11 New Web Design Trends to Watch Out for – 2020 Edition

The Top 11 Trends in 2020 for Web Design


11 New Web Design Trends to Watch Out for – 2020 Edition

Is 2020 the year in which you have finally decided that you need to have a new website? This realization couldn’t have come at a better time. With the pandemic forcing us to stay inside our homes, many shops have been forced to close, and many are now opening online stores.

At edirect, we are specialists in web design and development, and maintaining websites of all kinds. We can advise you on the best design trends (a couple of which you will read about shortly), UX, accessibility, website management and hosting services in the UAE.

But let’s start by discussing some of the newest (and some of the best returning) web design trends in 2020. A lot has happened for interfaces this year, and you do not want to miss out on the latest innovations to emerge.

Keep reading to find out which web design trends have made the cut!

introducing the top 11 new web design trends in 2020

1# Welcome to the dark side aka dark mode

“Dark mode” is being implemented on apps and other platforms, such as emails. So, it’s to be expected that more and more websites are adopting this design too. Dark backgrounds with contrasting colour schemes are easier on the eyes, and they look so much more aesthetically appealing. A dark background also looks modern and classy.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to type, read, and write over a dark background? It makes things look much more dramatic and cooler. The dark mode design also fits very well with other major web design trends for 2020, like cyberpunk and dystopian styles.

2# Minimalism – “less is more”

The minimalist design trend isn’t exactly new. It’s actually what you would consider a classic, but it is definitely making a huge impact on web design in 2020. What characterizes this year’s minimalistic trend is a whole lot more white space, and not always where you would expect. This trend is the complete opposite of what we were just discussing with Dark Mode above. In effect, it offers a great alternative to those who prefer lighter themes.

Minimalism always works. It’s classy, it’s elegant, it’s pretty to the eye, and it always makes your website look a lot cleaner, which helps UX (user experience). The minimalistic way of designing your website comes in handy for smaller devices, like cellphones and smartwatches, where everything, in general, is smaller.

By using this minimalistic trend, you’re helping the navigability of your site, as well as the readability.

3# Another dimension aka 3d

When it comes to adding realism to your website, the third-dimensional layer is the way to go. This is a trend that has been gaining strength for a while now. However, it hasn’t been exploited to its fullest potential yet. And this has to do with the fact that the technology to make it happen was expensive.

Nowadays, 3D design is cheaper, but we are not quite there yet. We are still waiting on VR to become more mainstream. When this happens, you can expect a flood of three-dimensional designs all over your screen.

4# Typography steals the light

This trend, where typography literally steals the light in your website, is becoming increasingly more and more popular. It basically consists of using typography as the main focus of your users’ attention when they first load the page.

You can achieve this by using big, bold phrases with well-defined typography and a contrasting background. It’s also important that the quote or text needs to be located above the fold of the page (this is the area of the website that we first see when we load it).

The key to making this trend work is using typography in a way that you still allow the user to understand at first glance what the text says and what your website is about. You’re free to break any rules you like (odd spacing, sizing, etc.) so long as you keep this in mind.

5# Mixing illustration and photography

Using photos in web design is definitely not new. We have been doing this for years. Why? Simply because it achieves a great positive impact. Users respond well to seeing other people onscreen.

Marketers love using this resource to their advantage in order to trigger neurological responses from users. However, this time around the trend comes with a twist, and it consists of mixing illustration with photographic images to create a sort of collage.

“Make your website stand out in 2020 by embracing the latest design trends.”

You can choose to make illustrations more predominant throughout your website’s design, or you can opt for a different approach. It will all depend on the style of branding that you have chosen.

Keep in mind that when you use illustrations, you’re generally providing a more relaxed, playful (if you like) and informal aesthetic. Whereas, when you use photos, you’re doing the exact opposite.

6# More depth aka layers

This trend goes hand-in-hand with the 3D concept discussed above. However, it’s easier to achieve than the latter. Basically, you stack different layers on top of each other to create a three-dimensional effect without it actually being 3D. It’s definitely an interesting resource to play around with that will help you achieve a sense of depth across your website.

You can choose to overlap different objects, like images, text, boxes, backgrounds, videos and so on. You can leave the overlapping effect static or, if you prefer, you can choose to parallax it.

#7 Made at home aka hand-drawn elements

Hand drawings add a charming feel to any website. They are unique and thus make your site all that much more special.

In an era when standing out from the rest of the crowd is hard, to say the least, a unique component such as this may be the desired factor that just does it for you and your brand. Same as when using illustrations, keep in mind that you can’t always use hand-drawn elements.

They are a make-or-break it kind of thing, and you will have to keep your website’s spirit always present to avoid making a potential mistake when designing your site.

#8 Gradients that change hues

This trend is a popular one at the moment, and it is definitely not hard to achieve. If you want to use colour-changing gradients for your site too, now’s the time to jump on the trend.

Basically, you just need to combine a varied array of colours that contrast with each other, and this will give you the desired effect. If you use subtle-monotone ones, you won’t achieve the desired outcome, so, be bold!

#9 Adding voice-commands

As with other items on this list, voice commands aren’t a new concept. We first saw it with Siri, Google Assistant and more recently with Cortana. So, it’s not surprising that this trend is gaining strength. It has to do with the convenience of voicing your requests rather than taking the time to write them down.

Web designers are recognizing the need to integrate voice-commands into websites and, therefore, this is something that we will be seeing more and more of as time goes on.

#10 Perfecting imperfections aka disrupting grids

In this need to stand out, we are seeing a conflicting new trend – broken grid structures.

This may work for some because it adds a flattering uniqueness to the design that is hard to achieve for others. However, it may also be hard to implement because of the chaotic experience it provides for visitors to your site. Adding personality to your website is crucial. Standing out is preferable. However, there is a point in which we need to assess whether we’ve gone too far.

At edirect, we advise you to mix it up a little. You can use this technique but don’t go overboard with it. Dazzle your users but be sure to go easy on them too.

The Latest Web Design Trends in 2020

#11 Be daring, be bold

Originality is the key here, and you can achieve it via many styles (or by putting them all together, really). Stark colour palettes, uneven layouts, bold lettering, you name it; the important thing here is to break with the status quo. You already know the rules of web design, now break them; be bold, be brutal, be daring.

2020 is the year where your website can truly stand out from the rest. Try different styles and techniques and see what works and what doesn’t. When your design can be labelled as “bold”, you can bet that you nailed it.


2020 has interested us to some bold, interesting web design trends as well as seen the return of old ones. You do not want to miss out on them! Throughout this article, we have gone over the 11 new web design trends to watch out for in 2020. In short, the takeaway from this is that originality is the most important objective that you can set for your website.

Every website should be different because the brand behind it is different. So, whenever you’re factoring this into your design, it’s important to ensure that it translates perfectly. If you have never designed a website before, do not worry. At edirect, we are specialists in all things web-related.

If you’re interested, make sure you give us a call to arrange a discussion with a member of our highly knowledgeable web design and development team.

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