5 Benefits of Custom Web Application Development

Benefits of Custom Web Application Development


5 Benefits of Custom Web Application Development

There is nothing as good as having a custom-made website produced as a result of bespoke web application development. That is particularly true with a modern website where you can barely operate without an online presence.

To really set yourself apart from the competition, you need to have a website that makes use of the latest technology and is an accurate reflection of your business. When you have made the decision to get a website, there are three different ways that this can be achieved:

  • Using source content management systems such as WordPress
  • Via website builder platforms like Wix
  • Custom web application development – a website created from scratch

Each of these options have their own set of merits and demerits. As a result, individuals looking for web applications in Dubai may have a bit of a challenge as to how to go about the matter. Our focus here is to guide you on why you may want to go about this. edirect based in Dubai specialise in web application development. Let us explain some of the advantages of letting us build you a custom-made website.

Advantages of a customised website

#1 – Creation of a unique website

When you use a website builder or CMS software to establish your online presence, you will be provided with a theme to use. This theme allows you to perform various processes such as designing your home page and selecting the style of your text and images. As much as that may seem like a convenient process, you are bound to find other platforms using the same theme as you.

This means that you have zero possibility of having a unique website. The only thing that the theme is good at is creating an illusion of uniqueness. In the long run, there will be hundreds (or even thousands) of businesses using your theme. That is not the case when you hire a web developer to build you a customised website.

Custom-made websites do not have themes. Rather, your site is created exactly as you would like it to be. Provided the design is solely made for you, there is no way there will be another site that looks exactly as yours. At edirect, we have the best software engineers and web developers who are highly skilled in the creation of custom-made websites.

We believe that your business is unique, thus the final product should reflect this point. The website that we create for you will serve to set you apart from your competition, allowing you to be easily recognised by your customers. As a reputable web development company in Dubai, we are dedicated towards meeting your needs through innovation and creativity.

“Call edirect in Dubai today for all your bespoke web application requirements.”

#2 – Faster loading speeds

You may have realised that most website builder platforms have a higher number of features. As a matter of fact, these increased features are often the main selling point. What you haven’t been told is that such platforms offer so many features as a means of attracting a higher number of customers with varied needs. The platforms are able to target a bigger customer base, but there is a downside to all this.

The downside of such an approach is that it eventually impacts the rate at which your website can process requests. Anyone who has been in the online world for as long as we have will tell you that website load times are an important consideration, and a Google ranking factor. No customer will be willing to wait ages for a website to load – most will click off after a minute or so.

With a customised website, only relevant functionality is integrated. Given that you are the only person to whom the website is targeted, it will only have functionalities that your business needs. Anything else is cast aside. Besides just adding the features that you need, you also have the option to optimise the design of these features too. All these actions culminate into a website that processes user requests at a faster rate.

At edirect, we believe that you do not just need a website. Rather, you need a website that functions at a higher speed. It shouldn’t be sluggish in any way that could cost you valuable leads. We are able to deliver on this promise through the integration of the latest technologies while also making sure that only features relevant to your business are included.

#3 – A secure website

A customised website, built by one of our skilled developers will be one of the most secure sites available. Given that the Internet is bombarded with a high number of threats, security is a key factor that you must consider. You do not want to be constantly brought down by denial of service attacks or being held to ransom by hackers.

Websites that are created using a CMS system or builders are faced with the highest risk of attacks. Basically, a vulnerability exploited on another site can be used on yours as long as you use the same version.

Customised websites have the best chance to overcome these threats. In the event that a hacker targets you, they will have to go through the tedious process of searching for loopholes before they can actually launch a hack. Payment systems have also been found to be one of the many areas that hackers exploit. If your website happens to be interacting with cryptocurrencies in any given way, you want to make sure that security is prioritised.

edirect has a dedicated team of cryptocurrency developers who understand the mechanisms followed in hacking. They use this knowledge to block all avenues of entry, guaranteeing you top-notch security. If you are looking for some form of cryptocurrency payment integration, or a full blown crypto website, then our cryptocurrency development services are sure to leave you awed by the final product.

#4 – Can adapt to business changes

Businesses operate in a volatile world. The state of your business today will definitely be different 5-10 years down the line. As such, you need a website that can adapt to any changes that you will be facing in the near future. A customised website can adjust to all of these changes. If you grow, the site will grow with you. If the business faces challenges, the website can be changed accordingly. That is not the case when it comes to website builders or CMS systems.

As your business grows, a customised website will save you the cost of having to switch to a more expensive platform that only charges you more in terms of licenses. Ranked as a top-notch web application development company in Dubai; edirect builds some of the most adaptable and secure websites currently available. As an example, our real estate agent systems in the UAE are a reflection of how easily our systems to adapt to complex circumstances.

#5 – Saves you money

There is a common belief that creating a customised website is expensive. When looked at in terms of the features and benefits you get for the total development cost, you‘ll conclude that it is indeed great value to have a customised website built for you by edirect in Dubai. We build platforms that you will have for as long as your business is in operation.

Thus, you should look at the expenses in the long run. Over an extended period of time, customised websites have been known to save you money. At no time will you ever be asked to buy a license or get additional hardware. Furthermore, the whole website is owned by you thus you will never pay to use it.

When you are in search of custom web development services in Dubai, you should look no further than edirect. We have been involved in the development of a wide range of stunning custom websites for many years. We have the skills and expertise that are sure to match your business goals and aspirations.

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