6 Factors to Consider in Mobile App Development

Everything you need to know about mobile app development.


6 Factors to Consider in Mobile App Development

In recent years, mobile app development has created a lot of change throughout the world. The effect has come in every possible form, be it business, lifestyle, entertainment, education, etc. Within the technology field, it is one area that’s thriving the most. The result of this massive development has led to everyone developing mobile applications.

A lot of companies are tapping into this exciting new market, and more and more companies are discovering apps on a daily basis. Businesses and organisations are starting to operate through their apps more so than their actual website.

Such a big drive towards this trend also means that there is a lot of competition as well. And this competition makes it more and more difficult to create successful apps that won’t get lost in the mix. To stand out among the crowd, you must create something that is not just useful and practical but also highly efficient and unique.

The process can be taken on by anyone but doing it properly is what separates a successful app from an unsuccessful app. Here are six factors that you should consider when developing your own business’ app.

Do your research

As with all endeavours, mobile application development also requires proper planning to be done right. And the very first step is to thoroughly research your market before you build the app. There are countless ways in which you can develop an app for your services, and you must make sure that you choose the right one.

Most businesses and services can easily find alternatives already present on the market when it comes to apps. You should find out everything you can about what is already on offer. This is the only way you can accurately identify what your unique selling proposition would be. Without something to stand above your competition, you might not be able to attract users.

One of the best ways to run an organisation is to look at what your customers are already saying about their products and services. They also provide you with ample data on preferences, their requirements, and what they expect from you.

This can be a good place to determine what you may want to offer in your app. Furthermore, take a deep dive into what the competition is already offering and see how you can provide the same services in a better way, or even add to it with new possibilities.

Who will use the app?

The only way to be sure about what to put in your application is to figure out who you are targeting as the end-user. Correctly defining your user base is very important if you want an app to succeed. Failure to complete this step will likely lead to the app failing, costing you time and money.

Your users are the people who will be the core reason for the success of your application. This is because proper app development centres on the user’s requirements. However, those requirements also need to match the goals of your organisation.

If you were to identify a group of people who did not use your services, for instance, the user base would remain very small. Logically, a person only downloads an app that serves a specific purpose for them. An example of this can be a media production company targeting a specific niche.

If their app is designed to appeal to children, but the content they produce is for adults, then it would have a negative impact on user experience. An adult would most likely expect a minimalist design that lets the content stand out, whereas a child would certainly enjoy a heavier focus on visual and auditory stimulation.

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What platform should you choose?

Mobile app development is happening across a wide range of different platforms. The most popular are iOS and Android with Windows also playing a role. Almost all mobile apps that are currently developed are released for one or more of these platforms. When developing a mobile app for your audience, you have to determine which platform you are going to go for.

While it is certainly possible for you to develop a multi-platform app, that is not always advisable. The scenario is different for each type of app, and most businesses cannot afford to bear the cost of developing an app for multiple operating systems.

It is best to find out what platform most of your customers are using and then develop an app that targets that niche. If, for example, you are providing a service that is closely linked to Apple products, you will certainly have more success by beginning development on iOS.

Similarly, if the most suitable platform for you is Android or Windows, you should start with either of those. You will also need to consider the features that each OS offers and how effectively you can provide your service through each platform. Proper research in this regard is an absolute must to ensure that you can gain the maximum number of users.

effective process mapping and planning

If you want to make sure your app sees the level of response you expect from it, detailed planning during development is important. There are multiple steps involved in this stage which are as follows:

  • Concept Finalisation: Before you begin any other step, you must figure out the overall concept of the application. All your goals must be aligned with the features that you will offer in your app. The design itself also needs to be intuitive and easy to understand for the end-user.
  • Design Finalisation: Once the concept is prepared, you can start producing different designs that will make your application look both productive and aesthetically pleasing. UI/UX design is a big field, and its importance cannot be stressed enough. Your customers, no matter how loyal, will simply not use your app if it does not have an appealing look. You should also make sure that the design you finalise matches the overall theme of your organisation.
  • Algorithm and App Development: Ask any veteran developer, and they will attest to the importance of developing a solid algorithm for making productive mobile apps. Make sure you have an ironclad algorithm to follow during the development process. A lot of issues come up during development that can easily be resolved if a clear roadmap is present in the form of an algorithm. You can develop your app to be both efficient and appealing through this approach.
  • App Testing: It would be quite foolish to let your customers get their hands on the app before making it flawless. There are always small issues hidden in the finished product when it comes to mobile apps. This is why testing is a very important part of the process. Get a team of expert testers to go through your newly developed app to root out any underlying issues.
  • App Finalisation and Deployment: Once all the small issues have been taken care of, only then can you move on to the next step, i.e. publishing the app to the respective mobile app stores.

Make sure you go through the whole process with your team at the very start of development. During development, make sure you regularly review the process. This will ensure that nothing is overlooked and that no mistakes are made.

Market the app correctly

The fact is, people won’t download your app if they aren’t aware of its existence. Just like any other product launch, when you create a new app, you have to make sure all your potential users are well aware of its launch and are hyped for it. Generating hype is a very important factor in an application’s success.

You have to develop a marketing strategy that ensures the maximum reach for your app so that you can achieve your user base targets. Without a strategy, you may not be able to generate the level of traffic that may be required to bring you a solid return on the investment you made in the app.

In addition to making sure maximum people know about your mobile app, you should also make sure you are sending the right message. While getting your users excited is all great, they must know exactly what they are going to get out of your app. Having false expectations can often lead to bad responses and a sharp decrease in your app’s user base. Your marketing strategy should match 100% with the actual features that are present in the app. The best marketing strategy would provide accurate information about your app and making the users feel excited about downloading and using it.

Always keep on updating

Once you launch an app, do not think that you have done your job! The fact is, your work has only started. After your product is out there, users will start using it, identifying problems you may have missed. The ideal scenario, and ultimately your main target, would be to make sure there are no complaints regarding usability and efficiency.

However, you will still face odd problems every once in a while, which you will need to address by providing updates. Bug fixing is a continuous process and one that you can never get rid of. So make sure you stay geared up for that to keep your app running smoothly.

Another very important fact to consider is that people never stop asking for more. While your app may be running flawlessly with all services running smoothly, your users will eventually start expecting more. Whether it is in terms of the experience they have with the app or the services and features you are offering; you will need to add more of everything.

Make sure you have a plan present for that scenario right from the beginning so you can keep enhancing the experience with time. You do not want your users to get bored and move on to another app.

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Final verdict

Let’s face it, mobile app development is no small venture and going about it requires detailed planning and flawless execution. The fact of the matter is, not every organisation can do that with ease. The reason for this could be anything ranging from a lack of time and resources to lack of expertise or other issues/limitations.

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