Bespoke Web Applications

Create an interactive website that is unique to the web

Do you have a completely unique website idea? Sometimes someone will create an idea that is completely new to the web. This type of idea can often fill a gap in a niche market and have huge potential. We are here to help bring those ideas to life.

Bespoke code

Why E Direct Link?

Only a small percentage of web design and development companies have the knowledge and experience to carry out fully bespoke projects. These start from nothing but an idea and develop into a professional, user friendly (for users and admins) and effective website for any need.

To date we have created:

  • Detailed Calculators
  • Highly Bespoke Shopping Systems
  • Complex Databases
  • Interactive Forms
  • Complex API Integrations
  • CSV Upload Systems
  • XML Feeds
  • And more…

It is not about creating each of these elements instead it is about combining these into a complete and effective system.

We always relish the opportunity of developing a bespoke system. It provides us with a more rich and varied portfolio, so every bespoke project is given a great deal of love and attention from the E Direct Link team.

Detailed planning

At E direct, we have the experience to understand any bespoke development needs accurate and detailed planning. There will be nothing on the market that has been created to draw reference from as these sites are often very intricate, ultimately unlimited in the potential for their features and functions. For this reason, E Direct begin any project with several planning meetings between our Management Teams.

As a result, before commencement of the project the specifications and timescales are already drawn up. A project manager will be directly allocated to oversee that all spec elements are being for-filled and time scales are being met. These steps will always ensure the project runs smoothly.

Experienced web developers

Our web developers have an impressive understanding of front end, back end and database development.

Development connections

Over the years we have built up a number of strong connections with market leaders including paypal, who are able to directly assist our development team with complex API and XML integrations.

Ongoing development

At E Direct Link we understand that virtually every bespoke system is never complete, as there are thousands of different features and functions that can be used to improve usability, security, marketing etc. For this reason, we always ensure there is a clear package for ongoing development.

Let us help you understand the requirements of your project

If you have an idea for a website but do not know where to start or what the development process required will be, we are happy to provide a no obligation meeting with our management team to establish your needs and offer some free advice on planning your project.

Kate Wilangowski - Head of Web Development

Kate Wilangowski

Head of Web Development
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There are only a small percentage of web design and development companies that will have the knowledge and experience to carry out unique and bespoke projects


As we develop our company and staff, we deliver higher quality service.

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