10 Most Effective Search Engine Optimisation Tips and Techniques 2022

10 Effective Search Engine Optimization Tips and Techniques for UAE


10 Effective Search Engine Optimisation Tips and Techniques

There are so many people who are looking for content such as yours. However, most of these are not able to reach you because your website is blind to the search engines. It is your responsibility to ensure Google, Bing, and other major search engines can see you. At edirect, we can give you great visibility in the search engines with our  SEO Service Dubai.

SEO is a concept that each UAE website owner must embrace if they want to rank higher on search engines. This goes a long way in helping them get more traffic. But even as we push for the integration of SEO in our websites, it is worth mentioning that modern techniques are entirely different from what used to happen a few years ago.

At edirect, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and typically implement them on our client’s websites as soon as possible. We perform a detailed free SEO site analysis to understand your website’s current standing on the Internet. Our satisfaction comes about when we generate for you more traffic, conversions, and higher revenue. It is not surprising we are among the best SEO agency Dubai has to offer.

The following are the top 10 SEO tips and techniques that could take your online marketing campaign to the next level.

#1: Pay Key Attention to Local SEO

Most companies tend to think that to make it big on the Internet; you should focus your attention on the global population. What they don’t realise is that as they do so, they lose out on the chance to explore opportunities provided by the local market. Exploring local SEO within the United Arab Emirates is a modern strategy that could help your business to significantly bolster sales.

Google and other search engines have introduced “near me” searches. This is an advancement that helps people look for products that are closer to them. The sole focus is to give users as much relevant information as possible.  One good thing about local SEO is that it does not require you to be selling millions of items.

It takes a simple approach of helping users within your proximity easily find your business. This is done through the inclusion of key terms used in your geographic location as well as your contact details and directions. For example, if looking for a top SEO company within the city of Dubai, a search term such as ‘SEO Agency Dubai’ would be an excellent search term to find an SEO company such as edirect.

edirect’s SEO team has extensive experience and knowledge of the local SEO process. We look at the terms that suit your business so that we can launch an effective local SEO campaign. We look at both terms with local intent and localised search terms. Even before we are done, you will have started reaping the benefits of our local SEO service.

#2: Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media marketing is a handy tool that you must explore to boost your rankings. Take your time to explore the social media trends and statistics for the past few years. What you will find can be quite staggering. The number of users on these platforms has been increasing steadily over time. This is a trend that is not going to change any time soon. If it does, what will that mean for your business?

It means that you cannot afford to operate a business in the modern world without a social media presence. That’s because the platforms provide a golden opportunity to increase brand awareness and have a one-on-one interaction with your target audience. Furthermore, search engines typically show your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles. If you have higher engagement on your posts, you will definitely take a seat above your competitors.

“Build and improve your business’ online presence and reputation.”

#3: YouTube SEO is an Thing Too!

If you thought YouTube is just for watching videos, you are wrong. YouTube is regarded as a search engine of its own kind, taking the second position after Google. Have you ever noticed that when you search for a specific item on Google, the results mostly include an accompanying YouTube video? The video is always on the first page of the results. This means that there is a high chance that visitors could click on it.

With billions of searches being done on YouTube each new day, you will surely miss out if you ignore this platform in your SEO efforts. edirect prides itself on being a leading Dubai SEO agency (based in the heart of Dubai’s business district) because we value the role played by each platform in the keyword optimisation process. Even if you do not have a YouTube channel, we could create a stunning one for you or find a complementary option.

#4: Use Creatively-Designed SEO Tools

All world-class SEO service providers know the importance of using smart SEO tools. They can give you a clear picture of your website’s performance in addition to analysing and fixing errors. Furthermore, you can use the tools to quickly generate tools which would reshape your online marketing efforts.

edirect has been in the SEO business for years. We understand the importance of having a team of SEO professionals optimising your website with only the best and most up-to-date search engine optimisation practices and techniques being implemented. We also use a wide range of third-party SEO software that compliments what our team does and helps us achieve best in class SEO results for your UAE online business.

Our trained staff possess a detailed understanding of how each piece of software works and fits into your marketing campaign.

#5: Link Building

Link building involves making sure that your web pages are interconnected all over the Internet. This is a powerful SEO strategy that will not fade anytime soon simply because the search engines algorithms take into consideration backlinks when ranking search results. A website that has a higher number of quality backlinks is likely to be at the top of Google and Bing’s search results.

When creating a network of links, it is up to you to do it the right way, or you could easily be penalised. This is not as easy as just throwing links here and there. It has to be done in a way that is smart and effective. edirect sources all links from high-authority sites. These are websites that Google trusts and are always on top of most search results.

We only use ‘White Hat’ SEO techniques to ensure when we conduct link building strategies for your website; it won’t be penalised. Our team works to ensure that your site has a high chance of climbing up Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS)!

#6: Do Not Leave Out Metadata

Metadata comprises of title tags and meta descriptions. It plays a key role in search engine optimisation and should never be left out. Make sure that every single article posted on your website has metadata. The descriptions must include relevant keywords. However, do not just throw around keywords in the descriptions. Let them be unique and explain what the page is about. They must flow naturally with the rest of the description.

Plagiarised content will lead to a penalty. Even though your website may not be closed down, Google algorithms will simply not see what the site is about. Besides being unique, your webpage title should also be captivating. Each page should contain words which encourage the user to click on your site and also see in a nutshell what the page has to offer.

Edirect also offers full copywriting services to improve the quality of your on-page sales copy. We write with your customers and the various search engines in mind to convey your message to visitors to your site in a way that is clear and precise.

#7: Incorporate Sitemap Page

Your website pages cannot be indexed if spiders can’t crawl them. When you include a sitemap, the spiders will have an easy time locating the important pages and also understand the site’s hierarchy. This comes in handy mostly when a site’s navigation menu is hard to crawl.

The number of site map pages depends on the size of your website. If you have a large website, creating about 100 links should be enough, but there is no exact number that the search engines require. That said, the more quality pages you have, the more chance your site has of ranking in the search engines as you will have a broader array of search terms for potential visitors.

At edirect, we always advise a good sitemap structure, and all our website builds reflect this philosophy.

#8: Research Keywords Before Starting a Project

It makes no sense doing search engine optimisation when you do not have a number of keywords as your point of reference. Conducting detailed keyword research helps you know the right terms to use in describing your business.

Keyword research can be quite a tedious process and at the same time; quite complex. We use best in class specialist keyword tools to do all the heavy lifting for you and take care of your keyword projects. So, you can relax knowing our keyword specialists have everything in hand.

Before edirect’s SEO team works on any project, we begin by performing a comprehensive keyword research audit. We target certain phrases that site visitors are fond of using. In most cases, these are the same terms that your competitors are using in order to rank higher. Thus, to set your business apart, we tweak them around.

Basically, we place ourselves in the shoes of someone looking for your type of business content on the Internet. How would they type that in the browser? This helps us get a variety of terms that we can incorporate into the marketing effort.

#9: Create Unique Content

Imagine if someone was selling black t-shirts and nothing else. Now imagine that there are more than 50 online retailers doing that. If one retailer posts content and you simply copy and paste that on your site, Google will never rank you. This is what we call plagiarism.

You need to be creative to come up with ways in which you can tweak your content around until it is unique to your business. Whenever the algorithms run through websites for content, they will see that you have original content and include it as part of their results. We make sure that you have your own product descriptions and that they include words the average person uses.

In addition to uniqueness, your content ought to be great. A reader must find joy going through what you have published. SEO might have brought them to your website, but we make sure what they found is what will make them come back tomorrow.

#10: Diversify Your Source of Traffic

Google is a great source of traffic for your website. As a matter of fact, more than 70% of all your traffic could be coming from the search engine. However, you can never afford to focus solely on it as the only source of traffic. What if the next algorithm change no longer favours your website? Your Google visibility could disappear unexpectedly. Thus, you have to find other ways in which to get traffic.

Whenever edirect works to optimise your website for the search engines, we often recommend that you also put into consideration these alternatives. With these options, whatever changes the search engine does would not throw you out of business.

Other sources of traffic include:

  • Newsletters
  • Referrals
  • Email Marketing
  • Subscriber-Based Content

edirect has knowledge of the techniques necessary to make the most out of these approaches as well. We will make sure that your website is not only optimised to be visible to the search engines but also incorporates these alternative traffic sources.

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