6 Factors to Consider in E-Commerce Web Development

6 Factors to Consider In E-Commerce Web Development


6 Factors to Consider in E-Commerce Web Development.

When you want to design and develop an e-commerce website, there are some crucial factors that you must put into consideration. This is because e-commerce website development can be quite a complicated process. Without putting these factors into consideration, you could easily make a lot of mistakes that end up affecting the functionality of your website.

This blog post takes you through the top 6 factors that you must consider whilst developing an e-commerce web design in Dubai.

#1: Your Products.

You cannot just get into the development of your e-commerce website without a detailed evaluation of the products that you will be selling. It is important that you take a look at these so that some form of consistency is established between the products and your site’s overall design.

Coherence in website design is an essential matter that should never be taken for granted. You have to ensure that the text, colour schemes, and images used are an exact reflection of your business. For instance, an e-commerce site that sells clothes ought to have a trendy and attractive design.

It must be built in such a way that depicts your business as one which keeps up with the latest trends. And if you have an online store that sells kids toys, it should have a fun and colourful feel. The entire creation of your website must be done on the basis of what products you will be selling. If this is not well-captured, then you will have lost direction from the very beginning.

Having been involved in e-commerce web development services for such a long time, edirect developers understand the essence of evaluating your industry before they get to the actual work. We begin by asking you what products you will be selling as well as a host of other questions like product colours and preferred image sizes.

#2: Photography.

Users will be attracted to your online store based on what they see. If the pictures are less appealing, they will not even think twice about leaving it. That is precisely why top-rated e-commerce platforms like Amazon have outstanding images.

When you publish high-quality images, you are sure to attract the attention of potential buyers. This is what eventually convinces someone that a product will be of use to them. As you go about the development of your site, it is vital that the images used be professional. Graphic design must then be utilised to give the images a more appealing finish.

Another element in photography has to do with performance. This is where photo size comes in. Images that are too large have the impact of reducing your website’s load time. If you keep your customers waiting for too long before the site can load, they could easily lose their patience and walk away.

A skilled e-commerce developer knows the techniques to optimise images and videos to sizes that enhance your website performance. More importantly, the optimisation has to be done without compromising the quality of your images.

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#3: Shipping Rates.

Think of a situation where you want to buy a pair of sneakers from an online store. As you go about searching, you come across two companies that are offering the exact same product that you want. A common factor about the two companies is that they sell you the sneakers at the same price and the delivery timeline is the same.

But then there is one thing that differentiates them – the shipping charges. Would you buy from one that charges you more for shipping or one with lower rates?

Logically speaking, customers prefer getting a product from one who offers them competitive prices. Whenever a customer comes to your online store and finds that you have very high shipping charges, they quickly conclude that they could have easily bought it from a local store. For as long as you do not have a very unique product, you will easily lose out to the local stores.

The essence of online shopping is that it saves the customer the need to drive all the way to a shop that is some distance away from them. Shopping online makes the customer feel that they can get the product easily, enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience from the comfort of their home without paying too much for it.

#4: Marketing.

Launching a product does not mean that you can now sit back and wait for the money to start trickling in. As a matter of fact, this signals the start of a more important part – the marketing phase. Do not be misguided by the saying that “if you build, they shall come.” You are the one who should go to them.

Online marketing requires new approaches that are sure to yield traffic, leads, and sales. There are various ways in which you can do this:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ­– SEO means optimising your website in such a way that top search engines like Google and Bing can easily find it. A website that is not properly optimised is as good as not having any at all. That’s because it will not yield the traffic that you need to convert into a sale.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing is a sure way to have a one on one conversion with your potential customers. If you can put together a database containing all the emails of your website’s visitors, you will have an important strategic advantage. You can easily extract these emails and make them a part of your marketing strategies. Creatively designed e-commerce websites ought to include the tools needed to harness these emails.
  • Social Media – Social media platforms are a great source of traffic. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, the amount of sales that you can make thanks to these platforms is huge. As you create your e-commerce website, you have to make sure that it is linked to all your social media sites. Consistency between these platforms and your main website is crucial.

#5: Cart Design.

Your cart is among the final stages that a customer goes through before they can order from your e-commerce website. If it is poorly designed, you could easily lose this important client despite having done all the right things to entice them.

There are very few designers who have the skills to develop an intuitive cart. In most cases, they tend to ignore it thinking that e-commerce website development is like any other platform. A careful analysis of such developers will reveal that they do not specialise in creating e-commerce sites.

When you have a good cart, you are able to encourage users to add more products to their first order. They are also given the chance to revise an order if deemed necessary. During the design of your online store’s cart, you have to make sure that it comprises of reviews, product images, as well as a convenient search bar.

edirect has skilled developers whose area of specialty is e-commerce website development. With many years of experience, we know the right things that ought to be done to give you an intuitive shopping cart that your customers will love.

#6: Payment Processing.

Closely related to the shopping cart is the issue of payment processing. The fact that the Internet is bombarded with all manner of threats means your customers will be quite cautious as they input their financial information at the checkout. In the event that they come across an issue which makes them suspicious, they can easily refrain from buying your product. Therefore, security such as SSL integration has to be at the forefront of your plans as you design the payment processing software.

If you want to receive payment via credit cards or debit cards, make sure that you have a merchant account. It is worth noting that not all merchant accounts are configured to work with e-commerce websites. Thus, discussing available options with your bank is crucial.

During payment processing, the currency and privacy policy must be shown just before your buyer checks out.

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We do not just start creating a website for you unless we have a clear understanding of what your needs are. During the initial stages of an optional consultation phase, our team of developers will seek to know the products you intend to sell and the target audience you seek. All the design will then be done based on this information. This is important because it ensures consistency throughout the whole site and project development.

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