10 New Web Design Trends to Watch Out For – 2021 Edition

10 Web Design Trends For 2021


10 New Web Design Trends to Watch Out For – 2021 Edition

Technology is fast-paced and, pretty much like trends, new technologies appear all the time. So, it’s essential to stay up to date with the design industry. Doing so will allow your site to keep converting and ranking high in the search results.

This year has shown that users are more inclined towards unique experiences. Generic websites fail to grab and hold their attention, and this damages the overall buying experience. In 2021, it will be imperative that we start paying attention to data in order to design websites that attract, retain, and convert.

So, which trends will help us achieve this goal? And what needs to be changed or removed? Let’s take a peek into the future and find out what trends will be all the rage in 2021!

#1 Website load time speed

If you want your site to rank well in the search results and convert more, you need to keep up with this trend. Page load times were always important both to Google and users, but now this trend is making a comeback. Superfast loading times are now a major requirement.

Fast loading times are an essential aspect of both SEO and UX (user experience). Studies say that if a website’s loading time exceeds three seconds, users will highly likely leave the site and like end up going to a competitor’s website instead.

So, keep everything lightweight and check for loading times regularly. That way, you’ll ensure a good UX experience.

#2 Dark mode

One of the most acclaimed design trends of 2020 was dark mode. This found its way onto almost every platform, from Instagram to Facebook and WhatsApp. It seems this trend will carry on into 2021 too. So, if your website is super bright and shiny, you may want to consider going a little darker and moodier.

What makes dark themes so appealing to the eye?

  • It Gives the Site A More Elegant and Sophisticated Vibe
  • It Makes Contrasting Elements More Visible
  • And Last but Not Least, It Reduces Eyestrain in Low-Lit Settings

In terms of hardware, dark themes can be beneficial, especially on devices with OLED screens as they reduce battery consumption.

#3 Accessibility

Website accessibility is becoming increasingly popular and is very much in demand. We’ve seen it in action with the big players like Facebook and Instagram, and now this trend is extending to smaller players and website owners.

This trend aims to make people with different disabilities have the same user experience as a person without disabilities.

Website accessibility impacts content directly. So, if you want to add this to your site, you’ll need to make sure to comply with the following criteria:

  • Subtitles for Videos
  • Sound Recording
  • Transcripts
  • Different Font Sizes

This trend does not come without difficulties for web designers since they will have to make sure that all these criteria are seamlessly integrated into the site without damaging the aesthetics. However, if accomplished correctly, your website will increase its target audience and possibly receive a better ranking too.

#4 unique features

The new trend is not following a trend. The more out-of-the-box you go with your web design, the more unique your users will feel it is. In an era where everyone is online, and there is an overabundance of products and services, having something unique to you is refreshing and original.

                           “Find out what trends will be all the rage in 2021.”

Lose the fear of making a mistake in your design, and just allow those creative juices to flow freely. Play with shapes, stark colours, and mix things up a little. Such experimentation will serve to demonstrate to your customers just how unique your brand is.

#5 Data is the new science

Search engine optimisation works because it ranks your website higher if the algorithm detects that users spend more time navigating your site than average. You can increase this time by analysing what users like about your site and how they behave while they are there.

This is where gathering data comes in handy. There are many incredibly sophisticated tools online, both free and paid, that collect data about your visitors. You can even record their journey on your website and see where they clicked on and what made them leave your site!

So, if you were not using analytics yet, this is the moment where you should start doing so. Facebook Pixel is a must-have here, and as you move further along this data-collection path, you can invest in more in-depth tools like the one we just mentioned.

Another way in which data is being trendy right now is in informative design structures. Websites that showcase statistics as part of their embedded design tend to be more trustworthy than others that don’t. Especially for services and IT pages. To achieve this cool design, you will need to focus on setting up the data sources and data placement.

#6 Asymmetry is the new perfect

“Breaking trends” seems to be the new goal of 2021, and asymmetric websites are the new kid on the block.

For many years, website design was built upon a grid. This was super helpful in designing orderly sites with calculated focal points. However, the downside was that all websites ended up looking pretty similar to one another. Asymmetric layouts are here to end that pattern by providing more uniqueness to website design.

The challenge with asymmetric layouts is finding a good balance throughout the whole site. You don’t want to overload one corner of the website and leave the rest like an empty canvas. To achieve this asymmetric but well-balanced design, it’s necessary to conduct user testing on the site.

#7 Mixing and blending

The right mix of illustrations and real photos makes for an exciting website design. This trend could be called “the new collage” because it incorporates different graphic resources into the mix. The end result is an original, eye-catching product that will help your website stand out from the rest.

Beware of maintaining your branding throughout the website; since collages are typically different elements put together, it can be hard to showcase a strong visual identity. However, if you are careful in choosing the features that will compose your collage, this should not be an issue.

#8 Artificial intelligence

This trend seems to be translating into all the technical aspects of our lives, and now we see it in website design.

In this particular case, artificial intelligence will be more focused on your website design’s backend than the actual look and feel of it. Implementing AI in this process, though, will help you create more targeted and personalised pages that focus on a specific context.

Including artificial intelligence in website design is one of the best ways in which you will be able to give your visitors exactly what they are looking for. Remember that AI uses data as its driving force, so you would be collecting data about your usage, conducting testing, and using graphic elements more strategically throughout the site.

#9 UX writing and microcopy

There’s an intricate relationship between great design and copywriting. The two can’t function without the other. As much as a great design will help you stand out and capture your visitor’s attention, so will copywriting.

In order to make the two work well together, your copywriting needs to be user-centric (UX) and use catchy but straightforward phrases to draw the user in. Formal text only works for certain websites. For all the rest, use informal and casual text. Remember that the average reader is at a grade 6 level, which means that complex language will only serve to alienate potential customers.

Use words to call your users’ attention, ask a specific action from them (like click here to download our free ebook), and drive them through their journey. Remember that words are allies here too, so use them to your advantage, and don’t write for you, write for your visitors and their experience.

#10 Unusual colour palettes

We’ve seen a rise in bright colour palettes and neon lights. This calls for a futuristic approach to designing websites and for a rebellious attitude towards designing. Don’t be scared of trying new things and go bananas with your design. The sharper, bolder, and more adventurous you are, the better the outcome for your design.

This trend is a perfect contrast for the minimalistic websites that were all the rage in the past few years. The future calls for the brave, so try implementing neon glowing shades and stark colours on your website design. Your visitors will approve of the fresh breath of air.

Final thoughts

Many new trends are emerging in 2021. Some are the stark opposite to some previous trends that seemed pretty strong at the time, like the classical grid layout. Now, the emphasis is on providing visitors with an exceptional experience.

10 New Web Design Trends To Watch Out For - 2021 Edition

In order to achieve this, data collection and post-analysis will be crucial, as well as going all-in for a disruptive web design that stands out from the others. Using microcopy to enhance branding and overall experience will be important too.

The key here is to offer a unique experience. The fresher your website feels, the more time your users will want to spend navigating it. And if you couple your great website design with artificial intelligence, your SEO will soar through the roof. edirect can also help you with better rankings in Google SERPS all through the UAE as we are also a leading SEO Company Dubai.

Don’t be afraid of breaking the status quo. 2021 will reward those who are fearless and want to go all out for their target audience’s experience. If you are about to develop your website or are looking to give it a fresh new look, opt for these trends. They will provide a modern edge to your website that your visitors will appreciate.

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