Google indexes your website as trust level increases.

In today’s competitive market, taking time to evaluate your site’s SEO ranking is more important than anything else. Search engines respond to millions of queries from users thirsting for information or looking for certain products. Through the use of Infographics, you will have taken a step in the right direction regarding SEO. Even as more search engine optimisation techniques are applied, your site will already be visible to the target audience.

#6: Creates the perfect message.

If you are new to Infographics, then you will be pleased to learn that they can be used to turn a boring subject into one of the most engaging encounters. As an established digital marketing tool, this strategy catapults your efforts as information or data is presented in a visual manner. Most people have an easy time digesting this kind of content, making it more engaging and appealing.

With Infographics, you have the opportunity to give your message a unique twist. The unique design ensures that you capture the attention of your audience. The good thing about this is that you do not have to do anything major. Something as simple as including an ordinary bar graph or chart can make your information more interesting.

However, you have to know how to do so and where to place the content or else risk your audience losing interesting. That is why you need expert help.

#7: Increase sales.

Whatever you do as a business, the ultimate goal is always to increase sales. It is through such sales that your revenue grows, and the business is given a chance to expand to new horizons. Infographics are some of the most powerful sales tools available.

As we have already seen above, visuals are way more engaging and appealing than text. If you are a SaaS brand and would like to showcase what your brand does, visualising with Infographics is the best way to do so.

As opposed to using too many words to describe all your offerings, Infographics provide instant information to buyers regarding the basics. Give them clear and concise reasons why they should choose you and not your competitors. You could look at this in terms of educating your prospects using visual aids.

#8: It is a modern trend.

Infographics may have been around for centuries, but they are more of a trend today than any other time. Thanks to technological advances, the kinds of Infographics being developed are sure to leave you enticed. Consumers seem to like them, and that’s why their usage has increased.

A key trend to watch out in this domain are interactive Infographics. This involves some kind of movement, which could be in the form of GIFs, videos, and any other interactive media. This proves handy in nailing attention and holding it longer than most visual tools.

Furthermore, static Infographics are continuously being replaced by infogifs. These create highly appealing dynamics that motivate prospects to keep scrolling. They bring life to your content and have the highest chance of getting shared.

An example of an infographic

#9: Brand awareness.

Brand awareness relates to the extent to which consumers identify with your business and its products. Businesses that have a solid brand do not require a lot of introduction for them to be known. Just having a look at their logo, colour choices, or any other element that creates a brand is enough to trigger a response.

Infographics are a powerful tool for creating brand awareness. They present your information in such a manner that it is easy to understand and is visually appealing. By capturing the user’s attention, the tool helps increase the visibility and value of your brand. Given that people recall visual information more easily than text, you can be sure that the user will form an image of your brand in their mind.

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