10 Reasons Why Responsive Website Design Is So Important

10 reasons why responsive website design is so important


10 Reasons Why Responsive Website Design is So Important

Responsive web design is one of the most important elements to put in mind when your website is under construction. That’s because we live at a time when people access sites from literally any device. Data shows that 52.2% of website traffic is via mobile phones, up from last year’s 50.3%. This shows that website owners have the important task of ensuring that their sites display well in both smartphones and tablets. That is basically what we mean by responsive website design. There are a number of reasons why you might want to put this into consideration.

#1: Google loves it

Everything you do on your website comes down to what Google wants. Even if you create the most stunning website but it doesn’t conform to Google’s recommendations, it will amount to nothing. That’s because the world’s biggest search engine will not rank you as high as you deserve, locking out key traffic.

Google loves responsive websites. The search engine algorithm understands that most of the internet users today do so via their mobile phones or tablets. In order to remain relevant, it presents them with content that displays perfectly on their screen sizes. A customised website is capable of doing so.

The thing about responsive websites is that they keep the most important elements on screen and ensure they are always prioritised without being limited by browser size and orientation. Here at edirect, our web design and web development team produce only the highest quality responsive web design (RWD) websites for online businesses in Dubai and the UAE. Utilising the best techniques and latest design elements on page will produce an optimised website that Google will love, and bring you results such as traffic increases over the long run. Thus, if you would like Google to rank you higher in its search engine results, RWD is the way to go.

#2: Cuts down on the maintenance costs

What is better and cheaper; managing one website or managing two? If you develop a non-mobile friendly website, you will be forced to create a second website for the smartphones when the need arises, and sure it will! Under such circumstances, all your expenses will be tripled, be it paying for local SEO, hosting, or any other website expenses.

On the other hand, if you just create a single responsive website, you will only concentrate on a single website that does everything across all devices. This gets rid of the need to create and maintain two different sites. It also shelves you from the trouble of having to keep checking on whether or not both platforms are up and running.

Cutting down on website costs is savvy business sense and means you are focused on attaining the best for your much-cherished platform.

#3: Mitigate the bounce rates

Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors to your website who exit after viewing just a single page. Bounce rate is not always a bad thing if you just have a one page website. However, if you are like most businesses whose success relies on people accessing more than one page, bounce rates work to your disadvantage. You want to make sure that it is as minimal as possible.

High bounce rates mostly happen when users do not like the manner in which content is presented to them. Visitors have a tendency to judge your website based on its design. If it is non-mobile friendly, you are sure to find fonts and photos stretched all over the screens, giving the site a bad look. This makes it hard for the visitors to navigate, hence why they end up leaving for other sites where they can easily find their way around.

When you create a responsive website, you will not have anything that interferes with its functionality and content display when it is accessed from different screen sizes. This makes the customers happy and they will keep following through all your website links. When the customer is happy, Google also becomes happy and will be sure to recommend your content to other visitors, potential buyers and gain increased rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

#4: Increases website loading speed

How often do you get irritated when you have to wait for what seems like an eternity before a site can load what you looking for? The same way you become unhappy is just how displeased your customers will be when you have a slow-loading website. With edirect’s effective responsive web development services in Dubai, we ensure that you have a website that returns search results much faster. This makes sure that you do not get on your customer’s nerves and they will keep on coming back for more content.

An e-commerce website that can potentially make $100,000 per day stands to lose about $2.5 million per annum with a slow-loading website. That’s because 40% of people tend to abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load; this is according to Tech Target.

Responsive web designs and site speed are linked by the way Google treats both. The fact that Google controls almost 70% of the market share means that you should pay keen attention to both. If your site loads slowly, Google will drop your rankings. Similarly, if you are practicing poor mobile practices, you will get penalised. Having a mobile responsive website is now a ranking factor in Google’s search results algorithm as Google uses a mobile-first index.

#5: Simplify analytics and reporting

As already highlighted above, website owners who do not make them mobile-friendly will be forced to maintain two separate websites. This makes it hard to track website metrics. The same cannot be said for a responsive website since it has everything housed under a single roof.

“Ensure your website is accessible on all platforms with the help of edirect’s responsive web design team.”

Furthermore, having a responsive web design for your UAE business ensures that you do not spend a lot of time recording crucial metrics like customer journeys, user behaviour, bounce rate, conversion rate, and the site redirections. You can simply use analytics tools such as Google Analytics to handle all of that from a single point of view.

Having knowledge of where your traffic is coming from and the ways visitors are interacting with your website helps in making informed decisions. You can rely on such data to create sustainable growth for your business. In the event that you want to run a marketing campaign, it will help you decide on where to put most of your resources.

#6: Improved SEO

Traditionally, search engines have always ranked websites based on the quality of their content. The sites that were found to have exactly what the users were looking for are always at the top of search engines. This is a result of being properly optimised for SEO.

New changes to Google’s algorithm also makes it necessary for a website to be mobile friendly if it has to be ranked higher. This decision was informed by the fact that more people increasingly access the web via their smartphones. This is a market that Google wouldn’t dare take for granted, thus making it a key requirement for websites from small businesses as well as large corporations.

Every serious website owner must consider SEO with the urgency and importance that it deserves. When you create a responsive website that has strong backlinks and improved bounce rates, it enhances your search engine optimisation efforts. It also gets rid of the problem of duplicate content which arises when you have two websites – desktop and mobile versions.

#7: Enhances browsing experience

We all know that ‘first-time impressions’ is one of the most important things in the internet world. Thus, whether someone is visiting your site for the first time from their smartphone or desktop computer, you want to make sure they have a good experience. If you create a website that users have to keep on zooming or pinching their screens to properly view content, they will definitely bounce off the site.

At edirect we offer Responsive Web Design in the UAE that enhances user experience by making sure that your content is automatically adjusted to fit the visitors’ screens. The process of creating such a website also involves tweaking it around so that it has all the features that makes a user enjoy using it. This includes features like smooth flow of content, use of attractive images, minified scripts and fast-loading website pages.

#8: Better conversions and increase sales

One of the main reasons why you decided to invest in a website is because you want to increase your business sales. You are not wrong about that because a well-designed and optimised website is known to enhance a business sales revenue.

When you create a mobile-friendly website that abides by SEO requirements, you are likely to always be on the first page of search engine results. This exposure allows you to get more site visitors who can easily be converted. The high conversion rate is assured due to the fact that they like how content is presented to them and do not have to face numerous redirections.

A mobile friendly website has lower bounce rates since users spend less time getting to what they are looking for. This works to your advantage as Google will further recommend you to more online users for even more increased traffic. Implement the right online marketing techniques and you’ll convert them.

#9: Makes the site searchable

A site that is separately developed for the desktop and smartphones needs two different sets of HTML codes, style sheets and URLs. Such a website is hard to crawl, hence it will not be easily found in web searches. Also, given that content is not harmonised for numerous devices, something that is shared from one device could be hard to read from another.

When it comes to a mobile-friendly website, you will be operating on the basis of a single URL. This ensures that Google and top search engines can crawl it, hence improving on how the site is ranked both on mobile and desktop devices.

There is a high chance that your competitors haven’t taken advantage of responsive websites. If you become the first one in your industry to set it up, Google will always crawl most of your content, leaving theirs out. This gives you a competitive advantage needed to make the business successful.

#10: Consistency in branding

The internet world is massive. For that reason, you need to carve out a niche for your business and be clear with a specific brand that is easily recognisable at all times. If your website looks different on desktops and mobile devices, having a consistent brand identity will be quite a hard thing to achieve.

Ensuring your website is a premium responsive website design built by experts in this field, such as edirect’s responsive web design team, guarantees that the site will have similar appearances across all devices used to access it. Both images and content adjust based on the screen on which they are viewed. This ensures that a customer who visited the site from a desktop computer will still recognise it when they do so via a smartphone.

10 reasons why responsive website design is so important

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