7 Benefits of Recruitment Agent Systems

7 benefits of recruitment agent systems


7 Benefits of Recruitment Agent Systems

Recruitment can be quite a challenging thing to do. You need to recruit individuals whose skills and qualifications match your requirements. Wading through applications can quickly become tedious and time-consuming. The monotony of recruitment often leads employers to take short cuts when hiring.

The monotony of the selection process can lead you to practically give up and end up selecting just about anyone to fill a vacancy.

This is where recruitment agent systems come in. These are systems that are meticulously built to make filling those vacancies as easy as possible. edirect of Dubai builds unique recruitment agent systems that are able to carry out more complex tasks than regular ‘off the shelf’ systems are capable of. Candidates can submit their applications, the system assesses them and presents a list of candidates who would be a perfect fit for a vacancy.

Doing so not only helps you recruit the right candidates but also saves you time and energy. Time and energy that could be better utilised elsewhere within your company.

The following are some of the benefits of custom recruitment agent systems. Read on to the end to understand how an edirect custom-built recruiting system can be revolutionary to your business.

why use recruitment software

#1: Saves on hire time

One of the primary factors that motivated the development of recruitment agency software was the need to save employers the time taken to fill vacancies. Employers often complained that it took too much time to receive and evaluate applications before choosing the best candidate for a vacancy.

Consider for a moment that job vacancies today are more likely to receive a higher number of online applications than ever before. Employers will continuously face the challenge of going through each application unless they have in place a system to help with that.

When an organisation installs its own recruitment agent system, a quick analysis can be performed. This cuts down on the time it takes to recruit new personnel dramatically. One feature about the software is that it sets automatic deadlines as to when applications will no longer be accepted.

When this time elapses, those who have not submitted their applications are locked out, so you won’t have to deal with a barrage of late applications. On its own, the software analyses what has been received, ranks each application and presents suggestions as to which client would be the perfect fit for a vacancy. You no longer have to worry about finding suitable candidates!

#2: Enhances recruiter’s productivity

Recruiters are very busy people. From having to deal with slow-performing candidates to moving from one interview to the next, it always seems as though you have insufficient time to complete pending tasks. A poll conducted by Simplicant found that 74% of the respondents believed implementing process improvement would greatly help with their productivity.

There is no better way to improve a process than to have in place efficient recruitment CRM software that is tailored for your business. Traditional hiring systems could only be used within the confines of an organisation’s building. With modern recruitment software, it is designed to be accessed from any place as long as you have an internet connection.

The recruiter could be on their way to work and quickly check out applications received while stuck in a traffic jam. If they get some free time on a weekend, they do not have to come all the way to the office to complete tasks. Since it’s possible to also have cloud-based recruitment agent systems, the recruiter can just access the data and complete all pending tasks.

In other words, technology has made it possible for recruiters to work from anywhere. Make good use of it to enhance the performance of your business.

#3: Can integrate social hiring

Social media is a great platform to attract new talent. It is possible to use various media channels to recruit passionate staff that can take your business to the next level. edirect can integrate recruitment website solutions that seamlessly embrace Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, among other major social media platforms. All complete with Mobile App integration.

Building recruitment websites that make use of other popular channels can also be achieved. Custom online recruitment CRM software systems from edirect can be integrated with popular blogs, job boards, forums, and websites such as Glassdoor. This helps you reach a broader audience during your hiring initiative.

“Get in touch with edirect in Dubai to find out more about dedicated recruitment agent systems.”

Social recruiting helps you reach passive candidates. This is not something you can do with job boards or in-door company systems. With social recruiting, you have the best chance to reach a wide range of candidates spanning different:

  • Ages
  • Industries
  • Nationalities
  • Genders
  • Backgrounds

And in the event that you already have in mind a predefined set of candidates, you can simply use any of the filters to narrow down your search.

By allowing you to integrate social media platforms, our flexible recruitment agency software will give you a chance to showcase your company culture. You will depict yourself as a business that cares about technology and is ready to use it to improve your operations. When people view your company culture, and they like it, they will be interested in you and what you have to say as a company. They will feel the urge to become a part of its philosophy.

#4: Enhance communication times

Communication in the hiring process is a vital matter. It can be quite frustrating to send an application and never hear from the company until weeks or even months later. This already sends a message to a candidate that the recruiter is not serious enough, and you may as well just focus on other things.

Even if you were to choose a preferred candidate later on, there is a high chance they might have moved on to other things due to the breakdown in communication.

Similarly, the recruiting team needs to communicate effectively amongst themselves. They need to exchange opinions and ideas as to what type of candidate would serve the company properly. When one member of the recruiting team profiles a candidate, the rest of the team will require communication that focuses on the same profile even if they are not in close proximity.

Recruitment agency software tailored to your business allows your company to do things like automating emails. When an application is received, the applicant is sent an automatic message that their details have been received and will be contacted in due course for a specific action.

The fact that the system quickly screens through the candidate’s details, speeds up the communication regarding their application progression and reduces the correspondence cycle to the shortest time. You could set your recruitment system to automatically notify candidates who have been shortlisted for the next phase of the hiring process as well as inform those who did not make it.

The bottom line is that candidates will appreciate it more if you keep them in the loop. They will be ready to apply for your Dubai or UAE vacancy again in the future, even if they didn’t make the cut the first time.

#5: Automates the hiring process

Automation is taking over nearly every part of every business process. There is no reason why recruitment shouldn’t be automated as well. In doing so, not only will the recruiters save time, but the whole hiring process will be streamlined to run smoothly. Our bespoke recruitment software allows you to simply automate the repetitive and painstaking HR duties for smooth operations.

Automated recruitment software is the way forward for busy agencies that want to leap above their competitors.

By using a custom made edirect recruitment system, you’ll successfully eliminate most of the manual aspects of recruiting. Having features optimised to reduce manual interactions comes in handy in providing a much better candidate experience. If you groan at the thought of having to email 200 candidates that their application was unsuccessful, you’ll want to use bespoke recruitment software to save time.

Just use the tool to create personalised automatic emails and send them to a list of candidates with only one click.

Furthermore, our staffing and recruitment software gives you a chance to generate automatic interview invites with ease. The only thing that the recruiting officer does is define an interview type (face-to-face, telephone, or online-based), attach the job specification, and input the time and date. When candidates respond to your invites, replies are routed to the system, giving you the chance to see who has confirmed and who hasn’t.

Automation is definitely the way to go for modern businesses throughout the Middle East.

It would be a bad thing for your organisation to heavily invest in automating customer relations and production processes while failing to automate every process fully.

#6: Get the right candidates for various vacancies

One thing that human resource managers are always wary of is spending a considerable amount of time only for them to end up with a team that is incapable of delivering. This happens more often when hiring is done using a manual process. You can quickly lockout a candidate who could take your business to the next level and be stuck with those who will serve as a detriment to your company.

Custom designed recruitment software provides you with a wide range of tools. These tools can be used to tailor your searches so that you end up with candidates who meet your specifications. The system quickly screens each candidate individually, matching them against what you wanted. If they are close to your expectations, they are set aside for the next phase until you eventually have it down to just a few on a list you can choose from.

Furthermore, integration with social media marketing channels gives you a broader reach. There are so many talented candidates on social media platforms who can be tapped to bring in fresh talent to your company. Recruitment solution software customised and installed by edirect for your business gives you the possibility of utilising social media channels to expand your reach and increase your online presence.

#7: Consolidates and secures data

One major issue that businesses are facing is the need to manage their data properly. Governments continuously put new measures in place that must be considered regarding how employee data is handled. At the same time, these businesses risk being hacked, which can lead to the theft of vital private data causing havoc in the process.

Using recruitment agent systems in the hiring process gives you an advantage over the challenges presented with managing employee data. The system gathers important employee data and stores it in a single place for quick reference. The data is encrypted so that only authorised personnel can access it. Even though it may be hard to guarantee 100% data security, regular system updates come in handy keeping privy hackers at bay.

As you have seen, there is so much you can gain from having a recruitment agent system built by us to your specifications. At edirect, we have been at the forefront of helping businesses in Dubai and across the globe find the right people to fill their vacancies. We know the process can be quite tedious.

For that reason, we build customised recruiting software which automates repetitive tasks and allows you to stay in charge while managing your time more efficiently.

7 Benefits of Recruitment Agent Systems

Time is critical in all business aspects. By incorporating our recruitment software into your automation processes, you’ll be freed up to focus on other important business issues. Are you a recruitment consultant, agency, or own a recruitment website that needs taking to the next level?

Contact edirect to inquire about the installation of bespoke recruitment software. For all recruitment websites and agencies in Dubai, the UAE and throughout the Middle East, we are here for you.

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